Jeremy Hunt: Axe Man or Tory Saviour?

In the wake of the pound crash caused by Kwasi Kwarteng’s disastrous ‘mini-budget,’ the Liz Truss government has elected to bring in Mr Fix-it, Jeremy Hunt.

Son of a naval officer, a former ‘Cameroon,’ and an advocate of so-called Compassionate Conservativism who can speak fluent Japanese and was once head boy of his school, Jeremy Hunt is a bit of a paradox.

Although he’s largely seen as Mr Nice (someone described his courteous style of diplomacy as ’emollient’ while others call him ‘Theresa May in trousers’), a goody two-shoes that his friends describe as a cross between the Archbishop of Canterbury and Richard Branson, this is not a politician who should be under-estimated.

He did make it to second place in the 2019 Tory leadership race, losing to Boris Johnson.

He is also a minister who has not shied away from difficult decisions. During his political career, almost every position he has held has meant dealing with a major crisis, as this quote from an interview in 2019 attests:

“I don’t think anyone would say that I’ve had easy jobs in politics. As culture secretary I had the nightmare of Leveson, where for a period the whole country quite wrongly thought that I was conspiring with the Murdochs. After that, I had health secretary, where I didn’t just have the junior doctors’ strike, I had a permanent lack of money…repeated winter crises because of pressures on the front line, including the terrible flu crisis in my last winter in the job. But then as Foreign Secretary, I’ve got Brexit.”

Jeremy Hunt: The Last Cameroon, New Statesman

Given this tough track record, is it any wonder that he has been called in to save the day for the Tories?

So who is this mysterious man, and what makes him tick?

Many say that underneath his calm, unflappability is a figure of steel – he has described himself as a ‘radical reformer’ and someone who judges himself by what he’s changed, rather than by how popular he is – and in my books, definitely somebody to watch if the Conservatives do decide to get rid of Liz Truss.

Given all of this, I thought it time to take a look at his natal chart to find out more about what makes him tick. As always, though, it is his human design that proves to be the most revealing.


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