Ready, Steady, Rishi.

Below is a summary video of the astrology and human design profile I did on Rishi Sunak during the last leadership race, along with a few additional comments below…

Most of what I said still stands, especially around the problematic issue of his Human Design type, which does need a Manifestor (like Truss/Hunt) or Projector (like Boris or Penny Mordaunt) to ‘activate’ him. Such a pity Jeremy Hunt has decided not to run…

Nonetheless, what I said about playing the long game may be becoming true – perhaps a little sooner than I anticipated! I guess if he is asked to stand, rather than puts himself forward, then that could make all the difference in terms of dynamics because he is responding to, rather than initiating an opportunity.

However, he is quite unusual for a generator in having both his will and throat (i.e. leadership) centres switched on, which is a start – they just aren’t connected to a ‘motor’ centre to help drive them. Of course, this could change if he had the right team members around him, especially someone who has the missing gates to ‘switch on’ the channels between his throat and will centre (especially the 21-45 i.e. natal planets in early Aries and late Gemini) – that could potentially be a game-changer.

He still has excellent experience as the former chancellor – and is clearly very astute at foreseeing (and heading off) any potential problems with his Mercury-Saturn trine. Plus, he has that stellium in Taurus, making him both reliable and naturally prudent – the opposite of risk-taker Liz Truss, with her explosive natal Jupiter-Uranus opposition.

And as we’ve seen from recent polls, his Venus-ruled Sun in Taurus and 1st house Venus makes him both trustworthy and likeable, or as one pollster put it, the least toxic of the three current contenders. As I suspected, he is polling the best with Millennial voters but still has some work to do to catch up with older voters.

Some think that part of the problem has been that some political enemies either threatened by him, or keen to clear the path for their preferred candidate, may have been briefing against him. Definitely a possibility, given his natal Moon-Pluto opposition.

Hope to follow up with similar profiles of the other candidates, including Penny Mordaunt soon.

If you’re interested in my assessment of Boris Johnson, you can check out the profile I did on him back in 2019.


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