There may be Trouble Ahead…

It’s been a while since I did a market update, and with the September Equinox and Eclipse season 2.0 just round the corner, I though it was time to take a look at the charts again to see what trends and conditions may lie ahead for both stocks and crypto between now and the end of 2022.

Below is my videocast. If you’ve read my previous article, by all means skip the bits on the ETH Merge using the chapter links on YouTube.

A brief summary of the content:

  • War & Power Struggles ahead? Eclipse season 2.0 and the next upcoming Saros family, with links to previous dates in history.
  • Recession looming? Metonic and the Gann cycles in relation to market trends – trend change imminent. I find it interesting (and a little amusing) that despite the fact that I’ve been saying this for some time, some financial journalists are only starting to sit up and take notice now: autumn really is the most common time for markets to crash.
  • Market Bleedout?: Jupiter’s imminent ingress into Pisces at the end of October, and what this could mean for markets, especially the crypto space.
  • Equinox Bitcoin Chart: A snapshot of the Bitcoin chart at the equinox, with some thoughts on what this could mean for the last quarter of 2022
  • ETH merge: A look at the pros and cons of the merge, along with some possible predictions about how ETH could evolve
  • Saturn, regulation and consolidation within the stablecoin market: we are starting to see signs of regulators moving to enact legislation around the crypto space – something I predicted in my April/May eclipse forecast. Pros & cons of what this could mean going forward.

4 thoughts on “There may be Trouble Ahead…”

  1. […] This regressive behaviour is being exacerbated by the fact that Jupiter is currently retograde and will remain so until November the 22nd/23rd, depending on your timezone. However, this too shall pass – Jupiter is due to re-enter Pisces at the end of October, bringing a temporary end to any strident or over-confident behaviour and/or risk-taking. It could sadly, also lead to a draining of vigour or momentum from equity markets too – something to watch as we get closer to eclipse season. (You can find out more in my latest Financial Astrology Forecast.) […]

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