Venus-Neptune & Brexit: Election Trap?

Yesterday, Boris Johnson lost his first vote in the House of Commons as UK prime Minister. Today, he says he will offer Jeremy Corbyn what he’s been gagging for – an election. But is it, as Tony Blair warns, a trap? The stars, particularly today’s Venus-Neptune opposition, suggest it may well be…However, there ARE solutions, if people can remain calm and see past any smoke and mirror tactics that No. 10 may use to bamboozle and divide …

Venus-Neptune: Exposing the Brexit Charade

The stage is set for the next act in the Brexit saga that is likely to unfold this week. Despite the Johnson government’s attempt to silence parliament via a proroguing order and threats of party expulsion to rebel Tories, it suffered its first defeat in a humiliating vote last night. Now, rather than the stick, Boris Johnson is dangling a carrot: the promise of an early election – something the Labour party have been campaigning for since Theresa May’s time in office. But will the Opposition bite? And is it a good idea? Let’s see what the stars suggest….

Above is a biwheel in which I have put the transits for today, timed to coincide with this week’s Venus-Neptune opposition, on top of the Prorogue chart of last week. A few of the swifter planets have moved on slightly, so we can see the development of this situation.

  • VENUS – Venus is in Virgo (10th), ruler of the 12th and 7th, both of which rule thieves, secret enemies, behind-the-scenes plotting, opposite Neptune in gullible Pisces. This is the utimate honeytrap aspect: offering the opposition the enticing prospect of an election as a way out of the current Parliamentary impasse at a time when Labour are flagging in the poles, but without any guarantees that it will happen before 31 October. This is also the house of the general public. Will this manoeuver fool them into believing the claim that it is the fault of rebel MP’s that Britain isn’t getting to have it’s Brexit cake and eat it. (Cue today’s papers which highlight No 10’s phantom requests for concessions and sham claims about progress in Brexit talks…)
  • NEPTUNE: Neptune in the 4th is making a quincunx to the Part of Fortune in the 11th, suggesting that adjustments to legislation/concessions are necessary in order for the legislation being put before the house is to be house to required before the opposition would be happy for parliament ot be dissolved and an election take place. Neptune can represent sabotage as well as confusion. The opposition from Venus is likely to sew seeds of doubt in the general public about Corbyn* (cue all the chicken comments), as well as dissent amongst the opposition (Corbyn’s desire for an election has already made him break ranks with the party line/manifesto, and could split the opposition). However, for anyone mixed up with deceptive Neptune, it’s important to keep things real. The prospect of a general election before Halloween only serves to deflect blame away from Johnson’s government for not coming up with a credible alternative to the current Brexit Deal, which was rejected several times by MPs (including Boris Johnson himself). This, despite the smoke and mirrors visits to European heads of state. Neptune tells us that this is a blame shifting exercise and that there is no real substance to any claims that the Johnson government has come up with new solutions/credible alternatives to the question of the backstop. The public, in particular, should not be hoodwinked. (NOTE: Neither should journalists – note the article on No.10 and spin which Sky News then took up in one of their Opinion pieces recently).

    Here, they need to bear in mind the impending Jupiter-Neptune square (21 Sep) currently being activated by the faster-moving planets (Sun through to Mars) because it was also under this particular pairing of planets (Jupiter opposite Neptune: Aug 2015 – July 2016) that the UK got into this Brexit pickle in the first place.
  • THE SUN – The Sun and Mercury will make a conjunction later today, suggesting that Boris will try to regain control of Parliament through sheer force of personality and perhaps also a display of power, signalled by combustion as Mercury disappears behind the brightness of the Sun’s rays. It is also quinicunx Chiron in the 5th, perhaps an idnication of attempts to filibuster the Bill designed to block a No-Deal Brexit in the House of Lords? The Sun remains trine to Uranus (who I now think may well be Dominic Cummings the disruptive adviser). I wonder if this whole charade is not designed to shock MPs into agreeing to vote for Theresa May’s old deal? Some MPs in Leave constituencies, including Stephen Kinnock) are already starting to lobby for this, even though it is clear that it will break up the Union and was defeated in the Commons 3 times. Again, this smacks of clever maneouvers designed to shift blame and attention away from the lack of substantial policies or viable solutions to the Brexit conundrum by the Johnson government, without losing face or having to concede to a second referendum? * Incidentally, the government DID pull a fast one tonight during voting by failing to provide tellers for the Kinnock Amendment , which meant that it automatically passed…This was added to the bill designed to block a no-deal Brexit, and could see Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement go back to the Commons to be debated for a fourth time. Another card Boris coud play if he can’t get an election methinks. Hmmm.
  • SATURN – In the next few days days, this planet will make a series of positive aspects to all the ‘active’ planets in this chart – the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. This should bring a measure of stability and pragmatism to proceedings. Saturn is in the 2nd house of the economy, which it also rules. Seeing things from an economic, rather than a political perspective, could well help to focus minds and sobre passions, which are currently running rampant. (Perhaps that’s why Boris is insisting on Sajid Javid’s pointless budget announcements go ahead today?* ) So who/what could Saturn represent? Possibly a neutral but authoritative economist like Mark Carne at the Bank of England? Or an elder statesman with experience at No 11? Former Chancellors, Philip Hammond and Kenneth Clarke certainly fit the mould. Perhaps they may be able to steady the ship and bring everyone together with some sensible suggestions, now that they don’t have to tow the Tory party line anymore? More on this in the coming days, but I would say that this does suggest progress can be made if people are willing to be mature and sensible about things, and especially, keep their minds concentrated on safeguarding the economy.
    * Labour called it ‘grubby electioneering


Writing in The Times today, Rachel Sylvester very astutely points out what the astrology backs up: that Boris Johnson is playing a game of smoke and mirrors because he knows that he cannot do any better on Brexit than his predecessor did, and is looking for a way out, preferably in the form of a general election. She writes:

His shock-and-awe [Sun trine Uranus] tactics are covering up enormous vulnerability [Chiron]

The Times, 3 Sep 2019, Comment (p.21)

His natal chart shows transiting Neptune sitting on his Chiron (Achilles heel) in his 6th house of work; and Venus in Virgo, in his 12th house of secret doubts and private anguish. I don’t suspect thatt things have quite gone to plan for this quadruple Gemini pretender, despite his cunning ruses…


Like Road Dahl’s Enormous Crocodile, the prime minister and his chief aide have many ‘secret plans and clever tricks’ but face being consumed by them.

The Times, 3 Sep 2019, Comment (p.21)

As the Venus-Neptune opposition is highlighting, the Brexit Leave Campaign (which Boris Johnson’s chief adviser, Dominic Cummings helped to engineer) sold the British public a pack of lies and now that they cannot blame Theresa May for delivering what was impossible to achieve in the first place, they are looking for a scapegoat/escape route = Neptune. Neptune was always very prominent during this entire Brexit saga – it formed part of a T-square with Mercury and Jupiter at the time of the 2016 Brexit Referendum (and was opposed by Jupiter throughout the period between Aug 2015 – July 2016), so we could see the upcoming square between Jupiter and Neptune as the next stage in this process, which concerns coming to terms with misplaced faith, unfounded beliefs and unrealistic ideals. (Here I think that Tom Baldwin put it best on Sky News when he said that everyone likes the idea of Brexit, but noone can agree on how to make it happen in practice, which sums up the gap between Virgo and Pisces quite nicely). It is also about being hoodwinked and manipulated emotionally (and as a recent film on Netflix points out, the role of false news and social media profiling in the outcome of the 2016 Referendum is still beign investigated). Interesting then, that Sylvester quotes a former Tory cabinet minister as saying:

It’s always everyone else’s fault. In reality, they sold a fantasy [Jupiter-Neptune], and they have been found out.

The Times, 3 Sep 2019, Comment (p.21)

With a Jupiter-ruled 3rd house, Boris Johnson has always been a blagger (his former colleague, Sir Nicholas Soames, whom he sacked yesterday, calls him ‘a chancer’ and accuses him of being disingenuous about his intentions regarding a Brexit Deal) who makes exaggerated claims and promises he has no intention of keeping (his natal Jupiter is opposite natal Neptune in Scorpio). So Neptune strikes again! Lies, fantasies, mirages – these are all the stock in trade of an afflicted natal Neptune (emphasised further by a natal Pluto-MC sextile = career schemer/ruthless opportunist). Now, as transiting Neptune moves into orb of its third square to Jupiter (exact 21 September) I suspect the game for these bluffers (and the false arguments of the Leave campaign) may soon be up.

Given all of this (AND today’s Venus-Neptune opposition) the Opposition, Labour in particular, are right to be wary of his current offer. In short, it IS a trap – one designed to bamboozle and confuse the opposition so that they don’t ask questions or hold the Prime Minister to account. Expecting his fellow party members to go along with this scheme may just be a step too far, however:

One backbencher says that getting Conservative MPs to support an early election is like members of a cult committing mass suicide.

So will Labour fall for the election bait? Or does that Neptune in the 4th represent the disappointment of the general public when they find out they have been conned? Much depends on how things play out after today with those Saturn transits. If the opposition can bring themselves to be be brave enough to stand by their principles and embody the 4th’s co-ruler, Jupiter, I suspect they may still maintain the upper hand we saw that they had in the Prorogue chart.

It’s fair to say that Boris needs them to play along – a parliamentary democracy means that he can’t (like Trump) act like too much of a king/president, however much this might be his natural inclination. At some point, he has to seek consensus from the Houses of Parliament. However, in alienating key members of his party, he has already eroded his authority and lessened his parliamentary majority (whilst streamlining the party and taking it to the right in order to compete with Nigel Farage in an election).

But then, as poker games go, Boris didn’t have a great hand to start with. And this is the great irony – the poison chalice that is Brexit, which ended Theresa May’s time as PM could still end his.

A second referendum seems like the only way out of this whole mess, especially if Labour refuse to vote for an election. But will Boris Johnson be brave enough to countenance this? Only if he runs out of all other options, is my feeling. He’s a gambler by nature, though, so watch this space…


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