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Donald Trump & the Great American Eclipse of 2017

2017 continues to be a relatively volatile year, with much instability and uncertainty over Brexit, increasing tensions between the US and North Korea, a large number of wildfires breaking out across the globe and growing political instability and demonstrations in global flashpoint regions such as South America (Venezuela) and Africa (Kenya and South Africa).

Eclipses are, by their nature wildcards,. They can bring about rapid change and seeming volatility – similar to Uranus, their effects can sometimes appear almost out of nowhere, taking people by surprise. However, often the seeds of what they represent can be found by looking back at similar eclipses within the same eclipse ‘family’ or Saros cycle, to identify common themes.

Given that this summer’s solar eclipse is due to take place across all 12 states of the North American continent, can we expect  something major to occur there in the next 6 months? Let’s have a look…

The Great American Eclipse

According to one website set up specifically for the 2017 solar eclipse event:

On August 21, 2017, millions of people across the United States will see nature’s most wondrous spectacle — a total eclipse of the Sun. It is a scene of unimaginable beauty; the Moon completely blocks the Sun, daytime becomes a deep twilight, and the Sun’s corona shimmers in the darkened sky.

Many mundane astrologers have dubbed the upcoming solar eclipse of August 2017 as the ‘great American eclipse’ because of its visibility across all 12 states. So will it be ‘great’? Or could it be a harbinger for something more ominous?

If we consider that the Sun in mundane astrology represents the ruler or leader of a country or region (traditionally a male figure), then the fact that the Moon (traditionally associated with women and what is hidden or less obvious) will cast a shadow over the Sun, blocking out it’s light, does not bode well for those in power.

Certainly, this is the way many eclipses were viewed in Mesopotamia – the birthplace of astrology. In fact, for some eclipses , the king was actually sent away and a surrogate figure was put in his place, the idea being that he could ‘take the hit’ for the king if anything bad fortune was destined to strike the throne as a result of that eclipse.

How to Interpret Eclipses in Astrology

According to traditional astrology rules:

  • Eclipses are important in natal charts when they occur within 1° of a conjunction or opposition to the Sun, Moon or the angles (AS, DS, MC or IC).
  • In mundane affairs they affect those nations and cities which have a traditional familiarity with the sign of the eclipse – especially those whose founding chart has the eclipse on the Asc.,MC, Sun or Moon.
  • Nations can also be affected if the eclipse falls on the natal Asc., MC or luminaries of its ruler.
  • When they occur in the sign of Leo,  eclipses can portend death or misfortune for royalty, nobility and ‘persons of quality’; the ruination and destruction of ancient buildings, palaces and churches; division amongst the clergy, the besieging of towns, and a scarcity of horses and grain. (Italy, Sicily, Rome and Turkey.)

(Thanks to Deborah Houlding for her summary on Skyscript)

Saros Series – 1 North

Now, although dramatic, it is difficult to ignore a few facts associated with this particular eclipse series – 1 North – which first took place in January 1639 and has recurred every 18 years or so since then.

Firstly, the 1963 1 North eclipse took place 3 months before JFK was assassinated in Dallas in November of that year – well within the six month range of this event (July 1963). (As an aside, it is rather spooky that his son, JFK Jnr, died in a plane crash in 1999 – the same year as the next occurrence in this particular Saros series).

Secondly, as many astrologers have already pointed out, this eclipse occurs at 29 degrees Leo – the very same degree of Donald Trump’s Ascendant. Now, you saw what Deborah Houlding wrote above about Leo and the angles of leaders. It is therefore hard NOT to wonder if this event could also portend an assassination attempt on the current leader of the United States?

Donald Trump & the Great American Eclipse

In his article, ‘Notes from the Watch Tower – the Great American Eclipse‘, astrologer Wade Caves writes:

I’m not sure that I want to say that all this points to Trump’s death, although I feel I’d be well within my bounds astrologically to make such a prediction given the astrological symbolism.

To translate this into specifics, the ‘astrological symbolism’ being referred to is:

  • Solar eclipse conjunct Trump’s AS degree = symbolic of life/the body/health
  • Eclipse conjunct his natal Mars rising in the 12th house = physical harm caused by secret enemies
  • A further ominous note is added by the Parts of Treachery (conjunct Trump’s natal Mars), Catastrophe (conjunct his natal Chiron) and Private Enemies (in his 7th House of enemies) and Fatality (close to his Midheaven and trine his natal Neptune), all of which don’t exactly bode well for health, wealth or public support. (see the chart below).
  • Impeachment within the next six months is also another possibility, given the links between his Ascendant and Uranus transiting his 9th house of legal affairs, which forms a T-square to his natal Venus, ruler of his Midheaven, and his natal Part of Profession in the 6th house of work. Suddenly stepping down for health or family reasons might be another interpretation of this particular aspect pattern.

Trump plus eclipse biwheel

Given how much scandal has engulfed his presidency, how divisive his politics are and how much he has fanned the flames of bad feeling with other foreign powers, including China, Syria and North Korea, I would be very worried if I were him – his enemies are soon likely to outnumber his friends if things carry on as they have since his inauguration…

US-North Korea aggression

Speaking of North Korea, one of the signatures associated with this Saros family is difficult aspects between Jupiter and Pluto – the ‘birth chart’ of the first eclipse in this series contains a powerful Jupiter-Pluto opposition which feeds into the Uranus midpoint, which Bernadette Brady interprets to mean:

‘Unexpected events involving friends or groups (Uranus) that place a great deal of pressure on relationships’ which ‘loom large’ at this time. (Taken from p.308 of The Eagle & the Lark)

And one of America’s relationships that is currently showing a lot of strain is that between the US and North Korea, and as part of a ripple effect from this, China (and China-US-Japanese relations as the US puts pressure on China to reign in Kim Jong Un’s missile tests and undertakes war manoeuvres in the region with Japan).

1 North Saros Series

Now, I don’t say this lightly, but I can’t help noting that this particular Saros family also seems to be inextricably linked to US aggression towards oriental countries –  on the 6th of August 1945 – the same year as another eclipse in the 1 North series – America dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

It has been an open secret for some time (and recently confirmed by the Washington Post) that North Korea has had nuclear capabilities for some time. Nuclear weapons are very much associated with both Uranus (uranium) and Pluto (plutonium) while Jupiter tends to expand or blow things out of proportion.


We recently experienced a Jupiter-Pluto square  – a very rare event – in the build-up to the lunar eclipse on August the 4th 2017 – worth bearing in mind as it reiterates the Jupiter-Pluto signature we were talking about earlier.(The Jupiter-Pluto opposition in the 1 North ‘bith chart’)

So could this eclipse also coincide with an escalation in the likelihood of a nuclear war? The Doomsday clock recently moved 30 seconds closer to midnight (it is now at approximately 2 minutes to midnight  – its original position post Hiroshima was 7 minutes to midnight).

A Prominent Mars  – War on the Horizon?

In the case of this particular eclipse, we do have a strong Mars featuring (see the chart below). It is both angular (on the Descendant) of the eclipse chart and hovering very close to the north node – the position where the paths of the sun and moon cross and therefore where eclipses happen. As we know, Mars is the planet most associated with conflict and wars. So, to be honest, this certainly is something that we need to take on board. The nodes suggest a fated element to what unfolds now.

Let’s hope that this Mars is not a portent of war…According to an article on the August solar eclipse written by Roy Gillett:

Many may see this as a time of unavoidable danger for the world, Donald Trump himself, and/or both. It is avoidable if he is ready to learn from what went wrong in the past and think ‘out of his skin’.

I think many people around this planet of tired of these macho, war mongering scenarios. It clearly is not the way to resolve complicated conflicts and I think it is time to move away from that paradigm – something that the West will find hard because it has exalted the Warrior Archetype for thousands of years now – something Joseph Campbell very wisely pointed out. Lecturer and author of The Bridge to Wholeness: A Feminine Alternative to the Hero Myth, Jean Raffa, explains that on an individual level, we can work with this archetype to transform it into something far more useful and less destructive if we choose to:

Our unreflective Warrior is focused on perfecting the body and the world. He proves himself and acquires power and success by influencing others with aggressive, impressive behavior while having little real concern for their feelings. In the Son phase he begins to question his motives, methods and values and struggles to channel his dynamic manifesting activity into work that provides a satisfying outlet for his true talents and ideals.

In his final phase, he is like Merida, the warrior princess in Disney’s animated film Brave, a Samurai Warrior, or a Star Wars Jedi master who channels his expertise, self-discipline, courage, and moral maturity into activities that heal the broken, protect the vulnerable, defend human rights, and preserve every form of life.

Moon and Arabic Parts

We also certainly can’t get away from the fact that the Moon is conjunct the Part of Treachery either, so I am wondering if we are looking at some form of espionage or foreign state interference, especially with the Part of Enemies in the first house in deceptive Pisces opposing Mercury?

21 Aug Eclipse page

Retrograde Mercury

What’s more, Mercury is retrograde – never a great help if clear talks and level-headed negotiations are required to resolve a tricky situation. It is also parallel to the fixed star, Menkar, which Vivian Robson describes as of the nature of Saturn, leading to ‘disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beats, sickness and loss of fortune.’ When paired with Mercury, it can lead to respiratory diseases and throat problems as well as difficulties caused through writings and is bad for financial gain, possibly leading to crops being ruined.

Mercury is also conjunct Thuban, a star in the constellation of Alpha Draconis which once used to be the pole star and was named the “Judge of Heaven” during the reign of the first Saragon king of Akkad. According to Astrology King,

If [Thuban is] setting and if Mars is conjunct the descendant or in harsh aspect with it, it is said to presage the native being burned in his own house or killed by public execution.

Perhaps in this  day and age, we won’t take this quite so literally! Combined with Menkar and Mercury, Thuban here suggests someone like Trump being tried in the court of public opinion and by the media.

Sabian Symbol

Adding to this theory is the Sabian symbol for 29 degrees Leo, which is:


Could this mean some clincher emails or documents revealing corruption and collusion involving Russia??? We have already seen members of the Intelligence Committee state how serious they found the correspondence between Donald Trump’s son and Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya and how it has moved the Russia probe to the next level. So perhaps more evidence will emerge post-eclipse that will as a ‘smoking gun’? This would make the potential assassination markers seen earlier much more figurative, pointing to a potential character or career assassination, rather than anything more bloody or sinister.

Sun and Regulus

On a more positive note, the Sun will also be conjunct Regulus, the star most associated with visionary and highly competent leadership (and as I have suggested, particularly the rise of the scared feminine). I think we can take this as a good sign, suggesting that this eclipse also presents us with the opportunity to consider an alternative vision of leadership and a new and better way to engage in politics and resolve conflict.

Perhaps a strong female leader will emerge over the next six months – someone who can help to calm the situation and guide the planet down another path? I bet everyone is remembering what Hillary said on the campaign trail about not wanting Trump’s finger on the red button and wishing they’d paid more attention!

Bernadette Brady has remarked that Regulus is usually a good omen, provided that those in power avoid encouraging an attitude of tit-for-tat, or worse still, vengefulness in their enemies. We all know that Donald Trump, who has Regulus conjunct his Ascendant, usually cannot refrain from exacting revenge on those he feels have slighted him. She remarks therefore, that this symbol often constellates with its shadow counterpart, the nemesis. Who will Trump’s be? Hillary? Vladimir Putin? Kim Jong Un? Or someone closer to home, such as his recently departed associate, Steve Bannon?  It has certainly made Roy Gillett wonder:

By August, will Donald Trump have grown enough in the role to rise above possible dire consequences and demonstrate better ways to us?

One can only hope and pray that he will! The current warlike paradigm doesn’t seem to have done much for civilisation (or the planet) in the last few centuries…and I think many people are ready for a new, more humanitarian and peaceful approach.

Uranus trine

Enter Uranus stage right!

The one truly positive aspect associated with this eclipse is the trine between the Sun & Moon in Leo, and Uranus in Aries. This suggests a six month cycle filled with unexpected but positive changes.

Of course, given the often rather abrupt and unpredictable nature of both eclipses and the planet Uranus, these may at first feel quite shocking – even rather unwelcome. After all, no one likes to have to deal with unforeseen changes to their plans, unless they are pretty spontaneous by nature.

In the eclipse chart, Uranus can be found in the second house of money, economics, tangible assets and industries such as banking and real estate, so it’s possible these areas may be positively affected by whatever global events occur now. Here the rise of Islamic banking is an interesting concept to throw into the mix, mainly because it is very much based on tangible assets and totally rejects the notion of gambling on hypothetical investments.

However, looking specifically at Trump’s chart, we notice that Uranus is transiting through his 9th house of religion, belief systems, foreign relations/travels and of course, legal matters. So does this suggest some unexpectedly positive improvements to relations with Pyong Yang? Or could it signal Trump’s impeachment? (The grand jury hearing into his possible ties to Russia pre-election is coming up and the recent spate of criticism levelled at him for his handling of the Charlottesville riots has already led to a number of resignations by top businessmen and high profile members of the community from his committees and boards.)

if we look at his chart, we notice that transiting Uranus will be making a t-square to Trump’s Part of Profession as well as his natal Venus in Cancer in the 11th house of relationships to groups or society (Congress?). In Trump’s chart, Venus is the ruler of the 8th house of sex, tax, joint financial ventures; as well as his Taurus Midheaven. The signs are all there that he may well lose both political support and popular approval – and indeed, perhaps his job in the Oval Office – as a result of what happens over the course of the next four weeks (= the duration of the first lunar cycle begun by a solar eclipse = New Moon).

Certainly, the newspapers this week have carried stories hinting at increasing loss of political support from amongst Republicans and voters, as well as the possibility of an ‘intervention’ of some kind by the executive branch of government to get him to stop making policy decisions without consulting anybody or announcing them via Tweet at 4am. And the formal campaign to impeach him continues to gather momentum. Newsweek recently ran an opinion piece by Elaine Kamarck which suggested that Trump was just 6 senates votes away from being impeached.

This is something that I have predicted since Day 1 of his election (see my Facebook pages for details) and with this type of configuration making such personal contacts in Trump’s natal chart, I certainly think it likely that in the next six months, he will either resign or be forced out via legal means.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that the Sun-Uranus trine also positively aspects trump’s Ascendant. So will he, like Jacob Zuma, escape attempts to oust him? Let’s see…

I know what I’ll be setting my intentions for this New Moon!

Wondering how eclipse may work in your own life? Find out by reading my Eclipse Forecast on the Astro-Sphere Astrology website.



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