Astrological Review of February 2011

During February, a series of contacts to the lunar nodes by major planets, Jupiter andUranus appeared to mobilise the populace of several North African and middle eastern countries, including Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya and Bahrain, into protesting against their despotic political leaders and calling for democratic political reform. Both Uranus and Jupiter have been hovering near the mid-point of the nodal axis since the beginning of February, together forming a T-square with the north and south nodes.

Given that Uranus was first discovered around the time of the French Revolution, and Jupiter has long been associated with cultural ideologiesreligious beliefs and the law, this seems very apt. Jupiter and Uranus  recently  formed an exact conjunction on January the 4th  – the same day as the solar eclipse in Capricorn, whilst simultaneously sextiling the lunar nodes. Given that the masses are symbolised by the Moon and the lunar nodes, this suggests the birth of a six month-long period of popular unrest during which ordinary people will begin to stand up for their beliefs and values, ad call on governments or powerful institutions to reform.  

It is interesting that, unlike the rather staid Capricornian theme of January, during February there was much more Aquarian and Uranian energy about, which seemed to make political uprising events much more chaotic than those in January. This may well be due to Uranus replacing Jupiter as the focal point of the T-square with the nodes. Unlike benefic planet, Jupiter, Uranus is much more detached, more rebellious and less concerned with how people feel. Uranus is also a planet associated with separation, erratic behaviour and destabilisation, all of which seemed to characterise events in Libya as the weeks unfolded.

The Jupiter-Pluto square I mentioned last month appeared to inflate the delusions of Colonel Gaddafi as he attempted to cling to power, with the US finally calling for him to step down. Interestingly, Libya’s chart is one I looked at back in September just after the Cardinal Event, when news broke about BP’s newly-won oil drilling rights in that country – highly significant after the scandal of their oil spill in the gulf of Mexico and in the wake of the Lockerbie bomber’s release.

Interestingly, it was around about the time that both the Sun and Mars in Aquarius moved into an opposition with Pluto in the ‘natal’ chart for Libya around mid-February that all the unrest started. This was preceded by what is known as a Jupiter return – an event that occurs every 12 years when Jupiter conjuncts its natal position in the chart. In this case, Libya has Jupiter at 5 degrees of Aries. Jupiter reached the same degree on the 16th of February, at which point it made a square to Libya’s natal Sun in Capricorn. The Sun can often represent a leader and the fact that it is being squared by transiting Jupiter, simultaneously involved in a square with transiting Pluto at 5 degrees Capricorn (and therefore close to Libya’s natal Sun) suggests that Colonel Gaddafi will have to go, one way or the other.

Returning to the Jupiter-Pluto square – this aspect reached perfection at more or less the same time as a court ruling was handed down relating to Julian Assange’s extradition to Sweden to be prosecuted based on the alleged rape charges that he has been contesting. As I warned last month, Mr Assange would be wise not to underestimate the reach and ruthlessness of those in power. (Although by all accounts, he has been described as someone that harbours high levels of paranoia, perhaps rightly so!) And now, it would seem that any sinister machinations that may have been at work behind the scenes will begin to emerge as Assange returns to Sweden to face trial.


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