Donald Trump & the Great American Eclipse of 2017

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2017 continues to be a relatively volatile year, with much instability and uncertainty over Brexit, increasing tensions between the US and North Korea, a large number of wildfires breaking out across the globe and growing political instability and demonstrations in global flashpoint regions such as South America (Venezuela) and Africa (Kenya and South Africa). Eclipses are, by… Continue reading Donald Trump & the Great American Eclipse of 2017


Astrological Review of January 2011

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: Systems failure? During early January, we began a new six month cycle, care of a solar eclipse in Capricorn. As the sign that rules public office, large corporations, rules and the establishment, within weeks, we began to see signs of dramatic proposals for shake-ups to institutions such as the NHS, as well as discussions concerning the possible breaking up of the major UK banks in order to separate retail banking from the speculative… Continue reading Astrological Review of January 2011