Signs & Omens? The 7 North Eclipses & Charles’ Coronation

Astrology began its life in the courts of the Mesopotamian kings and for millennia, it was the preserve only of royal scribes and seers until the advent of natal astrology sometime in the first to third century BCE. So it seems appropriate the astrology for the coronation of King Charles the Third is especially striking.… Continue reading Signs & Omens? The 7 North Eclipses & Charles’ Coronation


Max Pain or Gain? Bitcoin & the Dec 2021 Total Solar Eclipse

In this videocast, I consider the medium-term outlook for Bitcoin from the Dec 4 2021 solar eclipse and the end of April 2022 using financial astrology.

‘Megxit’ & the 2018-2020 Eclipses

I discovered with interest and some surprise, that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan to give up many of their royal duties in order to become more independent. Naturally, this has caused a fair amount of controversy in the British media. However, what struck me as an astrologer was how closely their announcement (which… Continue reading ‘Megxit’ & the 2018-2020 Eclipses