Lisa is a UK-based writer and astrologer with an interest in mundane astrology, current affairs and divination of all kinds. Her main website, Astrology Sphere, focuses on right timing and cosmic weather, particularly soli-lunar cycles such as eclipses and moon phases, as well as earth astrology or geomancy.

Her approach to astrology is heavily influenced by the work of Geoffrey Cornelius, which sees astrology not as a science, but as a form of divination. For her, this helps to keep astrology ‘honest’ and true to its oriental origins as but one of many ways to read the signs of a deeply interconnected and intelligent universe. In the words of the alchemists:

As below, so above; And as above, so below;
So works the miracle of the one thing.

– The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus

The AstroInsights Blog evolved out of the Monthly Review section of her Astro-Insights columns and is devoted to analysing people, trends and news-worthy events on the world stage from an astrological perspective. More recently, she has developed her interest in financial astrology, particularly since getting into cryptocurrency trading in 2020. You can find her twice-monthly Bitcoin forecasts here and on her YouTube channel.

Lisa has studied psychological astrology with the Faculty of Astrological Studies, horary astrology with the late Vernon Wells, and has a Master’s degree (MA Cos Div cum laude) in Cosmology & Divination from the University of Kent.

As well as being a regular contributor and horoscope columnist for several websites and alternative healing newsletters over the years, she has also edited a number of astrology books, including the revised edition of the well-known and much loved classic, The Astrology of Towns & Cities. She is currently writing a book on the cosmology of astrology that will be published in the near future.

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