Signs & Omens? The 7 North Eclipses & Charles’ Coronation

Astrology began its life in the courts of the Mesopotamian kings and for millennia, it was the preserve only of royal scribes and seers until the advent of natal astrology sometime in the first to third century BCE.

So it seems appropriate the astrology for the coronation of King Charles the Third is especially striking. His coronation ceremony on 6 May 2023 takes place the day after a solar eclipse in Scorpio – the same sign as Charles’ natal sun, which is, of course, symbolically significant in any event involving kingship.

What’s also fascinating is that the Spring 2023 pair of eclipses in Aries and Scorpio, exactly mirror what took place eclipse-wise in April 2005 when Charles married Camilla. Same signs – even the same saros family!

With my curiosity piqued, I decided to look a little further into things from an astrological perspective, and discovered a whole lot of other interesting synchronicities and symbolic ‘moments’.

Join me in this video as I share what I found, both in terms of Charles’ astrology and the coronation of his late mother, HM Queen Elizabeth II.

If you’d like to learn more about the relationship between eclipses and the British monarchy, check out the article I’ve written on Succession Eclipses and the Future of the British Crown on my other website,


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