Tory Leadership Race: Profile of Penny Mordaunt

Although Tory leadership hopeful, Penny Mordaunt, had to drop out of the contest at the 11th hour because she didn’t have the requisite 100 backers to qualify, I thought it only fair to post this video, which I made before the announcement by the 1922 Committee on Monday 24 October 2022.

A sensitive Piscean and 3/5 splenic Projector from a middle class family, Penny to me is a bit of an outsider as far as the Tory Party is concerned.

In my opinion, her helpful nature, desire to serve and particular skillset are not suited to the cut and thrust of party politics. (However, it would seem that she is definitely cut out for a different kind of swordsmanship, if her role at the King’s coronation is anything to go by! Go Penny! Channelling a touch of Galadriel there…)

Below is an astrological and human design profile for Penny, in which I discuss how she is one of the ‘new’ types of leader that is emerging on this planet such as JFK, Barak Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, and Nelson Mandela. These ‘guides’ tend to be more helpful and insightful but a lot more hands-off, rather than forceful, which may be why she is better suited, disposition-wise, to roles where she can be invited to share her quiet strength, clear insights and willingness to serve without being high pressure or ‘in your face’.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she quits at the next election and goes back into the third sector, which is where she originally began her journey as a humanitarian and social justice campaigner.

Nonetheless, I think she still has a role to play as a thought-leader and adviser for UK politicians because of her unique ability to identify problems and point out the missing pieces of any puzzle – something we could glimpses of during her Tedx talk a few years back.


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