Eclipse Forecast: Six Month Market Outlook

In this video forecast, designed to look at the outlook for the six months following the May 2022 Solar Eclipse in Taurus, I weigh up the probabilities from both Gann cycles and astrology in conjunction with more conventional forms of technical analysis, to ascertain whether we are likely to see a final top before the bear market sets in for good, between now and October-November 2022.

I also look at:

  • Gann cycles and Elliot Wave Theory – the likelihood of a major stock market crash in 2022-3 and potential timings
  • Venus transits and medium-trends for Ethereum
  • Jupiter’s retrograde movements in relation to Bitcoin, and how it’s sign ingresses correlate with previous cycles of boom and bust, particularly on Wall Street
  • Saturn and it’s potential role in legitimising cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and paving the way for legislation
  • Uranus and its relationship with the Nasdaq and tech adoption cycles

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