System Flush before April Rush? Mid-March 2022 Forecast

Given that we’re in a period of global uncertainty, we’ve had a ‘black swan’ event in the form of major corrections on the stock market (Dec -Feb 2022), and the war in Ukraine, leading to peak fear, rampant inflation and a lot of supply chain upsets around the world, what can we expect from the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin more specifically?

In this full moon videocast, I work form the assumption that for the foreseeable future, ‘all models are broken’ and try a more open-ended approach to forecasting what the two weeks of the Worm Waning Moon cycle are likely to bring for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Overall, the sense I got was that we’re likely to see a bullish breakout in early April, perhaps in time for Bitcoin Miami. Some analysts think this could take the form of a short squeeze due to a supply shock as miners continue to hold onto their coins and long-term hodlers take their stash off exchanges.

Join me in looking at what the Human Design, astrology and geomancy readings suggest may be ahead for the Bitcoin and ethereum markets over this two week period.


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