Feb 2022’s Crypto Luminary: Michael Saylor

Somebody recently asked me to do some astrology profiles on prominent players in the crypto community. Seeing as it is Aquarius season, I thought I’d start with Michael Saylor, who celebrates his solar return on 4 February. A big thank you to one of my You Tube subscribers for providing his birth data.


No. 4 on the Forbes’ Crypto Rich List, he is described as:

The CEO of software firm MicroStrategy, he was one of the best-known executives of the Internet bubble… But questionable accounting led to a restatement of financial results, and the dot-com bust crashed his stock. Two big moves land him on this list: In December 2020, MicroStrategy announced that it used its cash and borrowed $650 million to buy 70,784 Bitcoins for $1.1 billion (now worth $2.5 billion), helping drive shares up more than 300%. Plus, Saylor says he personally snagged 17,732 Bitcoins for about $175 million (now worth about $650 million). 

Forbes Crypto Rich List, Jan 2022

It’s fair to say that, along with other whales and key ‘cryptoratti’ like Real Vision group’s Raoul Pal, the aptly-named Gemini founders, the Winklevoss brothers, Block’s Jack Dorsey, Kraken’s Dan Held and Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong, Michael has become synonymous with Bitcoin, especially given his company’s seemingly unstoppable appetite for buying crypto’s OG in 2021.

So, what is it that drives Michael and given how closely his personal fortune is tied to Bitcoin, what can we learn from the current transits in his chart? In this post, I’ll look mainly at his natal chart and the wealth signatures in it. For those interested in his current natal transits, I’ll be making a separate video, which I will post below and on my YT channel.

Michael Saylor: Natal Wealth Signatures

Michael is a Sun Aquarius with Pisces Rising. He also has the Moon, Saturn, Chiron in Pisces all in his first house. According to traditional astrologers, this would suggest that he is someone who is altruistic and spiritually-motivated, which may explain both his soft-spoken and sensitive disposition and philosophical outlook on how Bitcoin can benefit humanity. It’s also worth remembering that Aquarians are often passionate about a cause, and I find the way he views Bitcoin as a ‘modern day miracle’ and an expression of Sophia, the goddess of wisdom, very interesting.

Given his Aquarius placements (Sun, AS + Mercury) it’s not surprising that he is very good with scientific calculations: quite literally a ‘rocket scientist’, he studied aeronautics and applied mathematics at MIT, he is also an inventor: according to his official bio, he is a ‘named inventor on more than 40 patents’ that extend from web and mobile analytics to cloud computing. He even created a few apps along the way, such as Angel.com – which you could call a precursor to Patreon. I just love the name, which I think alludes to the fact that he is named after Archangel Michael, the warrior angel of truth and spiritual protection.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking he is just a big science nerd: he does have the Part of Fortune, a major indicator of wealth, in Aries, which fits with his military background and his pioneering and sometimes quite audacious business moves.

The Part of Fortune & the Road to Personal Wealth

In traditional astrology, the Part of Fortune is a hypothetical ‘point’ constructed from the mathematical ratio between three highly significant positions in the horoscope: the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, and as such, represents ‘an amalgam of body, soul and spirit’.

The Ascendant represents the physical environment and your levels of vitality, it is a primary gauge for well-being both in terms of health and wealth. Your Sun represents vital force, the spirit of health and heart, while your Moon symbolises the emotional and soulful aspects of being secure in the world.

Stephanie Johnson

In many ways, The Part of Fortune is closely tied to ancient concepts of fate, particularly your ‘lot’ in life, and was linked to both the Greek Moirai, the three goddess responsible for weaving together the threads that make up the tapestry of your story; and Fortuna, the Roman goddess who spun the Wheel of Fortune, the image we moderns know from card no. 10 in the Tarot major arcana. In this sense, it represents luck, good fortune and your odds in the ‘lottery of life’. It is thus not just about abundance and good health, but also about how and where you are destined to thrive and succeed most.

In Michael’s case, his Part of Fortune has a double dose of Aries/1st house about it, which means that he is destined to do well when he is courageous, brave, takes risks and is pioneering. In other words, he is designed to win at life when he takes bold chances on new products, industries or ideas – and to be unafraid of doing so independently – choosing to work for himself, even if this meant pushing through the fears and concerns of conformity or being a ‘good soldier’, which usually means following orders and fighting someone else’s battles. Aries is about the will and by being spontaneous and exercising the right to

And that’s exactly what he has done throughout his professional life – by breaking away, first from the military and the potentially conservative career path of science or academia, and by breaking new ground in the 90’s, first with the advent of the Internet and later, mobile phones, he

Fortune seems to challenge you and when you respond, she does too. Entrepreneurial ventures, pioneering projects and adventuresome assignments are where you find the prosperity of Fortuna. You find the strength when you recognise that you need to be a warrior to chase the dream. Challenges are always there but then, so is fortune and they go together in your case. ..Your lot of fortune is embraced by your initiative and daring.

Your Money Stars report, Michael Saylor

POF & Lunar Phases

Because the Part of Fortune involves calculating the distance between the horizon (AS), and the positions of the luminaries to each other, it also tells us something about what point in the lunar cycle someone was born during.

In Michael’s case, his Part of Fortune in Aries tells us that he was born close to New Moon, a time of fresh starts and potentiality, when the Sun and Moon are on the same side of the Earth. This suggests that he does well when he is instinctive and feels free to express himself and forge his own pathway through life, which we see him doing with Bitcoin.

So, for example, if we chose to focus solely on the fact that his sensitive Pisces Moon sits very close to Chiron, also in his 1st house, from where it trines his natal Neptune, making him both highly intuitive and empathetic, we might miss these qualities about him – qualities we see amply demonstrated in this interview with him in Bitcoin Magazine:

If I tell you there’s 21 million blocks in cyber space, and each one is a Bitcoin, and this world is only going to consist of 21 million blocks, and you showed up there 200 years before everybody else showed up, you would think, I’m just going to start buying city blocks in cyber space as fast as I can.

Bitcoin Magazine, Oct 2021

Chart Ruler: Neptune in Scorpio

The same goes for Neptune, the ruler of his Ascendant, which is in penetrating and perceptive Scorpio in the 8th, making him very adept at advising people on how to handle their money. And of course, Microstrategy is not just a Bitcoin investment fund – it is primarily a company that focuses on providing strategic intelligence and data-driven insights designed to help their clients improve their business bottom lines. As such, although he might be compassionate and possibly an empath, healer or an HSP, he is no pushover.

Again, he makes this clear in his interview:

MicroStrategy had the ability to raise more money through business operations. We generated cash flow. We sold equity. We sold convertible debt. We continue to build our Bitcoin position because we realize that we can and should have two strategies. One strategy is to run the software business. The other strategy is to run a property business. MicroStrategy is in essence running a cyber development company, or a cyber REIT, if you will.

Other Key Wealth Indicators: Planets & Houses

When looking at somebody’s wealth indicators, we also need to consider their appetite for financial risk vs their need for security, as well as their inherent money-management style etc. This can be gleaned from other astrological factors in the natal chart, including the rulers of the 2nd and 8th house cusps, as well as planets like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury.

Of course, we can’t go into all of these things here, so let’s just focus on two things: firstly, his natal Jupiter in the 2nd house of income; and the fact that he has Mars ruling his second house cusp.

Jupiter in Taurus (2nd)

To me, this immediately points to two things:

Firstly, Jupiter in Taurus in the 2nd is very happy when it is accumulating, building or expanding assets like property. So it should not surprize us that he often describes Bitcoin as digital property, which, as we now know from history, is really about the right to have a say and to get a seat at the table of power.

There are a lot of ways to view Bitcoin. You can view Bitcoin as digital property, digital money, or digital energy. If you characterize it as digital property, then I bought a $500 million block of property in cyber space. …This is a pretty good idea to buy up all of cyber Manhattan before everybody else moves here.

Mars in Virgo (7th)

Secondly, I find it interesting that Saylor’s natal Mars forms part of a stellium, along with Pluto and Uranus in Virgo. This suggests someone who is good with detail, and knows how to use these strategically to sharpen his business nous – something that benefits both himself and others. Let’s not forget that this stellium sits in his 7th house of business partners, and that Pluto rules his 9th house. Hence the consulting side of Microstrategy, but also his involvement in education via the Saylor Academy. Not to mention his philosophical side, which comes out quite strongly when he talks about Bitcoin.

But, with both benefics in earth signs, this is not someone who likes to leave himself overly exposed. So, although Mars makes him take bold risks, he hedges these bets with a second back-up strategy, so that he is covered on two fronts. Thus:

Our high-growth business is digital energy or digital property. Our low-growth business is enterprise software. They’re both linked. They both benefit from each other in different ways. Why did we do it? First we did it defensively. Stage one is I don’t want to lose my money. Stage two is opportunistic, I did it because I could. Stage three is strategic.

It’s worth remembering that Mars is just as much as the defensive as it is about the offensive. In business or war, it can also be strategic, especially if it’s placed in a conscientious sign like Virgo. The opportunism probably comes from Pluto and Uranus, both of which are trine to Jupiter from the 7th house, suggesting that he can also build wealth via strategic partnerships with powerful and influential people, especially if they are in some way, outliers or wayshowers like him.

What I find super fascinating is how much synastry there is between his chart and that of Bitcoin. Amongst many significant ‘confluences’, the Bitcoin chart has a prominent Mars, as well as Aquarius on its Descendant. There are more indicators, which I will get to in my follow-up video. Let’s just say that Saylor and Bitcoin are, in many ways, a natural business and philosophical ‘fit’.

However, as we will see when we dive a little deeper and compare both his astrology and Human Design charts with that of Bitcoin, we will see that in many ways, you could call this a ‘match made in heaven’.

For my extended video analysis, watch the YouTube video below.


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