Max Pain or Gain? Bitcoin & the Dec 2021 Total Solar Eclipse

In this videocast, I consider the medium-term outlook for Bitcoin from the Dec 4 2021 solar eclipse and the end of April 2022.

As well as considering the six-monthly astrological trends set in motion for Bitcoin by the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on Dec 4 2021, I also look at what human design can tell us about the outlook for the 2020-1 Bitcoin bull market and outline some possible dates to watch for in 2021-22 in terms of ATHs and/or market tops.

We also consider the predictions of Raoul Pal and Ken Stanfield, as well as the astrology of retail vs institutional psychology.


  • Intro 00:00:15
  • Saros cycles & financial markets: Brady vs Ven Den Berg 00:01:40
  • ASTROLOGY OF BITCOIN + SOLAR ECLIPSE Chart Analysis: Six month trends/themes 00:04:26
  • Longer cycles thesis 00:19:48
  • Pos Dec 2021 dates for ATH/tops 00:21:21
  • Raoul Pal predictions for Bitcoin & Ethereum 00:25:30
  • Astrology of retail vs institutional psychology 00:28:14
  • Revisiting Ken Stanfield’s Sun-Moon model & looking at his 2022 predictions 00:32:48
  • Human Design: Solar Eclipse gates & strategies for investors acc to I Ching 00:34:15
  • 2022 Predictions: My Top 3 Dates 00:37:48


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