Buckle up! Nov 2021 New Moon

Bitcoiners might want to buckle up for the next two weeks – the astrology of the November New Moon suggests that there may be some temporary turbulence ahead.

In my videocast for the Scorpio New Moon (watch below), I outline how:

  • Some tense aspects between the luminaries and outer planets, Saturn & Uranus, suggest the need to put some safety measures in place to hedge against potential bumps in the road thrown up by external factors and forces, particularly central banks in the short term
  • I also talk about how this moon phase serves as a gateway to Eclipse Season 2.0 for 2021, beginning with the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and heralds some of its key themes, including the final pass of the Saturn-Uranus square on Dec 24th, which could coincide with a ‘taper tantrum’ on US equity markets
  • Much like October, with the Aries Full Moon, the Scorpio New Moon is situated close to two contrasting aspects, this time by Mercury in Libra, which will follow in the footsteps of Mars by first trining Jupiter on 1 November before heading towards a square with Pluto on November 3. I point out how these dates coincided with important announcements from the Ten31 fund (31 Oct) and both the Federal Reserve in the US (3 Nov) and the Bank of England (Nov 4).
  • Other key transits to take note of include a Mars-Saturn square on Nov 10th, which could see the brakes being slammed on momentum by regulation tightening or some other external event involving the authorities/establishment. This tallies with some other analysts, who have predicted a possible correction around Nov 9th. Important dates ot note if you are a day trader or somone who dabbles in the derivatives market.
  • On a positive note, I discuss the so-called ‘Halloween Effect’ in relation to the Bitcoin space and take a look at the astrology chart of the newly-launched Ten31 VC fund, run by Bitcoiners for Bitcoiners to see what it can tell us about the fund’s potential ‘character’ and future success.

One of the key themes of this New Moon is a return to first principles, especially when it comes to the way you perceive things, navigate the world and go about making changes. In fact, if you are to avoid the more anxiety-provoking or unpredictable side of this moon phase, then it’s best to engage in what eastern mystics called ‘beginners’ mind’ – to forgo your usual assumptions and examine things with fresh eyes. This will help steer you through uncertainty and help you to find novel workarounds to unexpected obstacles, plot twists and/or problems.


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