Strategy: Aries Hunter Moon

Apologies but my Full Moon recording didn’t pan out, so I am just going to do a summary here of the key main themes of this two week waning moon period for Bitcoin.

For those interested in the more general astrological trends associated with the October 2021 Aries Full Moon, please visit my cosmic weather forecast on the Astrologysphere website.

As we can see from this transits chart, the Full Moon occurs across the MC-IC axis in the Bitcoin chart, in the signs of Libra and Aries, suggesting that it is important to focus on fundamentals (Sun + Mars in 4th) in order to build a strong foundation upon which Bitcoin can launch itself into the stratosphere going forward.

Mars, Strategy & the Need to Manage Risk

Mars, the ruler of the MC, is somewhat weakened by its position in Libra (detriment), which can make it indecisive. Like other inner planets during past months, it is also oscillating between the expansive energy of Jupiter in Aquarius (7th), and the rather controlling, destructive energy of Pluto (6th) via an air trine (19th) and a cardinal square (22nd), making a straight-forward trajectory neigh on impossible.

The suggestion then, is to manage risk and to take profit often so as to avoid potential crises or dangers represented by Pluto (eg liquidity events caused by too leverage by speculators in the futures/derivatives markets). Mars tends to be quite an impulsive planet generally. Add to that the fact that Full Moon happens in Mars-ruled Aries, which can be hot-headed, and the potential for retail investors to get overly bullish and take silly gambles goes up exponentially.

Highs & Lows: Mars-Jupiter vs Mars-Pluto

Fanning the flames of bullish sentiment was the launch of the Bitcoin Strategy Fund ETF on the same day as the Mars-Jupiter trine (19th), which sent price to a new all-time high. Jupiter’s position close to the Bitcoin Neptune certainly helped, as did the position of transiting Venus in enthusiastic Sagittarius in the 5th house of speculation.

However, as I wrote in my thread on Twitter, I felt this situation would be short-lived as a result of Mars’ swing towards Pluto, the great destroyer. I therefore advise caution going forward – with Mars moving to conjunct the auspicious Behenian stars, Spica and Arcturus, my suggestion was to act strategically: have a trading plan and stick to it. This full moon, is after all, the Hunter’s Moon, and as Jordan Lindsay always says, hunters stalk their prey silently, waiting for the right moment to go in for the kill. For me, this two week period is therefore all about striking when the iron (Mars) is hot, but being fleet of foot, and not lingering too long in any one position.

Also, with the luminaries highlighting the connection between past (IC) and future (MC), roots (development, philosophy, technicals) and branches (applications, rollouts, results, consequences), I also felt it important to continue looking at fleshing out, or building on, a new and updated definition of what Bitcoin is, and what it can do for society (10th), perhaps via a new white paper, or further discussion amongst developers and the community, in order to get clear consensus moving forward. Identity is strongly highlighted by the Sun-Mars combination, the Sun being the chart ruler.

Mars-Pluto: Reinventing Economic Paradigms

My feeling is that, in order to tease this out, we need to bear in mind that the Bitcoin chart contains a Mars-Pluto conjunction, a highly charged and very prominent placement that tends to breed an all-or-nothing, do or die attitude – one that strongly resembles the Darwinian notion of survival of the fittest, which has pervaded much social, political and economic theory since the 19th century. In my general full moon videocast, I explore the implications of this a little further via the work of Andreas Weber, who challenges the notion that nature really is predicated on the grounds of struggle and competition, and asks whether this is really just an ideology we have projected onto it – a tension epitomised in the two aspects of Mars book-ending this full moon.

The Two Faces of Mars: Kill or Cure

In my view, we have insisted on seeing Mars only as a fighter and killer, when in the ancient world, particularly the Orphic tradition, he was also associated with the god Eros-Phanes, who was both a creator and a bringer of life – the masculine god of love and desire. In the same way, we may have done the same thing to Bitcoin, seeing it as a weapon to beat/kill the old fiat-based monetary system, rather than a source of hope that might bring about world peace and lessen financial inequality, as proponents like Jack Dorsey have suggested.

As a result, we insist on descriptors for Bitcoin such as ‘apex predator’ rather than say, ‘queen bee’, which only serve to replicate the exploitative, every-man-for-himself mentality that has plagued modern economics since the industrial revolution and led to mass inequality. My argument is that we need to remember that the Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, wrote the Bitcoin White Paper in October 2008, in the wake of the global financial crisis. His central thrust seems to have been developing a completely trustless and secure peer-to-peer payment system that would remain autonomous, decentralised and tamper-proof, no doubt in reaction to the complete lack of transparency or integrity characterising the financial system in the lead-up to its implosion just a few months before.

Pluto T-Square: Time to Reshape Satoshi’s Legacy?

With the luminaries forming a T-square to secretive and calculating Pluto at the full moon, issues such as the tension between privacy vs. trust inherent in such a system, and how it affects its ‘health’ or functioning, could be highlighted in some way. Here it is significant that transiting Pluto is in the 6th house, where it is approaching a conjunction to Jupiter, detrimented in Capricorn, which rules the intercepted sign of Sagittarius in the 5th house of children and legacies (in horary, the father’s wealth = 2nd house from 4th).

Which does beg the question: Given that we are now over a decade on from this founding document, which is mostly utilitarian in nature, it seems right and proper, given the astrology, to ask whether it is time to update and expand on what Satoshi initially wrote so that its philosophy better reflects the times we now find ourselves in, and Bitcoin’s current value (which makes it anything but affordable to the vast majority of people)?

Pluto: Hidden Dangers & the Bitcoin ETF

However, I think the Pluto square could also point to hidden dangers or underlying issues concerning either leverage or shadow banking type situations (eg. questions around the underlying assets propping up stablecoins like Tether, for example) or problems introduced via the suits (plutocracy). Here I think it interesting that the analyst, Alessio Rastani, recently asserted that whenever an ETF comes out, it often indicates a trend reversal of some kind in the market. I have given a brief analysis of the chart of this new fund, and to me, it does look as though it is founded on rather shaky ground (Pisces on the IC, Neptune in the 4th) – so although it will initially be viewed as a bullish sign, it could end up subtly undermining the current Bitcoin market in some way (too much emphasis on BTC futures?), or end up being a bit of a flop, which could affect overall sentiment.

For more on the Aries Full Moon and cryptocurrency, check out my Twitter account.


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