Fire up the Jets: Bitcoin headed for a Breakout

The October 2021 New Moon in Libra brings with it some fresh cardianl energy that provides the perfect environment for Bitcoin to break above it’s current reistance levels and head to new heights.

This is largely due to go-getting Mars and mover-shaker, Mercury, which will key into the Libra New Moon, adding a turbo boost of momentum to events or projects that unfold now. In addition, the outer planets will all (bar Uranus) begin to go direct this month, starting with Pluto on October 6. This will again help to get things moving again after the fearful and rather stagnant energy of the Pisces Full Moon during the second half of September, which keyed in strongly to the Evergrande debacle.

Find out more about what the planets suggest could be ins tore for Bitcoin during the next two weeks in my videocast below.


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