Will Bitcoin top out in September? Harvest Moon Forecast

A look at the astrological outlook for Bitcoin during the two weeks of the waning moon cycle that begins on September 21 2021 at the Pisces Harvest Moon.

Key take-home points covered:

  • Solar and lunar aspects – push-me-pull-you energy that see-saws between positive = Jupiter (bullish signals due to renewed investor confidence and positive geopolitical developments eg Ukraine, El Salvador) and negative = Pluto (possible bearish breakdowns in market structure due to machinations by plutocrats and larger players like hedge funds, especially on US stock markets). This square will also play into the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on Nov 19 – look out for my upcoming eclipse forecasts in relation to Bitcoin.
  • Mercury retrograde and the potentially positive effects of its triple conjunction to Spica + trine to Jupiter around the end of Sep = price-boosting spikes during this two week period, especially the week of 21-28 Sep and the first week of October
  • Possible chaos on exchanges as a retrograde Mercury re-enters the BTC 3rd house between 8-29 October
  • A quick recap on why Uranus proved to be such a damp squib during the Virgo waxing moon phase.
  • The destabilising effects of Saturn-Neptune oppositions, with reference to what happened in 2006-7

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