Crossing into Price Discovery? Bitcoin & the Sept 2021 New Moon

I posted my Bitcoin forecast for the Sept New Moon early because the aspects surrounding this upcoming lunar cycle are so good that I thought it required some mental preparations.

Unlike the somewhat anti-climactic energy of the Aquarius Full Moon waning cycle, we are about to enter a waxing phase, which is all about increase. Add to that an exceptionally auspicious Venus-Jupiter trine happening on Sept 6 (= abundance, good fortune, expansion) and the likelihood of surprising plot twists from Uranus c/o of a trine to the luminaries, and I think we may be about to enter a phase of price discovery in the cryptocurrency market.

Uranus is also about technology and innovation. Paired with a strong emphasis on legacies and small but meaningful contributions to the collective at the Virgo New Moon, I also find the news about the latest Twitter developments concerning Bitcoin an encouraging sign that the next two weeks could indeed be an exciting time for the space. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, has Virgo rising?

To find out more, check out my quick and dirty videocast below for the highlights.

Of course, we do have to bear in mind the situation in America concerning greater government crackdowns remains uncertain, represented by undermining Neptune (threat of regulation diluting investor sentiment); together with the possibility of speculation and shorting on the derivatives market (Venus square to Pluto), which could affect Bitcoin market fundamentals.

However, on balance, I still think the next two weeks could be unexpectedly positive for Bitcoin and the defi space in general.

PS. And so it would seem, do some other key players on the Bitcoin scene. I found this latest post from Anthony Pompliano reassuring – the technicals and on-chain analytics appear to be corroborating what the astrology charts are telling me.

Hmmm…interesting. I think the next few weeks are going to be quite exciting.


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