Hopium or Rocket Fuel? Jupiter & the 2021 Bitcoin Bull Run

As those of you who have been following my astrological commentary on Bitcoin on either YouTube or my Astro-Insights blog already know, the cycles of Jupiter are proving to be incredibly important for the ‘bull of all bulls’, as Jordan Lindsey likes to call the premier cryptocurrency’s 2020-21 cycle.

Aside from soli-lunar cycles, including New & Full Moons, solstices & equinoxes, as well as eclipses, (hardly surprising, given its Leo Ascendant) Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, has also coincided with a number of Bitcoin’s major moves, from it’s parabolic uptrend starting in Nov-Dec 2020, to it’s ingress into Pisces, which coincided with it’s major ‘cryptocrash’ in mid-May 2021.

About a week ago (around the time of the Sun-Neptune trine = prophetic dreams), I had one of those dreams that I occasionally have, which seem more significant than the usual nightly flights of fancy. In it, my guides kept emphasizing the importance of Jupiter’s return to the sign of Aquarius for Bitcoin.

This will happen on 28 July 2021 – exactly one week after the B Word conference that featured a discussion between Elon Musk, Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood and Square’s Jack Dorsey about the future of Bitcoin, and within four days of the Aquarius Full Moon, when the Sun and Moon will be straddling the AS-DS axis of the Bitcoin chart.

Both of these are good for re-instilling faith and confidence (Jupiter) in the cryptospace, especially given the strong emphasis on the revolutionary and humanitarian aspects of ‘defi’ or decentralized finance – both Aquarian traits. And as we know, markets are largely driven by herd sentiment, so this is very important, given the fear and anxiety that has been created by Saturn and Uranus.

Transits of the Aquarius Full Moon to the Bitcoin chart. Notice the Leo Sun and the Aquarius Moon straddling the AS-DS axis of the chart.

Jupiter is currently retrograde, which means that from our perspective here on Earth, the gas giant appears to be travelling backwards through the zodiac (I use the western tropical i.e. solar-based zodiac and not the sidereal one, except for fixed star placements). Since it stationed on 20 June 2021, within a few days of the Gemini Solar Eclipse (which again included some very important astrology for Bitcoin) , it has been retracing its steps back through Pisces, and is due to re-enter the sign of Aquarius on 28 July 2021, where it will remain until 28 December 2021 (just in time for the final Saturn-Uranus square, but that is another story).

So, what is this likely to mean for Bitcoin?

Well, as I discussed in my previous articles and videocasts about the astrology of Bitcoin’s 2020-2021 bull run, it does seem to mark a significant pivot point for Bitcoin, especially when we consider that Jupiter entered Pisces within a day or two of Elon’s 12 May 2021 tweet, which coincided with a major crash on May 13th 2021 as a lot of leveraged positions were liquidated, followed by a subsequent 50% correction from its April highs of $64k.

Jupiter is known in astrology as the Great Benefic, and is, generally speaking, a fortunate planet (although it can also signal inflation, which is not always a good thing – except perhaps for stock prices…and Bitcoin), so although I can’t say with 100% certainty (especially given the destabilising influence of 2021’s Saturn-Uranus squares), the most probable outcome is that this sign change will be positive, rather than negative.

The fact that Bitcoin had its Jupiter Return in December 2020, around the time of that incredible Solstice Grand Conjunction between Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius, the planets of economic boom and bust, which began a new 20-year cycle (an important number for financial markets) on that date, further highlights the importance that Jupiter’s movements appear to have for Bitcoin at the moment.

However, one caveat: As I have said elsewhere, when Jupiter is retrograde, it tends to work less in terms of events in the outside world and more on the inner planes, so I expect that this ingress is likely to mark a change in market sentiment from bearish to bullish that will gradually increase over the course of the six month eclipse cycle that began in June 2021. Strictly speaking, though, I wouldn’t expect any sort of major euphoric upward rally that matches anything like April until Jupiter goes direct in Aquarius, which it will in late October 2021 – just in time for Gann’s time periods, which he identified in 45 Years on Wall Street as being quite important for major trend changes, ‘especially if the market has been declining or advancing for some time.’

Alternatively, it might signal the last few ‘bull trap’ rallies before a final capitulation event – with the difficult Saturn-Uranus squares in play, we can’t entirely rule this out. But again, the Gann cycle does seem to suggest one last hurrah, in line with US stock markets, either towards the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.

Of course, retrograde season happens every year, so on the surface of things, it would appear to be nothing special. However, what makes this particular re-entry so interesting is the fact that this year, we have not one, but TWO Aquarius Full Moons happening in a row: one in July (Buck Moon) and one in August, which together, bookmark the beginning and end of the zodiac sign of the water bearer.

And it is the SECOND Aquarius Full Moon where things get especially buoyant, thanks to a conjunction between the Full Moon and Jupiter. More on this in a future forecast (sign up for my free newsletter if you want the low-down).

Perhaps it is significant that Jupiter reaches the same position it occupied back in mid-April 2021 in late November 2021, which is when we are due to have our next set of eclipses, which look pretty favourable for Bitcoin, I have to say! Anyway, that’ll have to wait for another post or videocast…

For the moment, let’s see what happens over the next week or so.


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