First Look at the Birthchart of ‘Lilibet’ Windsor

I am currently hard at work on producing my six month eclipse horoscopes for subscribers, but just wanted to drop a line to congratulate Harry and Meghan on the birth of their daughter, Lilibet Diana, and put up a copy of her birthchart for astrology enthusiasts who might want to have a squiz at it.

Look out for a more in-depth follow-up analysis, but a few key things jump out at me, including:



  • The fact that she was born under the polar extremes of a fabulous Venus-Jupiter water trine, on one hand; and a rather terrifying and formidable cardinal Mars-Pluto opposition, on the other. Talk about angel-devil energy! The Mars-Pluto signature echoes that of her paternal grandmother, the late Princess Diana, who had a natal Mars-Pluto conjunction in her horoscope.
  • However, in similar fashion to the Queen of Hearts, she also has a very caring and nurturing side, c/o Venus in maternal Cancer
  • A fiery Aries Moon, which means she is not likely to take any prisoners or suffer fools gladly. However, with its conjunction to Chiron (8th house), sextile to the Sun, and trine to the north node, I wonder if she has chosen to come here in order to heal a longstanding ancestral wound around trust/loss/betrayal for her parents?
  • Regulus – the ‘king/queen’ star – rising, which together with Jupiter conjunct her Descendant, suggests someone wise and charismatic who will be a natural leader
  • Mars in Cancer (same as her mom, Meghan) conjunct Procyon in her 11th house of groups and friends – will this give her ‘streetsmarts’ and an innate ability to read, ‘handle’ and sway large groups of people? Given her Gemini Sun and Mercury (=quick-witted and eloquent), I think so, especially given Mars’ connection by aspect to strategic and political Pluto…
  • However, with Black Moon Lilith right on her Midheaven, and trine to Pluto, I also suspect that she may be quite a handful: stubborn, set in her ways, and also have quite an explosive temper. Definitely a ‘wildchild’ signature, that’s for sure!
  • Saturn in her 6th house could make her either a disciplined and dedicated person who works hard to achieve her goals and keep her promises, or someone who suffers from ill health as a child
  • Neptune in the 7th house suggests natural empathic abilities, but a square to Mercury means that her perceptions may need to be mastered so as to avoid a tendency to wear rose-tinted specs, or be a bit of a soft touch or else jump to conclusions, especially when it comes to significant relationships/partnerships.
  • Uranus in the 9th square to Saturn (6th) points to someone with unconventional beliefs who will be a trailblazer – this is not someone who will have a 9-5 job or blindly follow tradition. In fact, with BML also in her 9th house, I think she will be quite a rebel.

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