Agape, Aquarius & the Star of Bethlehem: America’s Return to Hope

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. So begins Charles Dickens’ famous book, A Tale of Two Cities – a story that in many ways, echoes the current zeitgeist, and encapsulates the position America finds itself in just as President-to-be, Joseph Biden and his deputy, Kamala Harris, begin their new political administration.

A sun sign Aquarius, Dickens was more than just a novelist. His background as a newspaper editor and parliamentary reporter meant that he was also a political and social commentator. I find it interesting that he chose such an Aquarian-themed topic for his third-to-last novel. Set against the backdrop of the French Revolution, a period characterised by seismic political and socio-economic shifts not dissimilar to our current era, A Tale of Two Cities details the impact these changes had on ordinary individuals – events that sometimes tipped over into mob-ruled violence and unrest.

Not only did this period mark the end of feudalism and the birth of popular democracy in the West, but as I wrote in my November 2020 election forecast, it’s also when the planet Uranus was discovered. This is the primary reason why modern astrologers assigned to it the rebellious, rabble-rousing, paradigm-shifting traits now synonymous with it and gave it rulership over idealistic and altruistic Aquarius – a position formerly occupied by Saturn.

All of this was to have a direct impact on the identity and political constitution of the country we now call the United States of America – the ‘land of the free,’ with its emphasis on Aquarian-ruled ideals such as liberty, equality and political model of elected representation. It’s hard for us to realize now, but this marked a radical departure from the Leo-ruled divine right of kings, along with its accompanying social and economic models of feudalism and class that had characterised life in the West for at least two millennia.

Over 250 years later, these very same tensions and themes are once again proving very relevant to where America currently finds itself. So the fact that the sign of Aquarius will be prominent at the inauguration of America’s 46th president doesn’t come as a great surprise to me at all. Not only will the swearing-in ceremony take place on the same day that the Sun ingresses into Aquarius, but also at the very hour when that the Aquarius Sun, together with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, are standing directly overhead in the skies above Washington.

Let’s have a closer look at the astrology to see if it can give us a clue as to what may lie, both for America and it’s next elected representatives.

Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man

Historically and astrologically-speaking, Joe Biden takes office at a very interesting time. Much like the intro to Dicken’s novel, both the world – and America – find itself at a major juncture point or node – a point of transition.

On one hand, we are still at the tail end of 2020’s Saturn-Pluto collective dark night of the soul, an intense period for the world on so many levels – and one that we’re all still processing and coming to terms with. And on the other, we’re on the cusp of a brand new era of optimism and innovation, as symbolised by December’s 2020’s upbeat Sagittarius Solar Eclipse and the rare grand conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, which took place in the early degrees of Aquarius just a week later. Many astrologers, including myself, see this transit – and Biden’s presidency – as the return of hope after dark and difficult times.

And it is the light of hope, rather than the Saturn-Plutonian darkness, death and decay, that I want to focus on in this article. (For a more in-depth look at the astrology of one of American democracy’s darkest days, check out my previous post.)

If we look at the event chart for Inauguration Day, which is set for around noon on January the 20th (I have rectified this to reflect the EXACT time Biden was inaugurated = 11:48am) – the day on which the Sun usually ingresses into Aquarius, we notice a few significant things.


A Secret Nod to America’s Founding Principles

  • At the top of the chart, around the Midheaven (= an astrological angle that’s long been associated with the full glory and power of the noonday sun and therefore, of a leader), we see the Sun, plus several other planets, including Jupiter & Saturn, aligned in the skies overhead, in Aquarius. (More on their grand conjunction below)
  • Shining right next to the Sun at 2 degrees Aquarius, is Altair, the alpha star in Aquila, the eagle = which is, of course, the bird on the seal of the US President.
  • This is significant for a number of reasons: Firstly, US presidential inaugurations are law-bound to happen on the day that the Sun ingresses into Aquarius. I think that the founding fathers did this knowingly, for symbolic reasons that date back to the Aquarian spirit that inspired both the French Revolution and the American War of Independence. This the sign OPPOSITE Leo = the king and therefore represents popular democracy and it’s elected representatives – symbolism that runs very deep in the story of America and its war to free itself from the yoke of British colonial rule.
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Secondly, the relationship between Aquarius and popular democracy is further emphasised by the motto below the US President’ Seal = e pluribus unum, which means ‘out of many comes one’ – is a very hermetic concept that cuts right to the heart of the word ‘universal’ (which in turn, comes from the Latin word for ‘universe’ which literally means ‘all things turned into one’). This sentiment is also echoed in the Oath of Allegiance, which speaks of ‘one nation…indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’

So, choosing this star-planet combination of Sun (leader) in Aquarius, the sign of universal brotherhood and the selfless, universal form of love that the Greeks called ‘agape – at full strength (midday) + the star of presidential office (Altair) shining overhead – to be the moment when an American president is sworn in – was obviously a very deliberate choice by the ‘fathers of the nation’.

  • Given all of this, I find it fascinating that Joe Biden has Altair in his second house of values, (see below) from where it positively aspects many of his key natal chart points, including Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn, as well as his natal Scorpio stellium of Sun, Mercury and Venus. All good signs that Biden naturally resonates with – and embodies – the core values associated with the office of the ‘eagle’, which is all about leadership as service – not self-entitlement, self-enrichment and self aggrandisement, as we saw with Trump, who has Regulus, the ‘king’ star with Mars in Leo rising. No wonder he admired foreign despots and dictators!
  • So, in many ways, we can see what Obama meant when he tweeted to Joe Biden

Jupiter & Saturn: Dawn of a New Era?

The other notable factor in this chart, is of course, the presence of Jupiter and Saturn nearby in the early degrees of Aquarius. They are not far away from the position they occupied during their solstice grand conjunction in December 2020. Here we are reminded of the fact that we are beginning a brand new 20-year cycle that will take us to 2040 – and a step closer to the much-discussed Aquarian Age.

As I mentioned in a previous forecast, the so-called ‘Star of Bethlehem’ is often synonymous with the birth/ascent what Marjorie Orr calls ‘saviour figures’ – brilliant or exceptional people who often come to embody the hopes and dreams of their generation, such as Princess Diana and John Lennon. No doubt, this is related to the theory that the biblical Jesus may’ve been born under the same planetary conjunction, which occurred in 6 BCE, and that this may have been the inspiration behind the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Babylonian Magi to Jesus in the gospel of Matthew.

In this instance, it is hard not to see Joe Biden in similar terms, especially given the comparison to JFK, who was elected during the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 1960. Many see him in Aquarian terms: the emblem of a brand new type of leader – someone who is empathic to people’s suffering and good at uniting opposing sides. A true blue man of the people – who will usher in a new 20-year era of hope for America. However, as I pointed out in my Dec Solar Eclipse videocast, rather than put him on a pedestal, it’s probably best to see him in more prosaic terms. After all, look at what happened to JFK…Like Obama, he has quite a mess to clean up after a once-in-a-century pandemic and Trump’s disastrous term in office..

Crowns, Stars & Crosses

Alphecca, Acrux & Sirius

  • Having said that, I do find it interesting that Alphecca, the alpha star of the northern crown, the constellation known as corona borealis, together with Acrux, the main star in the Southern Cross, are again prominent in this chart, just as they were in the election astrology, especially in relation to Biden. This time, though, they’re sitting on the Descendant of the rectified Inauguration Chart. (See Biden”s chart above, where they are labelled as ACR and ALP)
  • From here, they form a trine to Sirius – the star of Isis and the divine feminine – a deeply spiritual and nurturing maternal energy associated with great mother figures such as the Virgin Mary, and Sophia, the spirit of wisdom and grace, who some see as being the world soul, the conscious organising evolutionary principle that drives all of creation. I find it fascinating that in the Egyptian version of the resurrection story, it is Isis who is responsible for putting Osiris back together and reviving him in the form of Horus (the Son) after he is attacked and dismembered by his rival, Set, the god of war, chaos and destruction. I find it fascinating that Horus is often represented by a hawk – the Egyptian equivalent of the American bald eagle. In Biden’s chart, Sirius is also well-aspected – it trines his natal Venus from the 8th house of collaboration and shared resources.
  • Alphecca and Acrux also oppose some of the more difficult chart points I discussed in my previous post, including Black Moon Lilith (which represents the dark side of the Moon and all the difficult emotions or social undercurrents relegated to the shadows) along with rabble-rousing Uranus and warlike Mars, which will form an exact conjunction on Inauguration Day.
  • Speaking of crowns – notice too that the ‘king star’ Regulus not only sits near to Biden’s north node, but also to his natal Chiron (the wounded healer), which very much evokes the myth of the Fisher King, the leader who suffers greatly in his life until he learns to serve the grail. And then, as he heals, so does his land…Talk about prophetic of Biden’s whole personal journey!

Uranus: Bad Boy and Rabble Rouser

  • Having Uranus in the mix is an interesting one. After all, it is the modern planetary ruler of Aquarius. However, we tend to forget that although innovative, it is also a disruptor and can create a lot of chaos. (Look at Trump who has a Sun-Uranus conjunction in cunning and silver-tongued Gemini) It can also be quite explosive and violent – it’s association with the guillotine, which became synonymous with the French Revolution, is just one example. In this sense, many astrologers consider it to be a malefic planet, leading to shocks, plot twists and sudden endings.

Jupiter/Sagittarius & Centaurs

  • I find it interesting that Jupiter, the planet that rules the Ascendant of both the US and Biden’s ‘natal’ charts, will be square to Uranus and applying by sextile to Chiron. This to me, points to a renewal of qualities like religious/cultural tolerance, as well as a restoration of faith in the office of president and the core beliefs/values that America holds dear. By appealing to these common bonds and beliefs, Biden could help to heal the country’s divisions and the deep wounds that were inflamed by globalism, COVID-19 and Trump’s divisive rhetoric.


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