Foxes, Eagles & Archers: A Look at the Capitol Hill Riots

With Washington in lockdown in the build-up to Inauguration Day 2021, the question on many people’s lips is: “Will we see a repeat of January 6?”

One way to answer this question is to look at the chart of January 6 to search for signatures that might be repeated now.

The Chart for the exact time that the capitol was stormed offset against Trump’s natal chart

Key Points in the Capitol Hill Riots Chart:

  • Jupiter in Aquarius was beginning to separate from it’s conjunction to Saturn and apply to a square to Uranus (still retrograde at this point) – an aspect that only reached exactitude (peregrine) on Sunday January 17. A major transit that ‘connects all the dots’, so to speak. This can lead to well-intentioned, if somewhat over-zealous or shocking attempts to bring about change as a result of inflated ideals or misguided beliefs. Which, of course, fits with people who appear to be labouring under the misperception that they are heroes defending their country from election fraud and/or some shadowy conspiracy. Just like Michael Cohen, who in his memoir, Disloyal, describes how he ‘came under the spell of his charismatic “Boss” and, as a result, lost all sense of his moral compass.’
  • More tellingly, the fixed star, Alhena, which I discussed in my Cancer Full Moon videocast at the end of 2020, which is known by some astrologers as the ‘proudly marching one’ is sextile to both Uranus and Black Moon Lilith (a point that represents the dark side of the Moon). This seems to amplify the mistaken belief that there is a need to ‘march’ or take action to defend a ‘just’ cause. ie. a ‘stolen’ election.

Bows & Arrows: Trump’s Triangulation Game

  • Notice too that it’s twin, the fixed star Facies, also known as the ‘sniper’ or the deadly aim of Sagittarius, the Archer is orbiting close to the Capricorn Sun (= Trump in a mundane chart), suggesting that, as the Democrats accused him of in their articles of impeachment, he was deliberately trying to engineer a coup (‘incite insurrection‘) via his speech, delivered at the Save America March, held at 11h30, just hours before the riots.
  • What, for me, is the clincher here as an astrologer is that Trump has his native Mercury conjunct Alhena (and therefore directly opposite Facies). So, symbolically speaking, he uses persuasive and emotive language (Mercury) to get others to ‘march to his tune’ and do his dirty work for him. According to his former aide and fixer, Michael Cohen, this Trump’s classic MO: “He doesn’t give you orders. He speaks in code. And I understand the code because I’ve been around him for decades.”
  • It’s worth mentioning that mythologically, the Archer is said to be taking aim at the fixed star Antares, which represents the heart of the Scorpion (and, of course, Joe Biden is, of a Sun Scorpio with Antares rising). I find it chilling that if we look at an aerial view of where all the events took place on January 6 (see image below), they form an arrow-shaped triangle, aimed directly at Capitol Hill, where the election of Joe Biden was scheduled to be formally confirmed by Congress.
The eery thing about the aerial view of the key locations involved in the Capitol Hill riots is that they form the shape of an arrow, just like Sagittarius the Archer, who takes aim using his sniper’s eye – the fixed star, Facies.

Foxes, Eagles and Scorpions

This reminds me of the fixed stars and Sabian symbols that have been prominent this year, especially those highlighted during the last three moon phases that we’ve had since the US Elections in November 2020, including Facies and Alhena (Dec Full Moon), the Sabian symbol for the Gemini Lunar Eclipse in early December, which was all about targets and arrows, and of course, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction activated by the Dec 2020 Sagittarius Solar Eclipse. Finally, Altair, the alpha star in the Aquila, the constellation of the Eagle, which was prominent at the Jan 2021 Capricorn New Moon.

Astrologically, America is really a mixture of the Eagle (symbolised by the constellation Aquila)– it is the sign on the seal of the Oval Office – and the Sagittarian ArcherSagittarius is rising in the US natal chart. However, if we look at a map of stars and constellations in that area of the sky, we notice something interesting:

Notice the fox (top left), a red-haired predator known for its cunning, just above the Eagle – the symbol on the seal of the US Presidency – below is the Archer, Sagittarius, using Facies to take aim at Scorpio and shoot his bow into Antares, the heart of the scorpion, whose claws surround Libra, the scales of Justice. Above them is Ophiucus, which represents the American people, who needs to tame their kundalini (serpent) power so that they heal the splits in their country and they don’t end up self-destructing.

In the top left hand corner of the map, just above Aquila, the eagle, is the constellation Vulpecula = which means fox. Now this links directly to my comments concerning Donald Trump and the fox in the November 2020 election forecast. At that point, though, I was associating him with the Teumessian fox and the fixed star, Procyon. Clearly, on reflection, it was a case of right symbol, wrong constellation! What’s interesting is that Anser, the alpha star in Vulpecula, is situated in Trump’s 6th house of work, right near the cusp of the Descendant, which shows how he gets others, especially employees, to do his bidding.

Below Vulpecula and Aquila is the constellation of Sagittarius, the Archer, who is aiming his bow (loaded with an arrow) at Antares, the heart (or alpha star) of Scorpio. Scorpio sits across the road/river of the Milky Way from these constellations, with it’s claws around Libra’s scales of justice. Again, an interesting combination of symbolism if we consider that Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate and soon-to-be VP, is not only a Sun Libra but also has a background in law.

For me, this suggests that the country is currently being split/torn in half by outgoing president (Altair), a sly old fox named Donald Trump, who’s pulling a classic narcissist ‘divide and conquer’ manoeuvre via triangulation: pitting one side against the other by creating rivalry and polarising people. In this case, getting the Archer to take out the Scorpion for him so that he can retain the goose that lays the golden eggs. (Interestingly, Vulpecula used to be known as the fox with the goose in its mouth). So you could see the arrow in the aerial shot above as a visual metaphor of Trump using inflammatory rhetoric (Alhena) to ‘weaponise’ the American right (Facies) against the left (Scorpio/Antares) and Libra.

Vupecula is the constellation of the fox. Originally, it was called Vulpecula et Anser, which is Latin for the Fox and the Goose. However, this was later changed to instead have the fox as the main constellation, and Anser (which means ‘goose’) became the alpha star of this constellation.

Inauguration Day 2021

So, how does this compare with the astrology of Biden’s inauguration day? Below is my summary comparison. For a full analysis on the Biden administration and the charts of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, look out for my next few posts.

Inauguration Day Chart – Key Points

  • Uranus and Black Moon Lilith are rising in Taurus which echoes the emphasis on Uranus as hellraiser and planet of mob rule in the Capitol Riots chart. The 12th house emphasis could point at secret enemies or hidden plots – especially given that warlike Mars will reach an EXACT conjunction to Uranus on inauguration day = surprise attacks. Add in a fiery Aries Moon, and things do look quite menacing. Given that the Moon rules the 4th house, it certainly could refer to a domestic terror threat. Hopefully the secret service did not let anyone slip through the net in their bid to foil the many reported plots against Biden. I definitely think we can expect a bit of unrest and possibly violent protests around the country, or attempts to breach the significant defences of the National Guard in Washington by stealthy means.
  • Notice that Antares is in the seventh house, which can be associated with both allies and enemies. This is the heart of the Scorpion – and could signal the target for a potential domestic attack – if Joe Biden is, for example, seen as an ‘enemy of America’ by alt-right types because he ‘stole’ the election. And of course, as I said, Joe Biden is a Scorpio – in fact, he has three planets in Scorpio AND he happens to have Antares rising in his first house. To me, this confirms what we saw earlier in the Capitol Riots chart about the Archer being pitted against the Scorpion by the sly fox, Trump.

Age of Aquarius?

  • At the top of the chart, around the Midheaven (= America’s next leader), we have the newly-ingressed Sun, plus several other planets (Mercury, Jupiter & Saturn) in Aquarius. This is significant for a number of reasons. Firstly, inaugurations by law, are bound to happen on the day that the Sun usually ingresses into Aquarius. I think that the founding fathers did for a very specific reason, one that dates back to the American War of Independence. This the sign OPPOSITE Leo = the king and therefore represents popular democracy and it’s elected representatives – symbolism that runs very deep in the story of America and its war to free itself from the yoke of British colonial rule. The notion of electing a leader is further emphasised by the motto below the US President’ Seal = e pluribus unum, which means ‘out of many comes one’. This is also quite hermetic, but we won’t get into that now.
  • This concept is confirmed by the presence of Altair right next to the Sun at 2 degrees Aquarius, which is, of course, the alpha star in Aquila, the eagle = the seal of the US President. So having the Aquarius Sun shining at full strength at midday + the star of presidential overhead – at the very time when Biden is sworn in – was obviously a deliberate choice by Franklin et al – a tradition that has been maintained to this day.
  • Part of the stellium in Aquarius includes Jupiter and Saturn, the two planets that formed a grand conjunction at the 2020 winter solstice to create the so-called ‘Star of Bethlehem.’ We could interpret this as Joe Biden being the people’s choice and the emblem of a brand new type of leader – a true man of the people – who will usher in a new 20-year era of hope for America. However, as I pointed out in my Dec Solar Eclipse videocast, rather than put him on a pedestal, it’s probably best to see him in more prosaic terms. After all, like Obama, he has quite a mess to clean up after Trump’s term in office.

Shadows that Linger

  • Notice, too, that Anser, the alpha star of Vulpecula the fox, lurks nearby, next to Mercury. From here, it sextiles that Aries Moon in the 12th house, which does not look great to me, I have to be honest. It could point to secret enemies amongst those present at the inauguration (Republicans/security staff loyal to Trump?) Anser is located in the 11th house of groups, including congress, so this is possible. It could also point to someone in the crowd. I also don’t like the fact that this very same star is located close to Biden’s natal south node = endings and exits, Biden’s undoing on some level.

Harris – Traitor or Target?

  • I also can’t help noticing that Kamala Harris has an Aries Moon at a very similar degree to the inauguration one (27 Aries) and Moon’s often refer to females in mundane charts… Plus, that strategic 12th house Mars (which can refer to secret enemies) also rules the 11th house cusp. The 11th house can also refer to friends – and Mars is conjunct the Part of Friends. Plus, the Moon is applying by an out-of-sign square to the Aquarius Sun. Hmmm… Although she will certainly make history as the first black female VP, she’s widely reported to be very competitive and to have backstabbed Biden in the race to become the Democratic nominee – a ‘punch in the gut’ that Jill Biden is alleged to have been less forgiving about than her husband. Anser is conjunct her natal Saturn on the Midheaven, so it could be that she has her eye ‘on the main prize’. I really and truly hope not, but we’ll have to see what happens. The one good thing about this chart is that the Aries Moon is Void of Course, rendering it harmless – unable to affect the situation in any way. So it would seem that, no matter what her possible intentions might be, the die is cast and fate, rather than her individual will, is going to determine what happens next.
  • Equally, of course, we can’t rule out the fact that with the Aries Moon orbiting very close to both Chiron (vulnerability, the outsider) and that worrisome Mars-Uranus conjunction, could mean that SHE, and not Biden, may be the real target of an assassination attempt by the racist Alt Right and neo-Nazi types who support Trump and who we saw at the Capitol Hill riots, some of whom were blatantly advertising their allegiance to the KKK and/or carrying Confederate flags, which are of course, associated with slavery. Here, it may be significant that transiting Neptune, ruler of the 12th, is back to it’s square with the nodes (= deception/subterfuge/deflection by planting false information to distract the Secret Service from a real plot?) is also in the 11th house. And that transiting Pluto in conservative and authoritarian Capricorn, also conjunct the Midheaven from the 9th house, is also square that Aries Moon. It rules the 7th house, which can indicate open, rather than secret, enemies – perhaps a member of the Trump old guard, or a Justice Department official/corrupt lawmaker who has a personal axe to grind? But also, given it’s 9th house position, it could indicate the shadowy hand of foreign powers such as Russia, Iran and China, some of whom are known US rivals. I also find it interesting that investigations post-Capitol Hill are already beginning to uncover proof of foreign funding given to some far right groups in the weeks leading up to this event, suggesting support for this act of domestic terror.

Reassuring Signs

  • One mitigating factor is that Saturn, which rules the Midheaven, is applying by square to the Mars-Uranus conjunction and stands between the Sun and that potentially scheming/leaking Mercury. This suggests to me that Biden is protected from harm via strong boundaries, both literal and figurative. These are likely to take the form of those soldiers and protection officers who’ve sworn an oath to guard him. It also points to the fact that he has strong backing, both constitutionally (his majority in the polls was overwhelming) and from the majority of international community. The eyes of the world will certainly be watching very keenly tomorrow as the guard changes, waiting with bated breath to make sure all goes to plan. I know I certainly won’t exhale until he is formally ‘crowned’!
  • I also take some comfort from the fact that benevolent Jupiter is also on hand in the 10th house to mitigate difficult influences (including an impending Mars square on January 23). It has also, rather fortunately, separating from it’s square to Uranus (phew!) It is also forming two healing and protective sextiles to Chiron and Antares, which again I think signals support from many lawmakers and members of the business community and political establishment, who are very keen to see the back of Trump.


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