Astrological Profile for Princess Charlotte

A reader recently alerted me to the fact that I don’t seem to have posted a natal profile of Princess Charlotte, the daughter of William and Kate – oops! Can’t quite remember the reason for this oversight – I suspect it’s because I did a post on my Facebook page at the time.

At any rate, for those who are curious about her chart, here it is.

A Few Highlights

With Cancer rising and the Moon strongly aspected in her chart, she is quite lunar by nature, meaning emotional, moody and changeable, but also empathic and sensitive.

However, don’t let that fool you into thinking she is a pushover – with Pluto in her 7th house and Mars in her 12th, Charlotte is likely to be very wilful and a bit of a dark horse. Put it this way – I wouldn’t cross her – I think she would secretly plot to get even…

With the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Libra – both Venus-ruled, she is likely to be patient as well as charming.

Good looks and manners are also indicated, and with the Sun and Moon in the 5th-11th houses, I suspect she will be very popular with friends (and with boyfriends) once she comes of age….

Despite this, I think she might be quite shy – Cancers often are until their suns progress into Leo – so don’t be surprised if we see her shrinking into her mom’s skirts or hiding behind her brothers until that point. She also has Venus, Mars and Mercury in the 12th house, which can confer fame but equally a strong desire to withdraw from the world. In this sense, I suspect she may be like her father, who likes his privacy and has never been terribly keen about publicity.

A grand trine in fire signs between Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn is very favourable, bestowing her with confidence, dignity and a strong work ethic. Uranus in the 11th hints at the possibility of being a reformer or revolutionary firebrand on some level – I guess we’ll have to wait and see whether she becomes an anti-establishment rebel, climate activist or simply a reformer of The Firm…

Interestingly, her birth in and of itself has proved to be trailblazing in the sense that she became the first royal girl child to be affected by changes that the queen made to the Succession to the Crown Act of 2013, which changed the old tradition that male heirs or their descendants get precedence over anyone else in determining the line of succession.

For those who want more detail, check out this link to her Zodiac Child report.


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