Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea: 2019 Election Predictions

The December Full Moon in Gemini occurs on the same day as the first December UK general election since 1923. Taking place on the 12th day of the 12th month in double-bodied Gemini, the sign of the trickster, and when the luminaries are making a T-square to nebulous Neptune, it has a distinctly surreal, dualistic feeling to it. Smoke and mirrrors, trickery, confusion, deceit and disillusionment, as well as a touch of the winter blues, are all likely to characterise of this particular political event. It’s interesting that the astrology of the 2016 EU Referendum carried a similar Neptune-Mercury signature

Decision Time: Betwixt and Between

It seems rather apt that this Full Moon is all about crossroads and choices: having to reconcile opposites or make a decision that involves several (possibly less than desirable) options – something that is reflected in the Sabian symbol for the degree of the Sun and Moon at the time of the election:

A cafeteria with an abundance of choices.

Triple conjunction of Venus, Saturn and Pluto

However, despite all this trickster energy, there are several other forces at play during this election.

At Full Moon, Mars will be rising in Scorpio, close to the fixed star Zuben Elgenubi, which can signify bitter quarrels and dramatic standoffs. Warfare at its most secretive and vindictive. This is the desire for payback/victory/justice fuelled by deep-seated anger or bitter rivalry about wrongs committed in the past. (More on this below)

Scondly, we mustn’t forget that the 2019 UK general election takes place smack-bang in the middle of the triple conjunction of Venus, first to Saturn (11th), and then to Pluto (13th) in Capricorn. This is serious, ‘get real’, ‘truth with a capital T’ stuff. It’s influence, however, extends far beyond current events well into the future – Saturn and Pluto are slow-burners in it for the long haul – there is no hint of passion-fuelled Mars-like short-termism here!

This Venus transit should also give us our first hint of what 2020’s much-feted Saturn-Pluto conjunction in mid-January may hold in store for both the UK and the collective. Will it coincide with a decisive and final Brexit at the end of January? Or a dramatic shake-up in UK politics that will see the end of two-party politics, or major structural reforms, both to Parliament and the electoral system?

Saturn and Pluto are the lords of karma and time – and Capricorn is all about working steadily and determinedly and planning for the future (think pensions, retirement, as well as worldy success, social obligations/responsibilities and power). They are also both about stripping away/cutting out/restructuring what is no longer working – and this may include the current political (and possibly global financial) set-up. Change is coming in 2020, whether we like it or not!

Venus and Mercury

As I pointed out in previous blog posts, as the planets who travel in close concert with the Sun (=leadership and power), both Venus and Mercury seemed to be important catalysts in terms of the way that events unfolded in the build-up to this particular election (especially during the weeks prior to Halloween and Mercury’s retrograde).

With this in mind, I think it prudent to pay particular attention to her conjunction with powerful Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which falls on the days either side of the election. If we transpose this conjunction onto the 1801 Union chart, it places Venus and co in the 4th house, suggesting a link to matters such as:

  • domestic affairs
  • the Opposition Party to the government
  • the common folk i.e the electorate
  • and democracy, as contrasted with the ruling classes….

Saturn and Pluto

It’s interesting that Venus is once again shining a light onto Saturn and Pluto. Both planets seemed to pose a significant stumbling block to progress with Brexit earlier in 2019 when Theresa May was trying to ‘get Brexit done’. As I mentioned in my blog post on the Brexit situation back in April 2019, both Saturn and Pluto started coming together at the start of the year before retrograde motion took them in opposite directions.

At the time, I predicted that ‘the combined power of Saturn and Pluto could bring down the current government’ and indeed, their presence in the 4th house did seem to frustrate any attempts by Theresa May to get consensus/agreement over Brexit, leading to a stalemate and ultimately, to her early departure and the melodrama that ensued c/o her successor, Boris Johnson. Which, in turn, brings us full circle back to this election. And the Venus-Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

Back then, I must admit to being a little perplexed by what this particular combination symbolised in the Brexit chart. With hindsight, I now think that Saturn and Pluto represented combined efforts to frustrate or block (Saturn) Brexit from various pro-Remain camps, including MPs, business/economic quarters (Pluto rules the 2nd house) and all those pro-EU members of the public who have been demonstrating and signing petitions to revoke Article 50. This has now become part of the election manifesto of the Lib Dems – something that shows up fairly strongly in relation to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the election astrology (see below).

At this point, with Venus now spearheading or ‘activating’ their imminent conjunction (which will finally reach exactitude on 12 January 2020), I suspect that she will come to be embodied in female Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson, who I think will take up the Remain mantle on behalf of these various interest groups and carry it forward into 2020 as Venus overtakes Saturn and Pluto.

The only thing that concerns me is whether she could potentially fall victim to some of the abuse and vitriol we have seen directed at MPs – female MPs in particular – in recent years… Again, we’ll look at this in more detail when we consider transits to the natal charts of the main party leaders.

These astrological influences are slow-burners that take us way beyond the Dec 2019 election, so I think we should be seeing this event as a merely another episode in what is likely to be a long and drawn-out saga, rather than the whole story. My sense is that we may not comprehend the true nature or impact of this influence immediately because it is being obscured by another set of energies – that of Neptune and Mercury.

Slippery Neptune and Hermes the Trickster

As I mentioned earlier, a Mercury-Neptune T-square was the overrriding force at work during the 2016 Brexit Referendum, and both planets are once again prominent at this particular election, where they once again appear in their negative aspects ie the spin, half-truths and smear attacks we’ve seen in action since election campaigning got underway back in November.

Mercury is also prominent for another reason: the Gemini Full Moon will make contact with the natal Mercurys of both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn on the day of the election. It is easy to forget that they both have four planets in the glib and persuasive sign of Gemini, including the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Food for thought…

Now, Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury, the Roman name for the Greek Hermes, god of trade, liminality and travel. As well as being the messenger of the gods, Hermes was also a cunning trickster and thief who could cross the boundaries between different realms – an ability we see in clear evidence in Boris Johnson. But, also in Jeremy Corbyn, who has managed to walk a very fine line between Remain and Leave positions in terms of Brexit policy – and as John Bercow says, 2019 is largely a Brexit election.

We mustn’t forget that Gemini is a dual-bodied sign, so is able to do this double-speak/act extremely well. This is probably why Mercury/Gemini is often prominent in the charts of successful politicians and media pundits. Just look at one of Britain’s longest-serving Prime Ministers, Tony Blair, who practically invented spin in British politics – he has Ascendant and Mars in Gemini. Other more current examples include Donald Trump (Sun-Uranus conjunction in Gemini), as well as President Xi Jin Ping of China.

In and of itself, this should come as no great surprise – after all, we are talking about politics here, which is all about making speeches, networking and making trade deals, selling policies etc

Still, there’s a big difference between being euphemistic or glossing over the facts to make them more palatable, versus outright lies and deception. Which is where Neptune comes in. We now live in an era of post-truth politics, where campaigners feel perfectly comfortable with continuing to repeat their claims and talking points, even after they have been proven to be baseless, misleading or even downright lies. This was a key feature of the Vote Leave campaign during the 2016 Referendum and has cropped up once again in 2019.

Enter Neptune Stage Right

During both periods, Neptune was afflicted by some difficult ongoing transits to several other planets, including Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. For example, on the day of the Brexit Referendum, Neptune was forming a mutable T-square to Jupiter and Mercury. During 2019, Neptune formed a series of squares to Jupiter, peaking in mid- January, mid-June and the end of September, coinciding with the undermining of Theresa May’s position, Boris’ election as Conservative Party leader, and the various shenanigans we saw in Parliament in the lead-up to this election. So to me, it is no coincidence that the astrology of 12 Dec 2019 also features a mutable T-square between the Sun, Moon and Neptune (just saying!)

An afflicted Neptune can take Mercurial spin to a whole new level of deception. In essence, it pushes boundaries, and slyly undermines. Like mist or fog, it works to create confusion and discombobulation. It can also seduce and bewitch by playing on people’s secret hopes, fears, doubts and fantasies – implying things without actually saying them outright.

A Rerun of 2016?

Given all of this, it doesn’t surprise me that we have seen a resurgence of this menace during the 2019 Election Campaign. Only this week, we saw this type of strategy at work in the story of the Yorkshire boy pictured lying on a hospital floor. Used to confront Boris Johnson on one of his campaign visits to highlight current problems with the NHS, it soon spiralled into something more sinister when mysterious stories, alleging that it was ‘fake news’ emerged on social media.

In fact, an article in the Metro went as far as to state that:

The last six weeks have seen a number of underhand tactics employed by parties to smear their opposition – from the Tories creating a fake Labour manifesto to the Lib Dems sending out election leaflets designed to look like local newspapers.

Metro, Lies and deceit in UK general election causing ‘crisis in British democracy’, 5 Dec 2019

Is is any surprise then, that a number of campaign groups are branding the 2019 UK General Election:

A “fake news and disinformation general election”.

BBC News, 10 Dec 2019

So far, so very Mercury-Neptune…

Waking Up to Deception? Saturn & Pluto Reveal the Truth…

What is different from 2016, however, is that many people finally seem to be wising up to all the Neptune-Mercury chicanery that’s been going on. Perhaps because of what happened in the US in 2016 with the whole Russian Hacking scandal, which was followed here by the Cambridge Analytica debacle. We had the Democracy Day campaign on Dec 5 spearheaded by the Electoral Reform Campaign. This included a number of articles in the media that talked about a ‘crisis in British politics’ and the urgent need for reforms to the voting laws and system that will help to remedy the assult on democracy that this kind of energy represents.

It would seem that voters are finally beginning to ‘wake up’ to what is going on and have had enough. Which is where our triple conjunction in Capricorn comes in! But is it enough to really change the dynamics of this particular election? More on this below.

In essence then, I see two forces being pitted against each other at this particular election. On the hand, we have the slippery trickster energy and lack of compassion of Mercury-Neptune. On the other, we have the ‘ Truth with a Capital T, no more running or hiding’ influence of Venus, Saturn and Pluto. The question is: which influence is likely to win out this time around?

To answer that, I think we need to turn to the astrology of the election itself.

Election Astrology: The 12/12 Full Moon Chart

A quick survey of the top astrology sites reveals that many astrologers are wondering which chart to use for the election – one cast for the opening of the polls at 7am, or its close at 10pm? Contrary to popular belief, astrology is not an exact science and individual astrologers must find their own way ‘into’ whatever person or topic they are analysing.

Personally, I have opted to go down a slightly different route, for a number of reasons. Firstly, because the two election charts can’t be ‘read’ in terms of horary rules: the Moon is either Void of Course or the Ascendant is near the sign boundary. Instinctively, though, I feel that the chart of the 12/12 Full Moon is significant in and of itself: not only because of its focus on the Moon, which symbolises the populace/voters in mundane astrology, but also because of its synastry with Corbyn and Johnson’s chart.

Full Moons always occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposition, which I also find apt symobolically-speaking: we have the people (Moon) contrasted with the rulers of the day (Sun) the elite vs the ordinary folk, so to speak. Add to that the dualism and sleight of hand energy of a mutable T-square to Neptune involving bi-corporeal Gemini, and this to me shouts ‘2019 election’.

So now, to the chart itself…

Full Moon 12/12 Chart

Dec 2019 Full Moon Chart Analysis.

The 12/12 Full Moon chart is fascinating for a variety of reasons. What is particularly significant about it from the perspective of the election is that we have:

  • Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius in the first house – this seems highly radical, given that the Sun = leadership, power (Tories and Boris as PM) and Mercury = persuasion, choices, votes, media and politics (the vote/election). Mercury also rules the midheaven (= possible outcome/direction events are likely to head in), just as it did for the 2016 Brexit Referendum chart.
  • Mars is also rising in the 12th house – this has been a particularly vicious and adversarial election, with smear campaigns and personal attacks made against individual politicians. In this chart, it rules the 5th (young people, the House of Lords, people from the arts/creative industries eg celebrities) and 6th houses (working classes, healthcare/NHS). Could Mars here represent tactical voting? Military Mars is in secretive, strategising Scorpio and located in the 12th house (invisible enemies, machinations behind-the-scenes etc). So it could very well represent a ‘stealth attack’ by young people (5th house), peers like Sun Aries Michael Heseltine (5th house), and working class Remain voters (6th house) that sneaks in under the radar of pollsters. But it could also represent something more sinister – think 7 of swords energy with the guy sneaking into camp under cover of darkness to steal the other side’s swords…

    It’s interesting that it is conjunct the fixed star Zuben Elgenubi, which is associated with positive social reform, but also karmic justice – I definitely feel as though there is a lot of pent-up anger and a desire for revenge at play, influencing people’s decisions and actions. The question is whether it will end in wrongs being righted, or more of the same energy being perpetuated, is another question…
  • Notice too, the Grand Trine between Mars, the fixed star Sirius, a highly benefic influence associated with Jupiter and Mars (honour in contests, benevolent leaders as well as mother goddesses such as Isis) and Neptune, ruler of the 4th house (= the electorate/voters). Many people have been talking about the need for compassion and altruism to return to politics – and perhaps this may be the motivation for some voters in terms of who they elect to cast their ballot for?
  • However, we do have to remember that the Sun and Moon form a T-square to Neptune, which afflicts it, so we need to consider whether their intentions may be naive/misguided/futile. Or whether these stand to be affected by interference from the Sun and Moon. Certainly, we can see how:

    – The square from the Sun to Neptune could represent Boris and the Tory campaign.
    – The square from the Moon, by contrast, could represent confusing disinformation campaigns from opposing political parties.
  • In which case, the T-square itself = interference or some form of disconnect between the people (Moon) and their political leaders (Sun), which could be disillusionment, distrust, apathy driven by the current toxic climate of post-truth politics which has people to lose faith in the system. If we add to this the fact that this Mars-Neptune Grand Trine stands to benefit both Boris AND Nigel Farage the most out of all the main party candidates, then I do get a little worried. Now, it could be that they, like Trump did with rust belt voters, are playing on people’s disillusionment and painting themselves as the voice of the disaffected. But, it could also be something more sisnister: tactical voting is all about trust and this looks decidedly murky – like infiltration of the tactical voting websites by imposters or like some form of stealth attack by shady, unseen forces (Mars is in Scorpio) ala Cambridge Analytica in 2016. Given this, it is interesting that a story emerged on Sky News about political ads being deleted from Facebook
  • The Moon in Gemini here falls in the 7th house, which is opposite that of the Sun (ruling party) so for me, signifies interest groups keen to influence the election through disinformation/fake news etc. Reinforcing this symbolism is the Sun, which is conjunct the Arabic Part of Organisation (which makes the Moon opposed to it = anti-establishment groups like the Brexit Party)
  • Cancer is also intercepted in the 8th house, which means the Moon rules no house cusp. This further reinforces the idea of shady interest groups, some of whom may have financial motives. The 8th house rules death, taxes and banking so could point to those who may want to repeal the new EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive because they profit from tax evasion or money laundering operations as well as anybody who potentially stands to benefit from speculating against a falling pound in the event of a no-deal Brexit etc
  • In this chart, though, Venus is the ruler of the 7th house, so more than likely, she represents those MPs, parties and interest groups who are concerned about the economy eg Phillip Hammond and Kenneth Clarke (Venus is in the 2nd house) as well as legitimate political parties who are contesting the current government’s claim to power. Given what I said earlier about Venus and her proximity to Saturn and Pluto, this suggests that we are mainly talking about pro-Remain parties such as the Liberal Democrats. However, this could also refer to those who simply want to ‘stop the rot’ and get Boris and his government out of power.

Implications for the Election

So, what does all this add up to?

  1. The first focus has to be Mars, which is looking particularly strong – it scores the highest of any planet in terms of dignity. It is also applying to that grand trine involving Neptune = the electorate and Sirius (UK leadership/stewardship), which is significant. Tactical voting driven by anger about the current political shambles might be one interpretation.
  2. BUT: Neptune is afflicted by the luminaries = noise/interference (could some of these tactical voting swap websites have been infiltrated by activists/imposters who will not hold up their end of the bargain??? Given that Sirius is involved in this grand trine, we can’t rule it out. Sirius is very prominent in both the natal chart of Boris Johnson and the UK Union chart (see below) where it graces both their Midheavens. It is traditionally seen as female though, so a bit of an anomoly in this repect (unless we associate with the Queen?) What’s more, if we transpose Mars onto the Union chart, we see it coming very close to Neptune in Scorpio (which incidentally, mimics Boris’ natal Neptune in Scorpio), which could therefore dissolve/subvert this focused effort. Neptune rules the 6th (and transiting Neptune is also there) so I suspect that these efforts may be betrayed by working class (ie traditionally Labour) supporters or undecideds concerned about the NHS who change their minds at the last minute.
  3. Mercury (which is in detriment = making lots of inflated promises and exaggerated claims) then goes on to square Neptune, as it did back in 2016 – which by itself, does not bode well for the election itself. In the Union Chart, we can see it in the 3rd house of media, communications (social media, the internet) and the post, suggesting spin and the influence of postal votes on the outcome (postal votes tend to be used by the older generation of voters, who are largely pro-Brexit and pro-Tory).
  4. If we combine this with the Sun, which makes some favourable transits to Spica (1st) and contacts Mercury in the 3rd house of the Union chart, I suspect that the Tories may yet clinch this one, albeit narrowly. However, here too, we see Neptune squaring the Union Mercury. So to me, there is a lot that is going to be unclear until the last minute – a very murky election that is too close to call. Or possibly,a hung parliament if we consider that the Sun rules the 11th house of the Union chart (Commons). Also trinign Spica is that Gemini Moon, so I suspect that the shady forces we spoke of earlier will to clinch this one for Boris.
  5. What really intrigues me is that we have Venus, Saturn and Pluto once again in the 4th, opposite the Union Midheaven Moon. I wonder whether opposition forces will decide to form a coalition of their own post-election that will outnumber the Tories? Much I think depends on: a) Jeremy Corbyn staying on as Labour leader past this election; and b) how many seats Labour manage to get.
Bi-Wheel of Union Chart with 12/12 Full Moon


The Sun is well-aspected in many respects here. so I think Boris and Co may still win, but perhaps by a slim majority.

It looks to me as though tactical voting is going to be really key in this election BUT it could actually backfire on voters in this election because of secret/nefarious interference = T-square to Neptune, which suggests some form of disconnect/confusion between populace (moon) and leadership (Sun). Still, that Mars anger could yet drive home renewed efforts to stop Brexit and stop the far-right Tory agenda post-election, due ot the upcoming sextiles between Mars and Pluto.

Perhaps the surprise twist is a possible working parliamentary majority formed post-election by three groups of opposition MPs, represented by Venus (Lib Dems?), Saturn (Labour) and Pluto (those who care about the economy); and spearheaded by Venus, who I think may represent a female, possibly Jo Swinson – her personal transits look initially challenging, but she does look as though she has the potential to become a rising political star, possibly even the next female PM. We’ll have a quick look at the transits to each major candidate for confirmation in the next section.

In my opinion then, Tories may win the battle, but I am not so sure that they will win the war…

What IS clear is that the public are fed up of dithering, delay and more importantly, the lies and dirty tricks, symbolised by the T-square to Neptune, that currently characterise politics. In 2020, with the coming of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (which Jupiter will catch up with in April, June, November and the winter soltice of January 2020), I suspect that the game is going to change.

Major structural metamorphosis and political reform, perhaps driven by climate crisis or a global economic downturn (we are due for a mid-cycle recession, based on Gann theory) is coming.

In addition to electoral reform, I think that in 2020, a new broom will sweep clean in terms of leadership, as the likes of Trump et al are pushed out of positions of responsibility in favour of more honest and principled candidates willing to bring about real reform and change.

Party Leaders & their Personal Transits

Boris Johnson – Running on Reserves

Transits of Full Moon to Boris’ Natal Chart

Despite his lacklustre performance on the campaign trail and in TV debates/interviews, I think it fair to say that he has turned out to be a bit of a disappointment…Not with a bang but a whimper, is what his chart seems to be saying. However, I think he will still bring home a victory, even if it is a little hollow (having come at the expense of tons of talneted MPs to expulsion and resignations, as well as great personal cost).

Looking at the kite (blue diamond) between Mars (smack bang on his natal Neptune – and Nigel Farage’s, incidentally!), which links to Sirius on his MC (his position as PM), and down to transiting Neptune in his 5th, it looks good for a Tory win (a gamble paying off?).

However, I think that he will feel a little deflated by the end of this ordeal (Neptune) – it’s taken a lot out of him. I also think that, in addition to elevated derision from the media and members of the public (Full Moon hitting his Mercury), many of his close personal relationships have taken a beating, perhaps leaving him feeling a little isolated. Notice the square from the Venus-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in his 4th – formerly close family relationships have probably changed irrevocably, which is bound to rock his foundations.

He may also feel very tired and low on energy (Mars on his natal Neptune, ruler of the 6th). I think he may also need to watch his health going into 2020 – Neptune is about to ingress into his 6th house, which can suggest depression, tiredness or a weakened immune system in 2020. I also wonder about an chronic health condition that might be about to surface – Pluto is square to Spica in his first house, so it could be inherited from his mother’s side (the natal Moon is here).

Given the upcoming transits to his 5th house Saturn, I also suspect that the scandal involving his affairs eg Jennifer Arcuri and his potentially irregular practices whilst London Mayor may come back to haunt him in the new year (investigations are apparently ongoing…). It also doesn’t bode well for his current relationship with Carrie Symonds…We shouldn’t forget that this is where Fomalhaut, the star of the Nemesis, sits in his chart. His love life/previous indiscretions may yet come back to haunt him…

Jo Swinson – Bouncing Back after Setbacks

We don’t have a birth time for the Lib Dem leader, which makes it quite difficut to make precise prognostications about her because we don’t have correct house cusps.

One thing I will say is that she is currently undergoing her Pluto square, the first of the mid-life transits, which can bring on brushes with death/intimations of mortality. Given that Mars in Scorpio will be transiting quite close to her natal Pluto and square her natal Sun, and given the increased abuse and personal attacks levelled at MPs, especially female MPs, in recent years (several female MPs won’t be running in this election because of this), I think she may want to be careful with regards to her personal safety.

This more than likely points to tactical voting backfiring on her. Mars is conjunct this Pluto and so figures into the squares to her Sun = leadership potential/personal success thwarted. The Full Moon is highlighting her natal Neptune, making her seem deluded for thinking that she could ever hope to win a majority over the Tories or Labour, but they are also positively aspecting her natal Pluto, so she may yet have the last laugh – just not at this election. Looking at her chart in relation to the Union chart, I think she has an important role to play as a spokesperson for the younger generation and inspiring future voters.

In the short-term, we need to consider that the Venus-Saturn-Pluto conjunction squares her natal Pluto. I suspect that she may have to rebuild/change her relationships with fellow opposition MPs after the election because, as I said, another coalition may be on the cards. But because of her actions prior to the election, and her radical position during the election, she may have alienated certain allies eg. Jeremy Corbyn and Anna Soubry.

It could also point to a temporary dip in self-belief, or a blow to one’s confidence – both a possibility if current poll predictions are anything to go by…Again, I think that we need to factor in with T-square between the Full Moon and Neptune, which will be opposite her natal Neptune – smearing, lies and unflattering coverage may well play a role in disappointing voting results.

Going foward, I do think that long term, she stands to increase in popularity with the general public – the Gemini Full Moon is trine to her Pluto and the Sagittarius Sun is conjunct it, which tells me that further down the line, perhaps once Saturn enters Aquarius, she may pose a threat to Boris, and that the public may begin to see her increasingly as a future candidate for PM. However, in the short term, she will need to overcome transiting Jupiter square her Moon though – outdated beliefs/prejudice (perhaps perceptions about her gender? Sexism remains rife in Westminster). The fact that she has taken a very extreme position on Brexit may also have put some people off.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Gemini Effect

As I said earlier, Jeremy Corbyn shares many natal positions with Boris Johnson. So, however this Full Moon election affects Boris’ Gemini stuff also potentially stands to affect Corbyn’s.

Looking at his transits, he seems to be the big winner when it comes to Venus-Saturn and Pluto – look at the trine between the triple conjunction in Capricorn and his natal Moon-Mars conjunction in Taurus. This suggests that he may come out looking the best in terms of being genuine and true to his principles, especially for younger voters.

We also can’t ignore the fact that Jupiter in Capricorn will be trining his natal Saturn in Leo (which is conjunct Regulus and close to the UK Saturn in Leo in the 11th house of the House of Commons). This is quite a regal/noble placement and does suggest longevity. So, on the face of it, I don’t see him retiring as Labour leader anytime soon – his core fanbase are very loyal.

However, transiting Neptune is conjunct his IC and moving into the 4th house, from where it squares his natal Mercury-Venus conjunction = in general, I don’t think that he is going to be wildly popular with the majority of voters, which could undermine confidence in his position from fellow Labour party members (we’ve already heard what Ashworth has said off the record). Neptune tends to dissolve or quietly undermine, so while he puts a brave face on things, privately it may well be another story, especially as far as family is concerned.

Also, that transiting Mars in Scorpio is square to his natal Pluto, which is not a great sign – again, he doesn’t look as though he will benefit from tactical voting. Mars here could also represent angry voters who feel betrayed by his wishy-washy position on Brexit, so their votes are likely to go to other parties. Here Blair’s warning about the election trap may prove to be correct…

If we transpose his natal chart onto the 1801 UK chart, it is his Uranus in Gemini which conjuncts the Midheaven, suggesting that he is better off in opposition where he can continue to hold the government to account. Like Bernie Saunders, he may just be a little too anti-establishment by nature to ever become part of the ruling classes, especially in this ultra-conservative country….


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