Rebel, Rebel – Boris the ProRogue PM

Boris Johnson has announced his intention to prorogue Parliament in a risky move designed to quash any rebellion from MPs over his intention to force through Brexit. He does so on the day of a bold and daring Mars-Uranus trine. UK and European politicians have already begun to express their outrage at this affront on British democracy. The question is: Will his strategy succeed?

Just as I was busy putting the finishing touches on my astrological profile of Boris Johnson, the news came in that the very same fellow had announced his intention to suspend Parliament for four weeks at the start of the autumn session. Although a fairly routine procedure, many critics are viewing this as a strategic way of blocking any further rebellion from MPs over the possibility of a No Deal Brexit.

Naturally, I flung everything aside and cast a horary chart for the moment I heard the news myself. And what an interesting chart it is!

Prorogue Chart

Key Significators:

  • PRIME MINISTER/BORIS JOHNSON = Mundane astrology gives the Sun as the planet most likely to represent leaders in a chart. Here, the Virgo Sun is located in the 10th house of authority and leadership, close to the Midheaven, which reinforces the idea of someone prominent and in a position of public office.

    At first glance, it is strong: dignity-wise, it scores 2nd highest across all three dignity systems (tabulated above). It is also close to a conjunction with Mars, ruler of the 6th house. At the time this chart was cast, Mars was almost exactly trine to Uranus, which happens to be located in the very same house. Uranus here suggests that Boris is employing ‘Trump-style’ tactics designed to disrupt the usual ‘order of business’ (6th house) in the House of Commons, despite arguments to the contrary.

    BUT, neither the Sun nor Uranus rule any cusps in this horoscope – both are INTERCEPTED in the 3rd and 9th houses. So it may well be, while this announcement (3rd) is designed to cause maximum shock and awe, from a legal point of view (9th), Boris is on shaky ground. Interesting then, that Scottish MPs have secured a high court hearing to assess the legal basis for a parliamentary suspension, and that several other legal challenges now seem set to follow.

    What’s more, the Sun is quincunx Chiron in Aries (5th). Chiron has come up a lot in horary charts concerning Brexit. This suggests a certain weakness, an Achilles heel that could leave Boris Johnson vulnerable to attack (Chiron is in the 5th, suggesting the possible threat of sexual scandal, which has been the downfall of many a Tory politician).
  • PARLIAMENT/HOUSE OF COMMONS = Mercury in Leo, ruler of 11th NOTE: This planet does co-rule the 10th house, which means it could also signify Boris. However, I think that the Sun as a significator fits rather well with a leader who behaves as though he were, in the words of the Scottish PM, Nicola Sturgeon, ‘a tin pot dictator’. Ironically, it would seem that he wouldn’t be far wrong in his assessment. Indeed, as one Sky News political pundit pointed out: “Under our constitution, he who controls Downing Street is basically king.”. Kings in astrology are always represented by the Sun. In Boris’ case, the symbolism also chimes well with the Leo stars under which he was awarded the keys to No 10.

    Interestingly, Mercury gets the highest scoring of all the planets in terms of dignity. This is approaching Regulus (royal star of the King ) in the 9th, so could simply suggest Boris Johnson’s successful request to the Queen (Regulus is the royal star associated with kings) to shut it down until 14 October, which may be why it rules both the Midheaven and the 11th.

    Mercury is about to change signs, which means it won’t have agency for very long (it ingresses into Virgo on 29 August at 08h48 BST), which does fit with the symbolism of a prorogued House that then is effectively disabled.
  • THE QUEEN = Regulus (0 degrees Virgo) This star is known as cor leonis which means the ‘heart of the lion’ and has been prominent in the horoscopes of leading members of the British royal family, including William the Conqueror (whose 1066 coronation chart is often used as a founding horoscope for Britain) and Queen Elizabeth herself (she has it close to her south node).

    What I find fascinating is that (due to precession) Regulus now occupies the first degree of Virgo, a FEMALE sign. In Roman Britain, the constellations of the Virgin and Lion were considered to be ‘wed’ both astronomically and mythologically. According to Bernadette Brady (Star & Planet Combinations, p.250), the forerunner of the British Lion (associated with the sovereign) was originally known as the “Lady who Ruled Lions”, which to me echoes the themes of the Strength card in the Tarot Major Arcana…. Elsewhere I talked about the rise of the sacred feminine and how this position of Regulus may herald a new era of women in positions of power and politics. Both opposition leaders, Jo Swinson (Lib Dems) and Jeremy Corbyn ( Labour) have written to the Queen, asking her to intervene, so perhaps she IS likely to play a role in what happens in the near future beyond that of a figurative head of state…? She is a Taurus and not yet gone against protocol or rocked the boat, so perhaps not. We’ll have to wait and see….
  • OPPOSITION PARTIES/ELECTORATE = Neptune in Pisces, ruler of 4th. This house also represents the British electorate/public, so it is interesting that this bi-corporeal sign is co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter.

    Neptune is located in the 4th, close to the Part of Fatality, which sounds ominous. Perhaps they are ‘losing the will to live’ about the Brexit issue and think it should be binned? Neptune is quite passive aggressive, so is better suited to resistance via subversion (Parliamentary sit-ins??? ). It’s position in the 4th (which can also represent the official opposition to the government) suggests a lack of cohesion or direction amongst opposition parties, who reportedly are all squabblig over who will become custodian PM if they manage to oust Boris in a Vote of No Confidence. I notice that their pledge to journalists at a recent conference call was to use ‘widespread resistance’ to counter Boris’ proroguing tactics, which has a decidedly diffuse Neptunean ring to it….Hmmm.

    On the face of it, Neptune suggests that public petitions and marches are not likely to amount to much – in and of themselves. The public needs to join forces with a united political opposition if they are to have any chance of making an impact (something highlighted by the square between Jupiter and Neptune). BUT, Neptune does form a diamond with the nodes and Ascendant in this chart, so I wonder if this means that the tide of public opinion is turning and Boris and his government is about to see a wave of protest/backlash, particularly for Remainers and EU nationals, who up until this point, have largely been ignored?

    Jupiter, on the other hand, is strongly dignified and quite prominent in this chart, located in its own sign in the first house. Unlike Neptune, which can get itself in a muddle and leak energy, Jupiter is much more decisive, authoritative and inspiring. After all, this is the planet of Zeus, king of the gods, so it has gravitas and can also inspire enthusiasm and arouse support for its cause. In this sense, it could well represent politicians and opposition leaders, as oposed to Neptune, which then represents the general public.

    Jupiter is the planet associated with religion, ethics, laws, rules and judges, so I find it interesting that a number of legal challenges have been mounted against the government. I also discovered that those opposing the Johnson administration have been meeting at a building round the corner from Parliament known as Church House….coincidence? For me this confirms the idea that Jupiter represents a united front of political, moral and legal opposition to Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans (which have become synonymous with his government). My sense is that this opposition could be effective, provided they get organized, temporarily set aside individual party ‘creeds’ and utilize all available legal means and legislative mechanisms, along with the Speaker of the House, to stop a No Deal Brexit. Labour peer, Lord Falconer had a few suggestions on how to go about it on Sky News recently. A journalist also recently took it upon himself to remind MPs of what John Bercow said back in March: “The opportunities [for using the House to legislate against a No-Deal Brexit] are fuller than has traditionally been acknowledged or taken advantage.”

    Jupiter also rules the 2nd house (=economy) and currency markets, caught unawares, are dumping Sterling, leading to a fall in the value of the Pound which will speak volumes to those in positions of influence/responsibility. It may now be tiem for industry leaders to speak more openly, and to publicly support Opposition leaders, thereby sending a clear message to any “Brexit-believers” about what Brexit will do to the UK economy. This is indicated by the Quincunx to the Part of Catastrophe, located right next to the North Node in the 8th (foreign trade/shared resources/banking system). The dire consequences of losing financial passporting rights being just one of the ways to drive this message home.
  • LABOUR PARTY = Mars in Virgo, ruler of 6th. As I mentioned above, Mars is close to the Sun in the 10th, which to me, reflects the fact that, despite his protestations, Jeremy Corbyn and Boris are not really poles apart when it comes to the Brexit issue. Interestingly, Mars is separating from its conjunction to Venus (24 Aug), which I think represents Labour’s talks with Jo Swinson that went nowhere because apparently Corbyn is refusing to consider anyone other than himself for PM. This fits astrologically: Mars is approaching a square to the Part of Profession. In other words, both men are putting their careers ahead of the interests of the country.

Further Analysis: Development of the Situation

So, proroguing was successful. Now, what is likely to happen?

My sense is that, like a thief in the night (I can’t help thinking of the 7 of Swords in the Rider-Waite Tarot) Boris Johnson (who was not democratically elected by the people) has used irreverent Trump-style Uranian tactics to catch his enemies unaware and steal a potential advantage in the form of:

a) Time – he has bought himself some breathing space between now and 14 October to come up with his next move after testing the water with EU leaders.

b) Strategic Advantage (Mars) via the element of surprise (The Sun is approaching the very same trine to Uranus that it had with Mars yesterday). There are also hints that he may be delaying the start of the next Parliamentary session for reasons OTHER than Brexit. Will he announce that he intends to call a general election, for example, rather than try and push through a No Deal Brexit, as people like Alaistair Campbell think? Or is this just another example of brinkmanship towards EU and rebel MPs to force them to be more flexible? Sky news political reporter, Beth Rigby claims that Boris told her that he wants to do a deal with the EU, so it may well be a way of shaking things up in a bid to re-open talks and give MPs less time to quibble over it before the Halloween (how fitting!) deadline.

So far, so very cunning…

However, while Boris may have succeeded in getting the Queen to agree to do his bidding, this does not necessarily mean that:

a) He has a clear strategy (being a quadruple Gemini busker); or

b) That he will last in his current position as Prime Minister for terribly long…

In this respect, I thought it interesting to see where the Prorogue transits sat in Johnson’s natal chart (see below).

Boris: Sailing too Close to the Wind?

Interestingly, there are some significant points of synastry between the Prorogue Sun and Boris’ natal T-square involving Uranus-Pluto (11th), Mars in Gemini (8th) and Saturn in Pisces (5th). I suspect that this situation is really going to push all his subconscious buttons and test his mettle. No rest for the wicked! Relationships with friends and family look quite fraught (perhaps due to stress?)*. Perhaps it is significant that natal Saturn is conjunct the fixed star, Fomalhaut, which is associated with falls from grace. As I mentioned in a previous blog in relation to Hillary Clinton, hubris is a particular nemesis of this fixed star, as is the notion of ‘selling your soul to the Devil’… (see my post on Venus-Neptune for more on this theme.)

* I see the first signs of strain are beginning to emerge as Boris’ brother, Jo, quits his position in government, citing irreconcilable differences between national and family interests

Also, with the Part of Treachery in the 5th, he may need to guard against scandal/blackmail… I do suspect that people have dirt on him – malefics in the 5th and 8th houses both point to sexual indiscretions and Boris has already got form for being sacked from public office for lying about an affair with a colleague. His former boss, Max Hastings, did warm him to ‘lock up his willy’ if he wanted to succeed in politics – perhaps famous last words? Look at how effectively sexual misconduct was used against Bill Clinton by the Republicans in their drive to impeach him…

What’s more, we should not forget that the Prorogue Sun (Johnson) is approaching a square to the Part of Profession, further emphasising the possibility that he risks losing his premiership with such a risky move. Indeed, as one journalist put it, the only way to stop someone who seems intent on acting like a renegade despot is to unseat them:

If you really want to stop a no-deal Brexit you have to replace the prime minister who wants one with one who doesn’t, which is probably why the chances of a no-confidence vote receding only yesterday are rising once more.

Lewis Goodall, Sky News article

In this respect, it may be significant that the Sun will square Pluto on 14 October in Boris’ 1st and 4th houses – and we have all seen challenging Sun-Pluto transits unseat those in power before, haven’t we?…

New Moon, New Solution to the Backstop?

The Sun’s next move after it’s trine to Uranus is a conjunction with the Moon at New Moon on Friday 30 August, which will begin a new lunar cycle – perhaps a reflection of him pressing the reset button on his domestic political agenda? It certainly IS a powerful New Moon, one that seems to be calling for workable solutions and pragmatic ways to fix ongoing problems (the Irish backstop being one of the main sticking points in the current Brexit Deal). So perhaps he will use the 30 days (one lunar cycle!) given to him by Angela Merkel to come up with a viable alternative. Let’s wait and see what his advisers manage to come up with beyond trickery and media ‘smoke and mirrors’ campaigns.

It is perhaps significant that the Sun will not make another aspect until after the Moon changes signs, which in a way, suggests that at New Moon, Boris is energetically passing the baton over to the Moon, which rules (and is in) the 9th house of laws/foreign relations of the Prorogue chart and so, may well represent the EU as well as those legal challenges. Rather like a game of chess, it seems to be saying: “Your Move.”…

One thing I do find interesting is that the Leo Moon in the prorogue chart’s 9th house of foreign relations, as well as legal matters and religious beliefs, which it also rules, only makes one applying aspect before it changes signs. After separating from a square to Uranus ( reaction on the financial markets to the news which led to a fall in Sterling, which is also Moon-ruled; along with moral outrage at the violation of democratic principles through an abuse of normal Parliamentary protocols), it moves to trine Jupiter (political opposition) in the 1st. To me, this may well represent any political moves and/or legal challenges attempted by those opposed to the government’s chosen course of action. That it is a trine does suggest positive outcomes. BUT, the window for action is tight – let’s not forget that after trining the Moon at 15 degrees, the Moon then goes Void of Course until she changes signs. So immediate responses are required (before Parliament shuts down in the second week of September) if they are to be effective. 15 degrees between the trine and Virgo ingress seems to correlate to the 15 or so working days until the Prorogue order takes effect. Plus, if they wait until the New Moon on the 30th to get things underway, then they will also have the benefit of a waxing Moon behind them to aid their actions.

(NOTE: Although I do have to add in here that if we apply the rules of Appleby’s Generally Accepted Measure of Time, then the Moon in a fixed sign and a cadent house spells a total of 7 or so years before any initiatives have a positive outcome/take effect. Perhaps this refers to the amount of time before the Constitution is changed so that the executive and legislative powers of the State are in better balance? HOPEFULLY, given Jupiter’s rulership of the 2nd house, it is not a sign of how long it will take for the economy to recover from a No Deal Brexit!).

Prediction is always a tricky business, especially if one isn’t aware of all the moving parts (such as behind-the-scenes diplomacy). Still, if the astrology is anything to go by, then the days ahead are likely to be anything but boring!


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