Will Meghan have a Boy?

Taking another look at the horary prediction techniques of William Lilly….

With the Equinox out of the way and Spring now officially here in the northern hemisphere, the media and royal rumour mill have gone into overdrive. After all, it’s not just blossoms and baby lambs that will be arriving this year but a new royal prince or princess, as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Meghan and Harry to most of us) get ready to expect their second child, Princess Charlotte, who was born on 2 May 2015.

So will it be an April or a May birth? And what gender is the baby likely to be? I thought it time for a bit of a fresh look since my last blog post back in 2018 after the royal pregnancy announcement.

Given that in 2014, we tested out some of the famous English astrologer, William Lilly’s prediction techniques out for the birth of William and Kate’s first child, I thought it might be worth repeating the experiment in order to widen our sample a little bit.


Meghan birth predictions

Above is the horary chart I cast to ask our questions. It does not have any strictures, which means we can go ahead and read it. There are a few things that immediately jump out at me which make it seem radical – the Moon (planet fo the mother) is in the 4th house of family close to benefic, Jupiter, ruler of the 4th. We also have the Part of the Mother quite prominent in Cancer – sign of motherhood – in the 10th house = a famous mother to be.

I also quite like the fact that the Midheaven is in Gemini and is ruled by Mercury, which also rules the Ascendant. There has been a lot of speculation in the press as to whether Meghan is carrying twins because she is showing so much. We did consider this in relation to the Duchess of Cambridge’s first pregnancy, so we will pose the question again just to test it out. In 2014, the testimony for twins for pretty strong but Kate only gave birth to a son – Prince George. So it will be interesting to see what happens this time around…

without further ado, let’s jump in!

When will Meghan Give Birth?

Lilly says that you can often tell how far along a mother-to-be is by looking at the house location of the fifth house cusp ruler. In this case, it is Saturn in Capricorn, which is also located in the 5th house. His first suggestion is assume that the mother may be around 5 months along, which we know is wrong. However, it proved to be right in Catherine Cambridge’s pregnancy with Princess Charlotte, who was born at the beginning of May 2015.

Lilly also suggests several timing techniques for predicting this, including:

  • Counting how far away the lord of the 5th is from the cusp of the 5th, and then give to each sign one unit of time.  In this case, Saturn is 19.5 degrees away from the cusp. Using common sense, we know the birth couldn’t be 19 weeks away – perhaps 19 days? In which case, we are looking at a possible birth date of 14 April.
  • Identifying the closest separating aspect between either the Moon or Lord of the 5th from their last contact and seeing what type it is. In this case, it is the Moon, which is separating from a square to the Ascendant by 2 seconds of arc. Lilly says that if it is a square aspect, then she is in either the 4th/8th month (square = multiples of 4). The latter seems most likely, again, based on what is in the public domain. This would mean that she is technically due to give birth in the next month/four weeks (although of course the baby could be early or late) = end of April.
  • To predict the time of birth, look at the dates when Mars or the Sun contact the lord of the 5th house/the Ascendant; or when the planet ruling the Ascendant changes sign. In this chart, the Sun contacts Saturn (5th) on 10 April and 11 May; it conjuncts Mercury (Asc ruler) on 21 May. Mercury, ruler of the AS, changes sign on 17 April. So all of these could be potential birth dates.

However, if we match up all the above predictions, the most likely birth date windows are: 10-17 April and 21-30 May.

Matchup with Moon Mates?

I wondered if these might match up with the Moon Mates technique  we tried out in my last blog post about this, which yielded the following possible birth dates:

  • 11, 31 March 2019
  • 9 April 2019
  • 1 May, 9 May, 30 May 2019.
  1. The March dates seem to be too soon, based on news reports and don’t match with any of the above dates.
  2. Both the April and May New Moon dates correlate quite strongly with the two dates when the Sun contacts Saturn = 10 April and 11 May.
  3. The matching April Full Moon date (which carries over into the end of April/beg of May) may have correlations with the second technique which suggests Meghan is due to give birth in around 4 weeks from now.

So, Prince Harry’s first child could potentially share a birthday with several other members of the royal family, including: The Queen – 21 April, Prince Louis23 April and Princess Charlotte – 2 May.

Will Meghan have Twins?

This has been bandied about quite a lot in the press based on certain things the couple have said, along with the fact that Meghan’s baby bump is very big. Lilly tells us to check for double-bodied signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces) in the same significators, as well as the Sun & Moon. In this case, we have the following planets/house cusps in bi-corporeal signs:

  •  The Moon in Sagittarius
  • Mercury, Lord of the Ascendant, in Pisces

But he also warns:

…But unless all, or nearly all, these testimonies occur, it is not safe to judge.

In this case, we really don’t have enough testimonies to conclude that Meghan is carrying twins. In any event, I strongly suspect not.

Gender of the baby?

Last time, Lilly’s basic premise about the position of certain planets and signs in relation to the 7th house turned out to be right in the case of Princess Charlotte, while the weighing up of testimonies from planets and house cusp rulers proved inconclusive:

Jupiter in the 7th, she is impregnated of a male childe: Sagittarius or Pisces in the 7th, she is with childe of a Girle; this must be understood when all the rest of the Significators are equall, and ballance not the judgment, then if you finde Sagittarius or Pisces in the 7th, you may judge the party shall have a Girle.

So what of this chart?

Well, Jupiter is not in the 7th house and Pisces is on the DS cusp, which suggests on the face of it that we can expect another girl.

But, for the sake of comparison, let’s tot up the sects of all the relevant to see what testimonies for the child’s gender they might reveal:

Arguments for a Daughter:

  • Ascendant in Virgo = feminine
  • Sign of 5th house cusp is Capricorn = feminine
  • Lord of ASC is Mercury in Pisces = feminine
  • Planets below the horizon: Saturn, Jupiter, Moon and Mercury = feminine

Arguments for a Son:

  • Moon in Sagittarius – masculine
  • Ruler and dispositor of Moon is Jupiter = masculine
  • Jupiter is on an angle = masculine
  • Saturn is lord of the 5th = masculine

Again, the scores are relatively even. One clue may lie in the fact that Part of the Son is rising in the first house – the final clincher? Or will the first technique turn out to be right again?







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