Brexit: Deal or No Deal?

A lot can happen in two years, and my goodness, there have been so many twists in this particular tale since that historic (and controversial) vote back in June 2016.

In the last week, though, things have seriously ramped up, both for the UK and its current prime minister, as the March 31 deadline rapidly looms. Tonight at 7pm, the House of Commons is due to cast its final vote on Theresa May’s Brexit Deal.

It’s make or break time for the UK in so many ways. Many see today as a pivotal moment – not just in terms of the UK’s relationship Europe, but if many experts are to be believed, for the future of UK politics, the makeup of its current political parties, the career of it’s current prime minister…and and – potentially – also the current shape of the UK itself.

Given how historic and important this moment stands to be (and how it could affect not just me but many people I know), I thought it time to have a look at the astrology to assess what’s likely to happen next.


Brexit Deal Vote Mar 2019

What a time to be voting on such a monumental piece of legislation! Not only is Mercury  (ruler of negotiations and political retrograde AND in fall, but

  • Mars and Saturn are due to trine on Thursday
  • Both the Sun and Mercury meet up with scary Pluto AND expansive Jupiter within a a matter of days – wow!

So if we treat tonight’s vote as our starting point, and read it like a horary chart, then the following things emerge:

  • The 11th house represents Parliament, especially the House of Commons, as well as the hopes of the nation. Here this is ruled by the Sun in Pisces in the 6th house, which is associated both with the civil service and with healthcare and labour matters – this is the house of work and health, after all. And these are two issues that are really making people hesitate when it comes to Brexit – what money, if any, will the NHS benefit from if Brexit goes ahead, and where will a deal leave workers in terms of EU working directives, the right to work here and abroad etc.  Notice that the Sun, Mercury and Neptune are still travelling quite close to each other and have been doing so since last week’s New Moon in Pisces. These planets, along with Mercury, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus, were also very prominent in the Brexit Vote chart of 2016. More on that as we go along…
  • I see the Sun as Theresa May, who is having to tussle with the Labour Party (and Jeremy Corbyn in particular) to try and get a majority. She is weak – in terms of essential dignities, the Sun scores -5 and we know only too well this is the case – her deal was heavily defeated in January and she then barely survived a vote of no confidence by her party. She has also not managed to get much in the way of concessions from the EU since then. The Sun is coming off of a sextile to Saturn, ruler of the 4th and in the 4th = domestic affairs, landed gentry, property owners and the end of the matter. Saturn, especially in its own sign of Capricorn, represents the patriarchy, and William Lily saw the 4th house as being all about land ownership and patrimony – the tradition of inheritance and male succession which remains very strong amongst the landed gentry in Britain (and of course, it is this class of people who make up the staunch, ultra conservative wing of the Tory party who are all very pro Brexit…Think Jacob Rees Mogg et al). Many claim that the Brexit Referendum in 2016 was an attempt to quell the growing dissent within the Conservative Party over the UK’s membership of the EU, and indeed, they’ve been extremely vocal in pushing for a harder Brexit. Theresa May has had to tread a fine line between their version of an ‘ideological Brexit’ and a softer Brexit that offers more benefits to UK workers and business owners.
  • I find it significant that Saturn is orbiting very close to Pluto, ruler of the 2nd house of money, banking and finance, as well as the economy. Pluto is associated with the super rich or ‘plutocracy’ the ruling elite who have power because of their enormous wealth and influence. In recent months, there has been quite a lot of talk about how Brexit was really engineered by a small group of people keen to evade the wide-ranging scope of new EU directives designed to crack down on tax avoidance, which came into effect in 2019. A large percentage of the UK’s GDP comes from financial services, including offshoring and this stands to be affected by the new legislation if the UK remains a part of the Single Market. According to the Guardian:

Many of the most powerful supporters of the Brexit campaign appear in the Paradise Papers because of their offshore interests. There is nothing illegal about their arrangements.

But many of these same voices have urged a “hard Brexit” – which could see the UK ripping up its economic model and in effect becoming a tax haven on the borders of Europe.

That might suit Brexiters, many of whom have either made their money, or keep their money, or live, offshore.

It is interesting that if we revisit the 2016 Referendum chart, we find one of the key markers for a pro-Brexit vote  – Uranus, the cutting planet – in the 8th house of taxation, so perhaps this played a bigger factor in pro-Brexit Tory and banking circles than we realized at the time? It may also be why the City seemed to keep fairly quiet throughout this whole Brexit process, despite the fact that the City of London potentially stood to lose its financial passporting rights as a result of Brexit….It does seem quite signficant that Saturn and Pluto are opposing the North Node and Part of Fortune in Cancer (10th). In other words, the interests of the few stand in direct opposition to the wealth, good fortune and destiny of the UK as a whole.

  • The Moon usually represents the people  – the electorate – and it is interesting that in this chart, it rules the Midheaven of the chart ie where things are headed. It could also be the fact that purpose of the vote (and deal) is to execute the will of the people (in the sense of carrying out the result of the 2016 Brexit Referendum). But how do the people feel? The Moon is in Gemini, a dual sign, so I think still very much divided on the issue. It is in the 8th house – a house associated with the national debt, death duties, taxes, shared resources or financial dealings with foreign countries, as well as any potential dangers to the people from things like war, national disasters etc. Many people are worried that Brexit could hurt the UK financially  – not only will it have a big ‘divorce bill’ to pay when it leaves the Single Market, but it may also have all sorts of unforeseen consequences for people with savings, property or working arrangements on the continent.
  • The Moon is stronger than the Sun in terms of dignities – scoring +3 in Ptolemy’s scale. So perhaps suggesting that the people’s will ie referendum will prevail, or that the likelihood of this going back to either an election or another referendum can’t be ruled out…The Moon is separating from a trine to the Ascendant but hasn’t yet made any aspects to the planets at this point in proceedings. I guess people have Brexit fatigue  – many are so tired of hearing and talking about it and are sceptical that it will ever happen, so this is probably an accurate reflection of their ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ attitude…
  • Neptune rules and is in the 6th house, near to the Sun. To me, this represents the Labour Party – traditionally the party of working class people. Neptune is in Pisces and is generally quite nebulous  – it tends to dissolve boundaries and can create confusion and mix-ups. The Labour Party is in a bit of a mess at the moment – one columnist described it as an ‘omni-shambles’ which fits with disorganised and subversive but compassionate Neptune (Corbynomics is another expression of Neptune in my view – idealistic and noble but difficult to implement practically). Not only does Labour not seem to have a fixed position on Brexit and is currently plagued by infighting and allegations of anti-Semitism etc It is interesting that several newspaper columnists have accused Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party of betraying the working class people, whilst several political figures have made it clear that the opposition party have not provided much of an opposition at all to Theresa May and the Tories during the Brexit process.  It is an open secret that Corbyn is pro-Brexit and so Neptune’s position near to the Sun (ie May) could be seen as indirect collusion between the two party leaders.
  • Mercury is a bit of a dark horse. Ruler of both the 9th house of foreign affairs, religion and higher education; and the 12th house of secrets and hidden enemies, it also sits in the 6th close to the Sun…I am tempted to see this group as the Remainers: the scrappy Tory rebels and pro-EU, former Labour independents, who together with the Liberal Democrats, have been working tirelessly to challenge canonical beliefs  – the standard ‘party line’  – spouted by pro-Brexit politicians and the Tory party about Brexit.  Could their behind-the-scenes lobbying (such as organizing pro-Brexit marches via 3rd party organisations) and willingness to break from their parties make a difference to the outcome of the vote in this instance?
  • Sadly, Mercury is weak here – it scores -6 in the dignity table. You could see it’s retrograde position as a desire to go back and do a re-take: have a second referendum. But what of its separating aspects?  These reveal a lot. Unlike the Saturn-Pluto opposition, Mercury has just made a TRINE to the Part of Fortune and the North Node, suggesting that this group of people truly have the best interests (10th house) of the country at heart.
  • However, Mercury is also separating from a square to Jupiter, suggesting that their voices (and those of the Remainers they represent) are not really being heard. The 3rd house rules the press, so this may be due to not getting enough media coverage or a communications failure of some kind. There seems to be a direct parallel between 2016 and 2019 because in both instances, Mercury makes a mutable square to Jupiter…So coudl it signify a certain ‘blind spot’ or impaired judgement – something inherently wrong with the democratic process? After all, there have been umpteen pro-EU marches and petitions, but the government (and to a larger extent, the mainstream media) has virtually ignored them. And then there is the issue of lies and fake news, which may also have played their part, then and now – we await the outcome of the investigation into ties between UKIP, the Leave EU campaign and Cambridge Analytica to see how much of a role in 2016.


Of course, we could waffle on and on but we need to cut to the chase – what is the likely outcome of the election?

For that, we need to consider the aspects of the Sun and Moon in relation to the signficators we have identified for the various parties and factions.

  • The Sun, as I said, looks weak overall, reflecting May’s position. SO even if she wins this vote, it still may not be the last word on the matter. The Sun moves to a sextile with Pluto tomorrow, which suggests that, together with the hard Brexiteers and the party whip, she may just manage to push this legislation through – money and the economy seem to be the key issue here…It is possibly significant that Pluto is separating from Mars in the 8th house (money launderers and those keen to wash the UK financial system with dirty money? Mars rules the 7th which could mean friends/enemies)
  • However, Pluto and Mercury are also heading for a sextile, so perhaps some kind of backroom deal will be struck between the Independents and those keen to see the economy grow/who stand to benefit economically from the UK remaining in the single market? If so, she could find herself out of a job tonight if she loses – Pluto does have a habit of ousting prime ministers and party leaders from their jobs, as we saw in both 2015 and 2016. And there are hints that some Conservatives are so fed up with proceedings that they are willing to go along with calls for a vote of no confidence in the government by Labour which would trigger another general election…

The Moon, however, in horary charts, is usually the clincher. So, what does it do?

  • After trining Venus, ruler of the UK itself (and it’s current body, made up of Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) , it makes a series of squares to: Neptune, the Sun and finally Mercury before changing sides.
  • This could suggest that the backstop is the key thing here: The DUP has already said it will not vote with May because of a lack of guarantees over this issue. We also know that Scotland, Ireland and Wales are not particularly keen to leave the EU either for economic reasons. So the positive link to Venus suggests that this is in line with what is good for the country as a whole. Plus, of course, Brexit could still mean a ‘breaking up’ of the UK – the ‘body’ of the country, represented by the first house. So a defeat would keep the country together.
  • All the aspects that follow are negative, including the square to the Sun. This again, does not bode well for the Prime Minister – suggesting that the majority of people are not in alignment with the Prime Minister’s policies. Does this signal a defeat tonight? Quite possibly. Or some other group action that disrupts the process such as a call for a vote of no confidence in the government.
  • At any rate, the Moon indicates that national interest, rather than party interest or personal principle, will prevail.

However, this may not be the end of the story.

  • The Sun is still due to square Jupiter on Thursday, suggesting that Theresa May will continue to ignore calls for a second referendum, even if she loses the vote tonight.
  • It then moves to conjunct Mercury on Friday which again suggests a change in position – a coming together with the Remainers…perhaps after she realizes that it is the lesser of two evils to work with some of her colleagues?
  • And then, Mercury moves to square Jupiter before sextiling Pluto, so I think that the Remainers may still have the final say in this matter. I suspect that we may still get a second referendum, but not a general election, whatever happens tonight…

Let’s see what happens…


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