Harry and Meghan: Written in the stars?

How well-matched are our newly-weds astrologically speaking?

In a social media post for his birthday in 2016, I predicted that it would be a big personal year for Prince Harry –  not only did I see him finding a sense of purpose and direction in terms of his charity work, but I also suggested that he could meet someone very special, thanks to the transits of Jupiter in his birth chart.

As it turned out, Prince Harry’s first meeting with Meghan Markle, now his bride and the Duchess of Sussex,  had taken place just a month before – in the summer of 2016. During their engagement press interviews, he later added that he knew she was ‘The One’ from their very first meeting. So was their meeting truly written in the stars? And what does astrology have to say about their relationship? On the day of their wedding nuptials in Windsor, I thought it might be nice to take a look…

Their Meeting

Whilst we are not sure of the exact date of their first blind date, we do know that it was around July-August 2016.

If we look at the transits in their charts around this time, we note some telltale signs of an important romantic connection appearing in their lives:

  • Meghan’s Transits – Transiting Jupiter had recently made a conjunction to Meghan’s natal Venus in Virgo, and was still in orb around the time that she met. The transiting North Node, marker of destiny, also happened to be exactly conjunct her natal Venus around mid-July 2016 – around the time she met the man of her dreams. Transiting Saturn, ruler of her Descendant (and therefore her 7th house of significant relationships) had also recently gone over her natal Part of Marriage in the 5th house of new love, joy and passion, and the Transiting Part of Love was virtually conjunct her Descendant.
  • Harry’s Transits – The transit that made me think he was about to fall in love was transiting Jupiter’s trine to Harry’s natal Moon in Taurus, which just happens to rule his 7th house. At the time, I also felt that Jupiter’s ingress into relationship sign, Libra, was going to be significant because it would pass over his natal Venus and Part of Marriage, also in Libra. This was still coming into orb in the summer of 2016, and would only have perfected some months later. However, as it happened, Harry was set to have a Venus return around his birthday in 2016, which would have activated this particular configuration the week before and after his solar return – at the very time when his romance with Meghan was said to have been in its first flushes…This leads me to think that it was in fact, during their trip to Botswana that Harry really fell for Meghan.In later interviews, he did say that he found himself falling for her very quickly. This may be further explained by a transit between Harry’s natal Uranus and transiting Venus in Leo, which made a trine from his 7th to his 11th house in mid-July 2016. Stabilising the whole ‘lightning bolt’ effect of this transit, which can often result in that ‘love at first sight’ feeling, was Saturn, which happened to be conjunct Harry’s natal Uranus at the time. This ensured that the connection became more than just a passing fancy and helped them build up a solid bond of friendship which helped to cement the relationship so that could outlast the early fires of passion which may have been stoked by Venus and Uranus.

So what of the long term? Does the synastry between their charts indicate strong compatibility and a relationship with staying power? Let’s have a quick look…

The Synastry Chart

Harry Meghan synastry biwheel

Is the spark there?

It most certainly is! A positive sextile aspect between Harry’s natal Sun in Virgo, and Meghan’s Uranus in Scorpio means that these two were indeed attracted to each other from the moment that they met. The reverse is also true – Harry’s natal Uranus also happens to form a flowing trine to Meghan’s Sun, providing a double whammy of that lightning bolt sensation that often characterises love at first sight. It would also no doubt have meant that these two would definitely have felt a current of electricity pass between them every time they touched.

A meeting between Harry’s Venus and Meghan’s natal Pluto is likely to have resulted in a magnetic pull of attraction between these two lovers. Pluto’s influence is often very intense and compelling, which would have made the compulsion to be near each other very strong. I think it is fair to say that they probably felt drawn to each other in a very powerful way and would have found it hard to stop thinking about each other, or be apart for very long stretches of time.

So far, so good.

But will the connection last?

In order for any relationship to last in astrological terms, there has to be some positive Saturn influences in their synastry to stablise their union and provide long-term staying power. It demonstrates commitment and in relationship astrology, is seen as the necessary glue that holds a relationship together on a long-term basis.

In the case of Harry and Meghan, the planet Saturn also happens to be prominent in both their natal charts (Harry has Capricorn rising while Meghan has Capricorn on her DS), making it doubly important that their Saturns chime with planets in the other party’s birth chart.

As it happens, the pair share a number of contacts between their respective Saturns. Not all of them are positive, however. On the one hand, we have a sextile between Harry’s Saturn and Meghan’s Venus, a definite sign of romantic longevity and maturity when it comes to their connection. This is a couple who make promises to each that they intend to keep, and who genuinely care about each other and are committed to ‘making it work’ – a sound basis for any long-term partnership. In addition, their union benefits from a trine between Meghan’s Mars and Harry’s Saturn. This often helps to keep a couple motivated and give them the energy and focus they need to keep working at the relationship, no matter how tough things might get.

On the downside, however, Harry’s Jupiter is square to Meghan’s Saturn, hinting at possible clashes when it comes to beliefs, ethics and notions around moderation. It is fair to say that Harry is the wholehogger in this pairing and Meghan may have to rein him in a little at times – it’s possible that he doesn’t always know when to quit and can go a bit overboard, especially when it comes to partying and risk-taking. Although this can be a good thing initially, over time, Harry may grow to feel that Meghan is controlling or a bit of a party pooper, while Meghan may sometimes privately wonder why she always has to be the grown-up in the relationship. Something to watch if it is not to end up causing resentment further down the line.

In addition, Harry’s Saturn is square to Meghan’s Sun, which makes me wonder if she may not end up finding life as a royal rather constrictive and ultimately, oppressive, squelching her ability to express herself – something quite fundamental to an actress with the Sun in Leo.

Of course, like all relationships, no synastry chart is free of challenging aspects, so a few humps in the road are to be expected – and I do suspect that this may end up being one of them.

The potential for personal healing

On a more upbeat note, their synastry aspects also show that this relationship has enormous potential to act as a catalyst for emotional healing for both parties. A higher than average number of positive contacts between their natal planets and Chiron, the asteroid associated with the archetype of the wounded healer, is present in their synastry chart. This not only adds a certain sweetness and gentleness to their union, which I think comes across when they look at each other, but also suggests to me that they share a deep sense of empathy for each other’s wounds and vulnerabilities, making them sensitive to each other’s soft spots and unspoken emotional needs.

As a result, they are kind to each other, making emotional allowances for each other’s weaknesses, and most importantly, they may often know just how to nurture the other person, intuitively meeting unspoken needs and acting as each other’s healers and teachers.

Such a combination is therefore crucial in building intimacy between Harry and Meghan. It also makes the relationship into a safehaven – a space in which they feel they can share their troubles, weather life’s storms and help each other to heal the wounds of the past. And let’s face it, if anybody knows about suffering and pain in his childhood, it is Harry. So the influence of Chiron in the mix here says a lot to me about why I think this marriage has the potential to really help them both to grow and learn life lessons.

And when you think about how much Kate, with her emotional maturity, tender patience and strong maternal instinct, helped William to heal the psychological wounds of his past, you can understand why this union is so important to Harry. Through this marriage, he finally has the chance to move out of the shadow cast by his late mother’s premature death and finally have a shot at happiness.

I wish them both well.

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