A First Look at the Birth Chart of Prince Louis of Cambridge

Today, a third child was born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  Catherine gave birth to a baby boy at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, just after 11am local time. It is not yet know what Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s younger brother will be called.

Once again, this child’s birth defied my expectations and was born a week before predicted. (My favourite nativity date was April the 29th – the day before the Full Moon). However, it did happen just one day before the window for my second favourite set of predicted birth dates for a boy,  that of 24-26 April. That being said, of my lesser two favourable dates, this one was far more appropriate for a boy than the earlier window in April. You can read why I said this by scrolling to the end of my last blog post about my royal birth predictions. Although I am a tad disappointed not to have ‘nailed it’ exactly, I should point out that it still remains unclear as to whether the Duchess’ labour was induced or not. So, for now, I won’t be too hard on myself and just go with the idea that the Cambridge’s may have opted to speed things along in a bid to avoid upstaging Harry and Meghan on their Big Day and leave it at that…

Although we don’t yet have a name for the youngest prince, who is now fifth in line to the throne of England, we do have a birthchart for him.

I thought it might be fun to take a sneak peak at his natal chart to see what it might reveal about Baby Cambridge No.3…

Natal Chart for Prince Louis

Baby Cambridge 3 natal

So the first thing to say is that, from the point of view of mundane astrology, it  is interesting that at the time of his birth, the Part of the Mother and the Part of the Son are to be found in the 4th house of roots and family. The Part of the Son is also conjunct the Part of Fortune, which makes me wonder if, like many younger children, he will end up being ‘the favourite’  – perhaps the apple of Mommy or Daddy’s eye?

Overlaps with his siblings

His Leo Moon, located in his first house, suggests a much more outgoing, charismatic personality than his shy but energetic older brother, Prince George, who has quite an introverted natal chart. It may also be signficant that his natal Moon sits very close to Kate’s Ascendant, so his mother’s praise and approval will be very important to him, but somehow, he will also play a key role in her destiny too, especially given the presence of the north node. This looks like a karmic connection to me…What’s even more interesting that his natal Mars-Pluto conjunction, together with Saturn in Capricorn, all fall close to Catherine’ natal Sun in the 5th house, so I wonder if this was secretly quite a difficult  pregnancy (and birth) for her?

Like his older sister, Charlotte, the new baby prince has his Sun in Taurus. It is also quite prominent – located in the 10th house, although close to the cusp of the 11th. What is interesting about it, though, as its proximity to Uranus in Aries – within 4 degrees, so in terms of natal astrology, this would be definitely be classed as what is known in astrological terms as an ‘out-of-sign’ conjunction.

Stabilising Influences – Sun and Saturn

What this means is that he is far less likely to be a placid, routine-loving Bull, but is far more likely to shake things up and cause a stir than most Sun Taureans. He is also likely to be quite a unique individual, fairly headstrong and fiery, with unconventional ideas and views on social causes.

Luckily for him, he also has a stabilising Sun-Saturn trine in his chart, which should prevent too much personal volatility and make him respond well to routine and enjoy a fairly structured and organised daily routine – nice for developing qualities such as self-discipline and perseverance – this is no flake. I actually see him as being quite hard-working and someone who will be good at adhering to exercise regimens or daily schedules.  However, whenever Saturn is present in the 6th house, it is also possible that he may develop health issues, especially later in life (Saturn is in Capricorn, both of which are associated with aging) – and then it is likely to affect his bones or teeth. Alternatively, it is also possible that during his early years, he might suffer from skin complaints such as eczema, or be a bit accident prone – with impulsive Mars and passionate Pluto also in his 6th house of health, he needs to be very careful of taking unnecessary physical risks or being injured very seriously  – something that might occur if he allowed himself to be exposed to military combat, for example.

Mars-Pluto – shades of Diana

What I do find fascinating is that this Mars-Pluto conjunction is an astral signature found also in the natal chart of his grandmother, the late Princess Diana, who as we know, died tragically in a car accident. Mars and Pluto together can be pretty willful, passionate and driven. When placed in a prominent position such as this one (his Mars-Pluto conjunction is conjunct the Descendant), it can also suggest a violent temper and in relationships, power struggles, serious injury or violence, sometimes inflicted on him by others.

So, above all else, I would urge the Cambridges to protect this child’s safety and to instil in him from a young age the dangers of taking unnecessary physical risks – reckless driving (especially with Mercury, ruler of the 3rd house of transport, conjunct the Aries Midheaven and in close conjunction to Chiron = the wound), or foolhardy behaviour with a firearm, being just a few examples. Mars-Pluto conjunctions can also suggest spiteful or vindictive tendencies – something that is also needs to be kept in check if this young prince is not to abuse his position in the future. Instead, it should be channeled into healing and work designed to show compassion and care for others, as his grandmother chose to do.

Here, his natal Neptune-Jupiter trine in the touch-feely water signs could really help. They may also suggest innate creativity (Jupiter is in the 5th house), as well as a religious/spiritual streak (Neptune is in the 9th house). So a real calling to help others if he cultivates this innate trait. (This could prove to be fairly difficult, given his rather macho Leo Moon and Mars-Pluto conjunction but, given that he has Cancer rising, it is definitely something his mother could help with).

Venus in Taurus – links to other key royals

With Venus in sensual, and often good-looking Taurus, I suspect that this little boy may grow up to be a bit of a heartbreaker. Again, the parallels with Princess Diana’s chart are so fascinating: she also had Venus in Taurus, although hers was in the 5th house, which I think partially explains her love of dance but is also what made her so attractive to men. As an aside, Prince Charles has the Moon in Taurus – and it happens to fall between this boy’s Taurus Sun and Uranus in Aries, so perhaps me might act as a steadying influence? Looking at other aspects of the synastry chart, though, I doubt they will have a lot in common and may even clash over certain principles.

Another royal with a lot of planets in the Aries-Taurus portion of the zodiac is the Queen, and when you compare the charts of grandmother and grandson, there is actually a lot of overlap/synastry in terms of planetary positioning between them. This may partly be explained by the fact that they are born within 2 days of each other (another reason that I suspect his birth may be induced – we wouldn’t want there to be an issue in terms of whose birthday to celebrate when, now would we?…) but it goes far wider than that. So while we would expect the Queen’s Taurus Sun to be conjunct Baby Cambridge’s, or even for their Mercury’s to be in similar positions, but we wouldn’t necessarily expect her natal Saturn to be conjunct his natal Jupiter, for instance. Or for his Mars-Pluto conjunction to sit right on her Capricorn Ascendant. Other striking synastries include:

  • Almost identical Moon positionings
  • The Queen’s natal Venus in Taurus conjunct Baby Cambridge’s natal Neptune.

I do wonder, given that Prince George has such an introverted chart, and Princess Charlotte; such a social one, whether this child will actually end up sitting on the throne? Perhaps a repeat of the pattern we saw when Edward VIII abdicated and his younger brother, the Queen’s father, was forced into a kingship he wasn’t prepared for?…It will be interesting to see what the child end ups being named…will it be after his great great grandfather, who was known as George the VI, but was actually christened Albert Frederick Arthur George (and referred to as Bertie by those closest to him).

Bookies’ favourites include; Arthur, Albert and Edward, all of which relate to this particularly difficult bit of history for the royal family, so it will be very interesting to see what the next few days brings. One thing is certain, this child is not likely to be a wallflower, despite his lower position in the pecking order…


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