Royal Birth Date Predictions 2018

It’s spring in the northern hemisphere, which means lambs, daffodils  – and, well royal babies. Aside from all the excitement about the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on 19 May 2018, there is also plenty of excitement and speculation about the likely birth date of the third child of royal rockstars, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge –  aka Prince William and Kate Middleton.

At this point, no one is sure exactly when Kate – I mean Catherine – is supposed to give birth, but many believe this will most likely happen in April 2018, based on the timing of the pregnancy announcement in Sep 2017 by Kensington Palace confirming that the Duchess was once again with child. We do know that she did suffer once again from severe morning sickness, so it seems likely that the royal family was forced to announce her pregnancy before the three-month mark, as was the case with her first two children.

Given that I made attempts to predict her delivery time during the first two pregnancies, it seems only appropriate to stick with tradition and have a stab – perhaps it will be a case of third time lucky?

‘Official’ birth chart

One advantage this time around is that we now know the birth time of the Duchess herself, which is 19h00, according to astrologer, Natalie Delahaye. This makes it easier for us to be sure we are working with the correct house divisions and therefore, planetary positioning.

Duchess of Cambridge natal with web

As we can see from the natal chart of the Duchess of Cambridge, Jupiter rules the 5th house of births and children. Her natal Jupiter is located in Scorpio in her 4th house of family and roots, from where it forms a T-square with her Taurus Midheaven and Kate’s natal Venus-Mercury conjunction in Aquarius (6th house). This may explain her severe (jupiter in Scorpio) morning sickness (square to houses in the 6th house of health). What makes this interpretation so compelling is that the Arabic Part of the Mother is located at 1 degree Aquarius – slap bang right next to Kate’s Mercury-Venus conjunction in the 6th house.

Birth of Prince George

Looking at the births of both Prince George (22 July 2013) and Princess Charlotte (2 May 2015), it is interesting to see that at the time of her son’s birth, the Parts of Mother and Son were both on the Midheaven, close to her natal Chiron in the 10th house and therefore opposite the Duchess’ natal Jupiter (see the transit bi-wheel below).


The Capricorn Moon, planet par excellence of mothers nd motherhood, is also conjunct Catherine’s natal Part of the Mother and her natal Venus-Mercury conjunction, while the Ascendant/horizon of her transit chart happens to conjunct her natal Uranus in the 4th house of family. This planet also happens to be located right next to her natal Part of Sons. The North Node, harbinger of fate and destiny, is also hovering close to the Duchess’ natal Jupiter (Lord of 5th).

So, all in all, an extremely telling and radical chart!

Birth of Princess Charlotte

Now let’s have a look at the transits for Princess Charlotte’s birth.


This chart is a lot less straightforward. We again have the Part of Sons on the Midheaven and transiting Saturn is conjunct Kate’s natal Uranus-Part of Sons conjunction in the 4th house, which on the surface of it, suggests that Charlotte should have been a boy…

But then we look a little closer and see something interesting. Kate’s natal Part of Daughters is located in the 8th house and is square to that Saturn-Uranus-Part of Sons configuration in the 4th. This configuration also happens to be opposite transiting Mercury in Gemini in the 10th house…

Gemini and Twins

I did suggest at the time that the Duchess might be pregnant with twins, so this symbolism – Mercury in the sign of the Twins – may be telling. Could the boy have died in the womb, for instance? The location of both the transiting and Kate’s natal Part of Daughters in the 8th house, together with the conjunction with transiting Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, does seem to reinforce this idea. And according to experts, this is not an unusual phenomenon and has been dubbed ‘Vanishing Twin Syndrome’. According to the American Pregnancy Association, it occurs in 21-30% of all multiple pregnancies. A final omen that this may have been the case is the green-coloured sharp triangle aspect pattern linking the natal Part of the Daughter (8th) and the transiting Part of Sons with Mars in Libra (another dual sign) in the 3rd house via a sextile and two 150-degree quincunxes. Known as the Yod or Finger of Fate, it is a somewhat controversial. However many astrologers consider it to be significant and to point to some special task or twist of destiny that singles something, or someone out.

The Yod points directly at Mars  – the lesser malefic, and a planet associated with surgery, bleeding etc, so it is possible that the Duchess experienced signs of an early miscarriage, possibly in the form of pelvic cramps or spotting early on in her pregnancy – an indication that one of the twins had died in utero. That this may well have occurred is indicated by the presence of the transiting North Node – a signature of Fate – sitting on Kate’s natal Mars. Of course, we will never know if this was the case or not but it certainly gives us pause for thought…

A more clear indication of delivery time is the Ascendant or horizon of the transit chart, which conjuncts Kate’s natal Moon in Cancer – the opposite sign to Capricorn (where the Moon was positioned at the time of George’s birth).  Astrologers looking at this bi-wheel would not fail to notice that Kate’s Moon is conjunct the North Node and these placements also happen to form a T-square with the Transiting Moon in Libra, which happens to be smack bang on Catherine’s natal Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the 3rd house of siblings and close relatives. It may therefore be worth mentioning that ‘Charlotte’ happens to be the middle name of Kate’s sister, Pippa. Coincidence?

My own feeling from this chart is that Charlotte’s birth was overdue and that really, she should have been born in April. At the time, several newspaper articles suggested that this may well have been the case, including the Daily Mail. On the other hand, judging by the spectacular transits just missed by Prince George and the reports that Carol Middleton was expecting a Leo baby (a fitting Sun sign for a future king), I suspect that he may also have been born a little shy of his due date. He also arrived too late to catch the major grand trine involving Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, which peaked between the 17th and 19th of July 2013. Clearly these Windsor children have a mind of their own!

At any rate, what of the potential birth date of the third Cambridge baby? Let’s have a look….

Royal Birth time/date predictions

First of all, it seems likely that Cambridge Baby No. 3 will be born within a similar timeframe to Princess Charlotte. Both pregnancy No. 2 and no. 3 were announced early in September (Sep 8th 2014, in the case of Princess Charlotte, and Sep 4th 2017, in this instance).  In the case of Princess Charlotte, her birth was expected in April but ended up being early May.

Given that the royal wedding is set for May 19th, it seems unlikely that this child will be allowed to arrive past the first week of May if the Duchess is to have time to recover in time to attend. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the birth is induced this time if the child comes late…This gives us a window of around 2-3 weeks, between mid-April to the second week of May (12th) – with which to play with.

My own guess is that Baby No. 3 will arrived towards the end of April, possibly around the time of the Full Moon in Scorpio. Catherine seems to have a particular affiliation to the Moon in her natal chart and both her previous children have been born close to the Full Moon – this being such a wonderful symbol for motherhood, childbirth and pregnancy in its own right.

Catherine Full Moon 2018 birth prediction

Another positive indicator for this timeframe is the fact that the Full Moon will be conjunct mom Kate’s natal Jupiter, ruler of her 5th house of children, in the 4th house of family. So that despite the Moon being in fall in the sign of Scorpio, it is offset by the positive influence of the Great Benefic. Interestingly, this symbolism is again mirrored by transiting Jupiter in Scorpio, which will be trine to Kate’s natal Moon in Cancer in the 4th house around this time. What’s more, in this chart, transiting Venus makes that all-important trine aspect to Kate’s Part of the Mother in the 6th house – something which we saw contacted in the births of her first two children.

This Moon will also be sextile to the transiting Part of Daughters in Kate’s first house –  and her natal Part of Daughters will be sexile to the Sun in the 10th, as well as to Kate’s natal Capricorn Sun in the 5th house – perhaps a sign of the baby’s gender? This seems to be backed up transiting Saturn, Lord of Kate’s 6th house of health, which will be located in the 5th house and conjunct Kate’s natal Sun. This is a good sign of manifestation or bringing something into the world such as delivering a child. Another sign that we might have more or less the right birth time is that the transiting Part of the Mother will be orbiting very close to Kate’s natal Moon in Cancer – a very strong sign of motherhood. However, we can’t entirely ignore the fact that the Part of Sons, together with the Part of Life, will also be angular – setting on the western horizon of Kate’s chart on her Descendant.

Indicators in father’s chart?

This scenario also looks fairly promising if we transpose the Full Moon chart onto Prince William’s horoscope. Not only is Venus in Gemini conjunct his natal Mercury in the 5th house of children,  but transiting Jupiter will also be conjunct to the Duke’s Part of Daughters and situated fairly prominently in his 10th house of public announcements. This scenario seems to reinforce the possibility that Baby No 3 will be a daughter (but could Venus in Gemini here herald twins?). Interestingly, the Part of the Mother will be trine to that Venus and conjunct the AS of the Full Moon chart, so perhaps non-identical twins can’t entirely be ruled out here. My gut feeling though, is that this aspect pattern says more about what Prince WIlliam wishes for than what may actually happen. Perhaps because another son would somehow make him feel closer to his own mother. Plus there is the whole expectation about having ‘an heir and a spare’ going on in the background. But transiting Uranus conjunct his IC and close William’s natal Part of Sons suggests that this notion is a bit outdated, especially now that the succession laws have been changed…

Prince William Full Moon 30 Apr biwheel

29 April 2018?

A thought that struck me was that Prince George was born just before the Moon was completely full, so I decided to look at the day before the April Full Moon – 29 April 2018. This yields another very interesting chart.

Birth prediction 29 Apr

Now, though, the transiting Part of Sons is very close to a conjunction with transiting Jupiter in the 4th house. What’s more, we still benefit from that Jupiter-Moon conjunction and the Venus trine to the Part of Mothers, both of which were active in the Full Moon chart. So a difference of just one day but potentially a differently sexed child…that’s astrology for you – if this doesn’t illustrate the importance of a birth time in the construction of a natal horoscope, then I don’t know what does!

The only thing I don’t like about all of these charts is that transiting Pluto in Capricorn will be conjunct Kate’s Sun in the 5th house…on it’s own, this could indicate some danger to her life resulting from the birth. But if we consider that Pluto is also the ruler of her IC and 4th house of family, then it becomes a bit less ominous…It also has to be remarked that Pluto moves very slowly, so will be situated here for almost all of March, April and May, meaning that there is no getting away from it, whatever the birth date.

Prince William’s chart

Transposing this chart onto William’s, it is interesting that the Scorpio Moon will be culminating on his Midheaven and that the Jupiter-natal Part of Daughters conjunction is also still in play…However, now the Part of Sons is also lurking nearby at 11 degrees Scorpio – perhaps an important sign of twins? However, neither of these Parts is aspects except by Jupiter…

Judging by aspects from his AS and natal Moon to the Part of Sons in the 3rd house, my guess is that he would secretly prefer another son to a daughter – perhaps the bond he has with his own brother, Prince Harry, plays into this?

William Birth prediction 29 Apr

Other favourable dates:

Other dates that look potentially favourable, purely based on favourable transits, are:

  • April 12-14th – Around then, we have a massive stellium of planets in Pisces, Aries and Taurus, together with some sumptuous aspects between Venus, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto, which could make for a pretty special royal horoscope!
  • April 24-6th – When Mars and Pluto are due to sextile Jupiter – Prince George had a prominent Mars-Jupiter aspect in his natal chart, so this type of signature wouldn’t be out of place in the chart of another royal prince, especially if he follows his royal ancestors into the military/navy.

The truth is though, that there are so many possible combinations of signs and aspects that it is virtually impossible to say with absolute certainty when this royal baby will choose to come into the world. One thing is certain though – we astrologers will definitely be there to mark it and analyze his or her birth chart when he or she does!


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