What can Astrology reveal about Cyril Ramaphosa?

A new leader emerged from the ANC party elections in December 2017 – Cyril Ramaphosa. Many expect that the former deputy president of South Africa will soon take over the reigns from Jacob Zuma at the next president of the country and that the ANC will just formalise this over the coming days, weeks and months – a development that has led to widespread jubilation amongst South Africans and a bounce in the Rand amid a resurgence of investor confidence.

So who is Cyril Ramaphosa really? And can astrology provide us with any hints as to what his leadership style is likely to be? I thought this an apt moment to have a closer look at his natal chart to scan for clues…

Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa was born on 17 November 1952 in Soweto, Johannesburg. We do not know his birth time, which is a pity as it would yield further, more detailed information. At any rate, I have set it to 12pm which is the norm in these circumstances until such time as I feel that I know enough about him to be able to rectify it to something more appropriate.

So here is his interim natal chart.

Cyril Ramaphosa natal

The Scorpion

The first thing worth noting is that Cyril has a Sun-Moon conjunction in determined, take-no-prisoners Scorpio. Although he was born at New Moon, which can give people a slightly youthful, naive air, it would be very wrong to underestimate this man – do so at your peril! Scorpio’s have this uncanny ability to see beyond appearances and can sniff out fakeness or lies at a thousand paces.

This is not a sign to shy away from difficult tasks or be deterred from what needs to be done by political correctness or a desire for admiration or short-term popularity ratings. If anyone can root out corruption, it is a Scorpio; provided, of course, that they choose to take the high road and don’t succumb to the temptation to lower themselves into the mud too. After all, the totem animals for this zodiac sign are the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix. So if Cyril identifies with either of the latter two archetypes, then we are looking at just the right candidate to pull South Africa back from the brink…

It’s Lonely at the Top

A sure sign that he may well be just this sort of man comes from his natal Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Libra. This points to someone who has a strong commitment to altruistic causes and will dedicate themselves to seeking justice and building a fairer society, despite the odds. The fixed star, Spica’s position close to this conjunction is a further positive sign that this is a man who is not flaky or easily daunted by opposition or resistance when it comes to doing the right thing.  As one of the most prominent and fortunate stars in astrology, Spica hints at the potential for brilliance,  but also suggests that this position may also come at a price:

The considerable distance between Spica and its nearest neighbors has inspired some cultures to call it ‘The Lonely One’…1

One wonders whether, in his quest to rectify the many wrongs committed in the country since Jacob Zuma’s ascent to power in 2009, he may find himself feeling more than a little isolated from time to time going forward…?

Of course, here we do need to add a caveat: Cyril has the south node in Leo, orbiting close to his natal Pluto which can suggest a possible propensity, inherited from past lives, to allow power to go to his head. Let’s hope he chooses the high road embodied in his Aquarius North Node instead – a placement that points to a life purpose bound up with service to humanity. Africa doesn’t need another tyrannical dictator like Robert Mugabe, that’s for sure!

Mandela’s Natural Successor?

It is worth noting here that Nelson Mandela also had a Scorpio Moon. It is also said that Ramaphosa was actually Mandela’s first choice of successor, rather than Thabo Mbeki, so perhaps there is a hint here of a symbolic line of succession – the prodigal son returning home after a spell in the wilderness to be crowned true ‘heir’ to the throne and fulfil his fate? Here, the presence of Regulus, the king star, close to Ramaphosa’s natal Pluto in regal Leo = power, natural charisma, natural leadership abilities, seems to confirm this symbolism.

Mars in Capricorn – Captain of Industry

If we consider Cyril’s natal Mars in Capricorn, which usually confers great success in business and is often seen in the charts of those who are very wealthy, we can understand why he first chose to forgo politics and pursue a career in the mining and business sectors after Mandela’s retirement. This did ultimately make him a very rich man, leading to a number of directorships in blue chip companies such as Johnnic Holdings, MTN Group Limited, South African Breweries, First Rand Limited, Macsteel Holdings, Alexander Forbes and Medscheme Limited. A pity, then, that this ultimately led to him become inadvertently associated with the Marikana Massacre that left 34 mineworkers dead at the hands of the police after a strike turned violent in August 2012…

Natal connections with the SA Chart

Overall, though, Ramaphosa’s influence on the country looks set to be a favourable one, especially of we place his natal chart over that of the new South Africa chart (set for Mandela’s 1994 inauguration).

Firstly, his natal Uranus is conjunct the SA Chart Ascendant, showing him to be a reformer and innovator, first and foremost. His Pluto in Leo in the first house, together with his Saturn-Neptune in the 3rd, shows that he will be seen as a natural leader and somebody who is a man of his word – in total contrast to his predecessor.

His natal Jupiter, conjunct the SA Sun & Moon in Taurus in the 10th house, also suggests that he will be well-liked by the public and seen as a benevolent ruler who brings a steady hand to the tiller and can steer the country into calmer waters.

And, with this Mars conjunct the SA Uranus-Neptune conjunction, also in Scorpio, he can put his drive and willpower to work to drive forward positive political and economic reform, particularly in areas like welfare and social care. His energy and drive could also foster economic growth and investment in sectors such as the tech and healthcare industries.

Cyril and SA chart

Nemesis: Private Enemies

The only thing he may need to watch out for are private enemies in the form of combative females within his cabinet or political party (perhaps his political opponent, Mrs Dhlamini-Zuma, who was rumoured to be Zuma’s preferred candidate) as symbolised by Venus conjunct Aldebaran  in Gemini in the 11th house conjunct his own Part of Private Enemies. Aldebaran is considered to be militant and warlike, with a tendency to

…presage individuals who are “restless and riotous, always stirring up popular dissent and revolution.” The star is also said to inflame the minds of the people with furious quarrels, and to be an enemy of quite and peace, ‘malady desiring civil and domestic wars.” 2

Combined with his Sun-Moon conjunction, which forms a conjunction with the SA Pluto and the Part of Imprisonment in the 4th house, one hopes that his enemies don’t manage to mobilise treacherous forces against him and cut his efforts short, perhaps via trumped-up criminal charges.

Upcoming Transits for 2018-2022

In looking at his transits and progressions, Marjorie Orr does caution that:

There is nothing remotely easy about his next few years with upheavals and disruptions in 2018 with tr Pluto opposing his Uranus; and tr Uranus having one more insecure square to his Mars early on. Then tr Pluto in 2019/20 continues the long haul round his T square, squaring Saturn Neptune – devastating, confusing and requiring endless perseverance. Finally tr Pluto is conjunct his Mars in 2021/22 which is hugely frustrating, trapped and high-risk. All of this may be the gigantic task of getting South Africa onto a better track, which won’t be easy. But he’ll be up against vested interests and a good deal of resistance.

She also warns that Zuma may not disappear into the background that easily:

There’s a deal of implacable dislike between himself and Zuma, which will come to a head around 2019/2020. Zuma’s 2nd term chart looks bullish through 2018 so he won’t go easily; but tr Pluto is squaring his Aries Sun on his personal chart in 2018/19, so is under considerable pressure; with major disappointments in 2019.

Clearly, it’s not going to be all plain sailing. But then, for anyone who has lived through South Africa’s turbulent history, this is to be expected. As the Scottish author, Samuel Smiles once said:

The battle of life is, in most cases, fought uphill; and to win it without a struggle were perhaps to win it without honour. If there were no difficulties, there would be no success; if there were nothing to struggle for, there would be nothing to be achieved.


It may be worth mentioning that on February 28 2018, the (almost full) Leo Moon will rise with Regulus, the king’s star, just after nightfall. This combination also happens to be positioned very close to Ramaphosa’s natal Pluto in Leo, so will this event coincide with his unofficial ‘crowning’ as the next president? Regulus is the star situated at the heart of the lion constellation, so it may well call for some courage on his part… Watch this space!


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