An Astrological Profile of Donald J. Trump

The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, is due to take office in just under 20 days. Here is a breakdown of his natal chart for those interested in getting a sense of just who he is and what makes him tick…

Trump’s natal chart is interesting in many ways. Here is a summary of some of the key things I noticed about it:


  • Leo Ascendant with Mars rising – sadly, while this can make for a charismatic leader and someone who is strong and tough, it can equally also lead to bully-like behaviour. In a recent press article, one journalist wrote:

    And make no mistake, Trump is the classic American bully – a man who uses petty insults and false bravado to mask his incompetence and shortcomings. A man so thin-skinned that he sits up late at night tweeting insults at a sketch comedy show.

    Fortunately, his Gemini Sun is a bit more adaptable, being a mutable sign – and so less stubborn than the fixed energy of Leo, which means that he may be able to realise when he has gone too far or when something is not working and change tack. However, this is not someone to whom apologies come easily. He will simply twist the facts to mitigate his words/actions or make it look like someone else’s fault. I suspect many an employee has been fired just so that Trump can save face.
    The problem is that he also has Mercury – and the Part of Catastrophe  in Leo– very close to his natal Mars, which explains his tendency to lash out even when it ultimately reflects badly on him – and a seeming inability shut up once he starts going down a particular track.See more on this below.

  • The Part of Organisation is conjunct expansive and abundant Jupiter in the 2nd house of money = the big success of the Trump brand/organisation. Will he bring this Midas Touch to the US treasury and do as he promised – ‘Make America great again’?
  • Regulus rising – This is the ultimate signature of kings, so is it an indication that he had the potential to be a great president? He certainly seems to have been an able captain of the Trump ship.  With Leo rising, Trump definitely needs to be in charge and in control of his own destiny. It also gives him personal flair (and that fiery orange-reddish tinge to his hair and face so associated with fire signs). Interestingly, due to precession, Regulus is found in the tropical zodiac sign of Virgo – the sign associated with the sacred feminine  – so does this make him something of a throwback to a bygone era? It may explain part of his appeal to middle aged white blue collar voters, many of whom have traditional values and conservative ideas about gender roles etc.
  • Sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini – a used car salesman who is also a bit of a maverick and disruptor. Not playing by the rules works for him (Uranus is a rebel through and through) and together with the Sun, the traits of unorthodoxy and unpredictability help him stay ahead of the pack – or at the very least, confound his enemies. Conforming and ‘playing nice’ is just not part of his temperament. With the North Node in Gemini forming part of this conjunction in the 10th house, he is here though, to learn lessons about serving others and being philanthropic/a social reformer = the more positive side of Uranus/Aquarius. On the positive side, he is an adaptable Sun Gemini, so may be less attached to certain policies or viewpoints than people may at first realise (an elastic relationship with facts can also sometimes be an issue with Gemini placements, especially if negatively aspected – in his case, the Sun is opposed by the Moon). Basically, if something isn’t expedient anymore, it is out on its ear.
  • Natal Moon in Sagittarius conjunct south nodeBIG emotions/reactions and a tendency to exaggerate or blow situations out of proportion. This may be due to an inability to emotionally detach from situations or admit defeat/show humility/be wrong, resulting in a loss of perspective and knee-jerk ‘acting out’ revealing the workings of unconscious ego dynamics. This is a trait/habit he needs to give up or he won’t grow as a soul. I suspect this is a karmic pattern for Trump and one that probably has strong links to his family/one of his parents (4th house).  But is also probably what got him into property development (legacy of his father) – for many astrologers, the 4th house is the house of heritage, genes and the father – we get our surnames, after all, from our fathers – not our mothers.
    The only mitigating factor here is a trine between his Ascendant and natal Moon – both in fire signs, which suggest that, at least in public, he knows how to play the game and will adopt a confident and collected persona to smooth things over when he knows he has been too emotional or over-stepped the mark – a consummate performer and together with a Gemini Sun, someone who can turn on the charm when he needs to.
  • Part of Profession in the 5th house of gambling ruled by Jupiter – he owns casinos and he is a gambler in many ways when it comes to business – property speculation is the main name of his game but the 5th house can also extend to entertainment, vacations (Trump resorts, TV shows and pageants) and anything child-related (perhaps reflected by his children’s involvement in what seems to have become a family business – the 5th house can be about legacy). Does this mean he will gamble with America’s future too?
  • The Part of Merchandise and the Part of Catastrophe both conjunct Trump’s Mercury-Mars conjunction, both of which are rising, suggesting that his aggressive, combative approach  is both a blessing and a curse. It makes him both cutthroat and competitive in business but also self-destructive, rash and volatile. Winners need only apply. Bravado, intellectual pride and verbal abuse are all characteristics of someone with this type of configuration. How will this go down with other world leaders? Perhaps the way he dealt with Taiwan and China is some indication. It also explains why he gets on with equally macho world leaders like Vladimir Putin. Hopefully, this will not be to America’s destruction…However, I think the Part of Catastrophe is a warning here: this characteristic could well be his undoing if he can’t get it in check – you can’t, for example, insult a foreign head of state and expect there not to be consequences…
  • Natal Venus in Cancer opposite his Part of Mother, which is in the 5th – this is a man who allegedly was a bit of a mommy’s boy and so may have a strong anima complex, which can make for emotional immaturity, especially with regards to the feeling function around the feminine. As a result, people like this may over-compensate for a possible sense of inadequacy around other men (Venus conjunct Saturn in the 11th house of groups/friends) through a mixture of braggadocio, inappropriate groping and locker room talk in order to fit in. This may be his real motivation for talking about women in the misogynistic way he does. How will this affect his ability to be detached and diplomatic in the coming days and weeks? We’ll have to see…

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