Figuring out Hillary Clinton’s natal chart

There is much speculation about the former first lady’s time of birth, which is one of the reasons why it was so hard for astrologers to make hard and fast predictions about Hillary Clinton’s chances of becoming the 45th US President.

You just have to look at the source notes on Astro Databank to see that there are at least 3 working birth times for her, as well as lots of stories and anecdotal evidence about what she has said about her birth time to various people over the years.

Although many people go with a Scorpio Ascendant, I think there might be some truth in the rumour that she told a chiropractor in Martha’s Vineyard that she has Leo rising. To me, it totally fits with her lion-like appearance (look at her mane-like hair and catlike smile) as well as her confident bearing.

With this in mind, I have come up with a possible chart for her…


Here’s why I think this chart ‘feels’ right :

  • Look at Uranus, ruler of her DS, in the 11th house, which could make folks who don’t know her well feel that she is unpredictable, abrupt and possibly makes them a little uncomfortable. As a catalyst for change and reform, Uranus can have quite a jarring effect and this can oftentimes lead them to be excluded, which is why they often feel like outsiders in big groups. Donald Trump has a similar configuration in the form of Sun-Uranus conjunction and you can see what a maverick he is – he refuses to play by the rules and has turned this potential liability into his trademark. This is because Trump’s Uranian signature sits in his 10th house of reputation and career success.  In Hillary’s case, her Uranus falls in the 11th house so I think it has turned her into a social reformer and a political idealist  – she took part in political debate groups and got involved in politics while still in school. I see this as the signature of someone who was always destined to end up in public service or political activism in one form or another.
  • On top of this, we have a tough persona created by the presence of defensive Mars, wary Pluto and reserved Saturn in Leo, all rising on the AS. Put these together with an intimidating Scorpio Sun and you can see why Hillary doesn’t exactly appear to fit the mould of the cuddly soccer Mom figure people seem to want her to embody (like, say Sarah Palin). Instead she seems cold, unapproachable and difficult to read, which is why she seemed to have trouble with some voters in the opinion polls – unlike her husband, who is charming to the point of being seductive, she just doesn’t come across as terribly warm or likeable on first meeting.
  • However, the truth about her is a lot more complex: all her personal planets are tucked away in the 4th house below the horizon – a very private position, which is why we don’t often get to see her more ‘human’ side. This is a woman who doesn’t like to show vulnerability – hence Chiron on the IC. It is this lack of transparency that may have cost her the election – people reading it as a sign of dishonesty.
  • In many ways,  I think Hillary has been misunderstood. We only have to look at her soft and compassionate Pisces Moon, her Neptune in Libra in the 3rd house to know that this is a woman who is probably very sensitive, emotionally giving, idealistic about justice and highly focused on helping and supporting those she loves.
  • On the flip side, I can also see that these Neptunian influences, falling as they do in the 3rd and 8th houses of communication/decision-making and sex/other people’s money, may have led to lapses in judgement – whether this be looking the other away when it comes to Bill’s infidelities (Moon in Pisces in 8th) or blurring the lines between business and personal when it comes to emails (3rd house) or donations to her charity (8th house). And here we reach the nub of why she appears untrustworthy and is constantly plagued by intrigue and the taint of scandal.
  • Yet these actions aren’t necessarily motivated by dishonesty or deceit but rather, a case of lax boundaries and poor decision-making. Here, the Moon’s proximity to the Part of Profession makes perfect sense – it is allegations of misappropriated donations/possessions, the affairs of her husband and communications gaffes that continue to get her into hot water and contribute to the cloud of fog that hangs around her, making people wary about whether she is trustworthy or not.

I have made other observations about her character in my blog post about the 2016 US Presidential Elections, which you can read separately.


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