Is Cheryl another Liz Taylor?

The Astrology behind Cheryl’s Tragic Love Life


Media reports have been hinting for some time about a less than happy marriage between Cheryl Fernandez Versini  and her second husband – something which seems to have been confirmed in a Sunday news report this week which claimed that she had filed for divorce. The sign seemed to have been there for a while though, from her increasingly gaunt appearance and recent public tears during a break-up song performed during on the X Factor to the absence of images of them out together in recent months.

After a disastrous marriage to footballer Ashley Cole which ended in 2010 amidst allegations of infidelity, Cheryl met and married current spouse, Jean Bernard, after a whirlwind romance of just three months.

This sort of track record led me to wonder whether, like Halle Berry, Cheryl might have certain signatures in her birth chart which might reveal clues as to why she seemingly keeps picking the wrong man. Having had a closer look at what I believe is her correct natal chart, I think I may have found he answer.

However, before we begin, I feel I must say that there is still a great deal of speculation with regards to her correct time of birth. According to Lois Rodden’s Astrodatabank, her unauthorized biography by Sean Smith contains an astrology chart which lists her birth time as 8:28PM on the 30th of June 1983 in Newcastle.

However, talk of birth certificates leads me to question this time – in the UK, time of birth is not listed on birth certificates, so this information may be open to question. Having had a look at the chart for that time, it is my belief that she was, in fact, more likely to have been born at 8:28AM and that there may have been a mix-up or misunderstanding with regards to this which led to an error. However, at this stage I cannot confirm anything to be true or false – this is merely my opinion – and I will show in my analysis below of Cheryl’s natal chart why I believe this time to be correct.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini best guess

First of all, Cheryl is known for her beauty and style – she has won several lucrative endorsement contracts for beauty brands such as L’Oréal, and fans never seem to tire of hearing about her latest hairstyle or clothing choices.

The signature of good looks in any female chart is classically Venus, and her we have Venus in the first house of physical appearance, orbiting very close to the Ascendant. Secondly, Venus is in Leo. Many people with Leo prominent have great hair – their locks mimicking the magnificent mane of the lion – and in Cheryl’s case, she has definitely been blessed with the most incredible thick, glossy hair – no doubt one of the reasons she has been the ambassador for a number of haircare brands over the years.

What’s more, Venus also happens to rule Cheryl’s midheaven in Taurus  combination that is quite prominent in the charts of famous singers, Taurus ruling the throat.  A further indicator of musical talent and a career in pop is her natal Neptune, the planet that rules ephemeral art forms such as photography, film and music, located in the 5th house of creativity, which is trine to her Taurus midheaven and her prominent Venus in the first house.

Cheryl’s Ascendant is Leo, which makes her chart ruler the Sun, whose chart and house position can often indicate how  we can make our mark and where we shine brightest. In this chart, the Cancer Sun falls in the 11th house of groups, and it was as a member of the girl popgroup, Girls’ Aloud, that Cheryl first rose to fame in 2002 as part of the reality TV singing contest, Popstars: The Rivals. It therefore seems fitting that she happens to have Mars conjunct Mercury, which rules her third house of self-expression, close to her Sun in the 11th house. Mars rules competitions of all kinds and also happens to sextile Cheryl’s midheaven, which is fitting for someone who found career success and prominence (MC) by competing (Mars) to sing (Taurus) in a girl group (11th).

So far, so radical, in my opinion…

What of her love life? Well, let’s return to her natal Neptune for a second. As well as children and creativity, the 5th house also rules love affairs, sex and romance. Neptune in enthusiastic Sagittarius in the 5th could also be suggestive of someone who is a bit of an incurable romantic, and who could rush into relationships. The fact that Cheryl’s Neptune also opposes her natal Mars suggests to me who can be quite impulsive and not always exercise the best judgement when it comes to love and sex. Further indications of impulsivity include a lunar square to Cheryl’s natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, located on the cusp of her 5th house (Jupiter is also the ruler of her 5th house cusp, a double whammy!) – a highly unpredictable combination suggestive of someone who makes on the spot decisions, likes to take a gamble when it comes to romance and who is not afraid to experiment creatively.

Furthermore, Cheryl has the Moon in Pisces in the 7th house of marriage and long term relationships. Pisces is a very soft, trusting sign. Placed here, I would be concerned that Cheryl may not have good emotional boundaries and perhaps be too quick to trust others or give of herself within one to one relationships. Both sacrifice and victimhood can be associated with Pisces, and if she does indeed have the Moon in Pisces in the 7th, I would advise her to be more careful about whom she lets into her life/inner circle because otherwise she is open to being manipulated or taken advantage of, deceived even, by those close to her.  The T-square involving Cheryl’s natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, Moon and Chiron only reinforces this: Jupiter rules her 5th house of sex/romance, Uranus rulers her 7th house cusp (marriage) and Chiron signifies where we are vulnerable, so to me, this configuration screams of someone who likes to believe the best about others but who may be a little vulnerable/naïve/overly optimistic about her relationship prospects and so does tend to rush into marriage/commitments, leaving her open to gossip and very public rejection (think of the Ashley Cole tabloid saga).

However, you know the saying ‘Marry in haste; repent at leisure?’ Well, sadly, in Cheryl’s case, this does seem to be very true. She really does seem like an incurable romantic who does not exercise very good judgement when it comes to men. If she’s not careful, though, she could end up like Elizabeth Taylor, a Sun Pisces, who married eight times during the course of her life, but who never seemed to be able to find lasting love with anybody. I think that with such a prominent Chiron, that her weight loss and public emotional displays are all indicators that all is not well for Cheryl emotionally and sadly, suspect that she may be punishing herself physically for what is happening within her marriage.

If I was advising her as an astrologer, I would tell her to try and tap more into her natal Saturn in Libra. Saturn in Libra can create stability in marriage/relationships (although her Saturn-Pluto conjunction does also hint at plenty of drama in this department, especially in terms of her family relationships), and with the Moon in the 7th trining this steady planet, there is hope for Cheryl to have a solid, lasting long term relationship, provided she demands honesty (Pluto) from loved ones, avoids drama and stops herself from jumping in the deep end emotionally. With Saturn also ruling the 6th house of work and day to day routines I think that Cheryl is someone who finds that work grounds her and keeps her sane, so she should throw herself into work whenever she feels a love wobbly on the horizon. That said, she also needs to make time in her schedule for loved ones and prioritise those everyday rituals or routines that help to keep her on an even keel, despite all her work commitments. Work-life balance is very important if she is to enjoy a happy domestic life, as is equality and fairness  – more balanced give and take within close personal associations rather than self sacrifice and punishment on her part.

And whatever she does, she needs to learn to listen to her intuition  – very often, I think she knows when things are not right, but then the optimist simply ignores these signs. The trick in distinguishing what is real from what is fantasy is time – WAITING until one gets a number of signals, one way or the other, before making a decision. She may also want to listen to what family has to say about any potential suitors, however brutal this may sound – they may well turn out to be right.

Whatever does happen, her natal Pluto-Saturn conjunction suggest that Cheryl is a fighter and a real survivor, so even if her marriage ends, I do think she will eventually get into her stride relationship-wise, perhaps once transiting Saturn ingresses into her 5th house early next year.

Let’s watch this space.

UPDATE: Cheryl has now begun divorce proceedings and has since confirmed that she is romantically involved with Liam Payne of One Direction. She has also dropped her married surname and just goes by her first name. Let’s hope she has better luck with Liam. It is interesting to note, given the content of this article, that Cheryl herself is alleged to have said that she feels cursed when it comes to love. I don’t believe one has to simply accept one’s lot – fate is negotiable – one can take back control by empowering onesself with knowledge about one’s own natal chart and then working with the stronger parts to compensate for the weaker bits. Choice, character and chance are equally powerful contributers to our ultimate destiny.


6 thoughts on “Is Cheryl another Liz Taylor?”

  1. Thank you for this article! She apparently is in a relationship with Liam Payne of One Direction who is 10 years younger. Is it because of Saturn transiting her 5th house of romance, as you wrote at the end of the article? Maybe… They do not share a powerful synastry, but they have a 8th house stellium thing going on. Best wishes

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments, Diane. I didn’t know that she was already dating again. Perhaps Saturn may be at work here, with her as the older lover, though I would just read Saturn here to mean that either new relationships won’t last or that she may take them too seriously. Of course age difference could be one interpretation – certainly hadn’t considered that before. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens…

  2. Hi! Cheryl is pregnant with her first child with Liam. I took a look at the solar return with the birth chart you work with (because the one on Astrotheme gives her a Sag AS) and I think you are right with the time of birth. I looked at both solar returns with both times of birth and I really think she has a Leo AS, and not a Sag one.

    1. Hi Diane, thanks for the feedback. Good to hear! Yes, I also saw her recently on ‘Who do you think you Are’ – and thought even more that she looks like she has a Leo AS – typical ‘mane’ of hair and those warm eyes that a lot of Leos have.

  3. Unfortunately, it has also finished with Liam. But I can feel a reconciliation between the two. Do not know why, but it is my gut feeling.

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