Lilly on the astrology of pregnancy & birth

Lilly’s Take on the Astrology of Childbirth and Pregnancy

As I have written elsewhere, predicting birth dates using astrology is tricky, especially when we are not sure exactly when conception is likely to have occurred.

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If you finde that according to naturall causes she may have a Childe or Children; and the Querent is desirious to know neer what time: See then where you find the Lord of the 5th house, viz. if in the ascendant or lst house; then judge the lst yeere; if in the 2nd house, the 2nd yeere; if in the lOth house, the 3rd yeere; if in the 7th house, the 4th yeere; if in the 4th house, the 5th yeere.
And herein you must be carefull in considering what Signe the Lord of the 5th house is in; for the Swiftnesse of a Planet in a moveable Signe doth somewhat hasten the time; a double bodied Signe doth not manifest so soon; fixed Signes prolong the matter; however, this is worthy of your consideration, that let the Significator be in what Signe he will be, yet if he be swift in motion and direct, he doth make the more haste in performance of the businesse he is a Significator in, and causeth the matter sooner to be accomplished.

Lilly also claims that an astrologer can also predict the sex of the child using the following techniques:

The Dispositor of the Moon and the Lord of the houre in Angles; Mars in the Signe of the 7th House, she is newly conceived (this is to be understood if he be well Fortified:) Saturn in the 7th, the party is quicke, or her Infant moveth: Jupiter in the 7th, she is impregnated of a male childe: Sagittarius or Pisces in the 7th, she is with childe of a Girle; this must be understood when all the rest of the Significators are equall, and ballance not the judgment, then if you finde Sagittarius or Pisces in the 7th, you may judge the party shall have a Girle.

“Besides, the Moon in the 5th applying to Jupiter or Venus argue the same. You may ever predict true Conception, if the Signe ascending be fixed, and a Fortune therein placed, or the Lord of the 5th strong in the Ascendant or 10th House.

In my latest post, I put some of these techniques to the test on a horary chart cast to shed more light on the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge, with some surprising results!


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