Another Royal Pregnancy

Can astrology tells us anything about the second royal baby at this point?

From one Kate to another – all focus once more returned to Kate Middleton aka Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge during September as Clarence House announced that Britain’s most popular royal couple were expecting again.

Speculation had been rife ever since their trip to Australia and New Zealand in April 2014 that Kate was pregnant again – rumours that were very quickly quashed by the royal press office and by the couple themselves. Clearly, though, Prince William and Kate had been trying for a second child because just four months’ later, the Duchess was indeed pregnant again.

Further proof that the pregnancy had been planned came in the form of an announcement in August that Prince William planned to take a job as an air ambulance pilot in East Anglia from early 2015, situated very near to Anmer Hall on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, given to them by the Queen to mark the birth of their first child, Prince George, who turned one in July. Anyone interested in an interpretation of his natal chart can visit my blog entry on it, or read his Zodiac Child Report.

Some have suggested that, rather than be an occasional country retreat, the couple plan to make it their main family home as it offers them the perfect place to bring up their children away from the glare of the media, and close to nature. The Duke’s change of job fits in with this idea very nicely.

At this early stage, it is unclear how far along the expectant Duchess is in terms of her pregnancy, making it hard to even attempt to predict a possible birth date for the child. However, traditional astrologer, Christopher Warnock writes that:

Questions involving pregnancy, fertility and childbirth can be among the most important. Horary astrology, which answers specific questions and provides concrete predictions, can be of great assistance for those waiting to see if they are pregnant or if they have issues regarding fertility and childbirth

By judging the position of the heavens at the birth of the question, rather than the birth of a person, horary astrology can determine whether or not one is pregnant or fertile. If the answer is positive, it is often possible to determine timing.

I thought it might be fun to cast a chart for the time of the initial announcement of the pregnancy to see if this could provide us with any clues as about the child or the circumstances of their birth.

Pregnancy Announcement Chart

The first announcement of Kate’s pregnancy was made at 10h49 BST on the 8th of September by Clarence House via their Twitter account.

This gives us a chart with Scorpio rising.

What if anything can this chart tells us about the pregnancy?

The Moon, a planet that frequently symbolises the mother, is in the 4th house of family-related matters and conjunct Neptune in Pisces, which happens to rule the 5th house of the chart. The 5th house in horary and mundane astrology is closely associated with children , fertility and childbirth. This conjunction therefore seems to confirm that, yes, Kate (the Moon) is literally ‘with child’ (Moon + Neptune).

The Moon also happens to be waxing to full. In fact, the Full Moon in Pisces occurred just a day later on 9 September at 02h38 BST, which seems appropriate. Kate has the Moon in Cancer natally, so lunar imagery and symbolism does seem to resonate well with her in terms of motherhood and pregnancy – her pregnancy with Prince George was announced close to a lunar eclipse, which always occurs at full moon, and around the time that I predicted in an article back in 2012.

The Moon is also close to Chiron, which may serve to confirm her battle with hyperemesis gravidarum – or severe morning sickness. We can also see the astrology confirming the details of the circumstances that led to the premature announcement: Pluto, the chart ruler, is in the 3rd house of statements and speeches, and is square to Uranus, ruler of the IC, in the 6th house of health and work – so Clarence House were forced to make the pregnancy public suddenly (Uranus) ahead of the three-month mark because of ill health (6th house). The Moon’s impending opposition to the Sun, ruler of the Midheaven and located in the 10th house of public office, shows that her private struggles with morning sickness were preventing her from performing her public duties .

As if to confirm that this is the announcement of a royal birth, we have Jupiter, co-ruler of the 5th house, conjunct the Midheaven in the regal sign of Leo.

Interestingly, the Moon happens to be conjunct the fixed star, Fomalhaut which marks the mouth of the southern fish in the constellation of Pisces. According to Bernadette Brady, this star is an early ‘symbol of life and fertility, for it was the one that carried the egg, drinking the sperm or water of life’ gushing from the jar of Aquarius, the water bearer.[i]

And, as if to possibly back up the theory amongst some media pundits that the announcement was also quite strategic in terms of its proximity to the Scottish Independence Referendum[ii], Brady interprets the Moon-Fomalhaut conjunct as indicating ‘a time when patriotism is stressed by the media.’[iii]

Not really. If truth be told, there are a few strictures in this chart, which means that, strictly speaking, we really shouldn’t be reading the chart at all.  In fact, according to the rules of horary astrology, the early degrees of the Ascendant is traditionally a sign that it is too early to tell what the outcome of the situation will be, and this is very obviously true  – Kate needs to get past the first trimester mark before we know that her pregnancy is safe and she is likely to carry to full term. So it is very early days.

Still one’s curiosity has been piqued and one can’t help but want to speculate further. So, are there any other techniques that might be able to give us more information? Yes, there are, especially within the work of William Lilly. However, in the interests of space,  that will have to wait for a future post where we can look at these in a little more depth.


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