Royal Pregnancy Announcement

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.JPGOn December the 3rd at around 4pm GMT, Clarence House announced that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (or Kate Middleton to you and I) was pregnant. The announcement was followed by the news that she had been admitted to hospital, suffering from acute morning sickness. The announcement came within less than a week of the lunar eclipse in Gemini-Sagittarius on November the 28th. In my Eclipse Chronology for November 2012, I predicted that we might hear of an announcement concerning a royal pregnancy, so was very pleased to hear the news.

Later, as further details made their way into the public domain,  it emerged that the Duchess’ poor health had forced the royals to announce the pregnancy earlier than expected – normally pregnancies are kept secret until the three month mark when the chances of a miscarriage are reduced significantly. This would be in keeping with the astrological nature of eclipses, which can lead to sudden or life changing events and announcements. During the lunar eclipse that occurred just  prior to the announcement, Uranus had been sextile to the Moon, suggesting sudden but happy news relating to motherhood and a new start in life.

As I have outlined in my Eclipses and History pages, the Windsor’s appear to have quite a long relationship with eclipsesPrince William was born on the day of a solar eclipse, the 21st of June 1982, whilst his father, Prince Charles, was born two weeks after a solar eclipse, with the Moon two days away from Full, and orbiting very close to the north node at that time of his birth. Charles and Diana married two days before a solar eclipse in late July 1981, the couple announced their formal separation on 9 December 1982  – the day of a total lunar eclipse – and Princess Diana died on the 31st of August 1997, one day before the solar eclipse of the 1st of September. Bernadette Brady suggests that this eclipse belonged to the same Saros family of eclipses as the one that took place when Lord Mountbatten was assassinated in August 1979[1].

Prince Charles then went on to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles in 2005. Originally their wedding date was set for 8 April 2005 – the day of a solar eclipse – but this had to be changed out of respect for the funeral of the Pope. To make matters even more spooky, Kate Middleton herself was born on a lunar eclipse9 January 1982. In effect then, she forms the complimentary opposite to William, born at the summer solstice, and on a solar eclipse. Following in the footsteps of William’s parents, the couple also married two days before a solar eclipse on the 29th of April 2011. Hopefully their story will have a happier ending than that of Charles and Diana.

It remains to be seen what the astrology of the royal birth will look like, or when it will take place. Soon after the initial announcement, some news commentators suggested that Catherine was around eight weeks pregnant. However, this has never been confirmed. If true, it would indicates that the royal heir may be born around late June or early July, possibly making for a summer solstice birthday, like Prince William’s. The severity of her morning sickness suggests that she may be carrying twins. However, it is hard to know, without having an accurate birth chart to work with. It is a pity we don’t know her birth time – despite all the speculation and claims to the contrary, this has not reached the public domain and any charts out there will either be guesses or use noon as the default time, since this is what astrologers do if the birth time is not known[2]. One thing is certain – with a natal Moon in its own sign of Cancer, Kate is likely to find great personal fulfilment and confidence through motherhood.


[1] See p.11 of the following article

[2] See the source notes section of The Duchess of Cambridge entry on Astrodatabank

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  1. […] The Moon also happens to be waxing to full. In fact, the Full Moon in Pisces occurred just a day later on 9 September at 02h38 BST, which seems appropriate. Kate has the Moon in Cancer natally, so lunar imagery and symbolism does seem to resonate well with her in terms of motherhood and pregnancy – her pregnancy with Prince George was announced close to a lunar eclipse, which always occurs at full moon, and around the time that I predicted in an article back in 2012. […]

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