Astrological Review of September 2011: Arab Spring reprise

The September Autumn Equinox saw the return to prominence of many issues that were topical around the March 2011 Spring Equinox, including the Arab democratic uprisings, the publication of a raft of recommended changes to UK banking laws, and the fate of the US and Eurozone economies.

Rather fittingly from an astrological standpoint, these events corresponded with the stationing of Pluto in Capricorn (17th); retrograde since May 2011, which many astrologers consider to symbolise the need for major reform of the world’s financial and political institutions, as well as the need for individuals to relook at their role in society, including how they are best able to support themselves and their families in changing economic times.

It is interesting to see that we are now seeing the next chapter in the Arab Spring story unfold – since MarchGaddafi has been ousted in Libya, and Palestine is now asking the UN to recognise it as an official state.

Meanwhile, the proposed changes to the basic structures of UK banks continues to be topical in UK political circles, whilst in the USpublic protests in New York demonstrate how angry the public is about how easily bankers appear to have recovered since the 2008 crash unlike many ordinary citizens, many of whom remain out of work and/or homeless as a result of what happened. Bankers and traders would do well to beware because Pluto is associated with revenge and retribution, so if they have done anything wrong, perhaps they might not get off as lightly as they think…

On the domestic front, Mercury’s stationing (end Aug) also coincided with the start of the UK academic year and the ‘back to school’ drive in the UK – rather apt, considering Mercury’s strong associations with learning and education.



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