Astrological Review of June 2011

June played host to two eclipses, starting with a partial solar eclipse in Gemini on the 1st. This signalled the start of a new six month phase in politicsintellectual thought, education, religious beliefs, the media, communications, commerce and travel matters.

Saturn also finally ended its period of retrograde motion on the 13th in Libra – the sign ruling relationships, the law, fairness and justice, bringing internal and hidden issues back out into the world once again.

During the eclipse, the Sun and Moon made a trine to Saturn, suggesting that regulations, authorities and structuresrelated to Libran-ruled matters might somehow be inter-linked with the cycle change heralded in by this cosmic event.

Given that Saturn is about the status quo, as well as contraction or decrease, it seems likely that the next six months may be characterised by further but necessary cutsconservatism and caution from the establishment and government institutions.

The first sign that this might be the case came with June’s total lunar eclipse on the 15thThis coincided with a ramping up of tension and financial instability in Europe amidst fears that Greece would default on the terms needed to secure its massive bailout loans.

In a bid to quell doubtersGreece announced a cabinet reshuffle and another vote on pushing through further austerity measures. In reaction, the Greek people took to the streets to protest.Here we are witnessing a growing tension between the desires, needs and wishes of the people (Uranus in Aries) versus the tough decisions (Saturn in Libra) that authorities are being forced to take in order to compensate for the ruthless capitalism and some would say, blatant greed and exploitative or underhanded practices of many large corporations and oligarchs that has been the norm over the last few decades. (Pluto in Capricorn)

Given the Full Moon and its association with crowds, a sort of ‘herd mentality’ appeared toprevail. As emotions ran high, many analysts began predicting dire prospects and European financial markets took a temporary tumble.

Fortunately, a conjunction between planet of commerce, Mercury and the Sun in logical Gemini, meant that sense finally prevailed. A few days later, talks resumed with Eurozone countries about how Greece could move forward and meet its loan obligations without descending into political chaos.

Of course, with a SECOND solar eclipse pending in Cancer on the 1st of July, which is characterisedby a t-square involving the Sun and MoonUranus and Pluto, it will be interesting to see whether these same issues bubble up to the surface once more. If the strikes on the 30th by UK teachersand public sector workers are anything to go by, this may be a summer of discontent…

On a sunnier note, given that Saturn in Libra can also signify marital commitments, it seems rather fitting that we are seeing a lot of Capricorns, including Kate Middleton and Kate Mosstying the knot this year.


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