Astrological Review of April 2011: Royal Wedding

Euro Crisis

Around the April New Moon on the 4th, many people reported experiencing intense aggravation and anxiety as the SunMoon and Jupiter in Aries opposed Saturn in Libra. On the world stagePortugal finally admitted to needing a financial bailout from the EU, which led to all sorts of squabbles about whether the EU should continue to bail out ailing countries in the Eurozone, and the exact nature of what bailouts are – aid or loans? This in turn, led to further discussions about the Euro and the future of the EU.  . .

Adding to the tension was an explosive conjunction between Mars and Uranussymbolic of unexpectedly difficult developments or rude awakenings. Certainly, it was a month of bomb scares and road accidents, which resonates closely with this type of configuration. With Saturn retrograde, many of these issues had their roots in the past, leading to added resentment and frustration and possibly explaining the reason for the build-up of negative energy in the first place which was then released by the explosive energy of the Mars-Uranus conjunction – rather like a pressure cooker valve. The overriding theme seemed to be one of conflict between a need for self sufficiencyrestraint, and maintaining decorum versus the urge to ignore convention and ‘do one’s own thing’ by throwing caution to the wind and starting fresh.

However, by the Full Moon in Libra on the 18th – in the same sign as Saturn –  many found that these situations seemed to resolve themselves rather naturally or dissipate of their own accord.

Royal Wedding

This tension was also present at the Royal Wedding of Catherine Middleton to Prince William on the 30th. On the one hand, it was clear from the  nature of the service, the double kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, as well as the rather amusing way that the newly-wed couple chose to ride to Clarence House in an open-top Aston Martin, that  this was a new generation of royals determined to be themselves and do things their way.

However, the presence of a rather conservative monarchy with very specific rules, traditions and customs, as well as structural hierarchies,  was also made clear through the various ceremonious protocols that were observed throughout the day. Hence, from close to the wedding, Kate was referred to as Catherine and she was not saluted by the household cavalry on her way to Westminster Abbey because, apparently as a commoner,  she was not yet entitled to one until she officially became member of the royal family. Another example is the fact that she will not be known as a princess but, rather, a duchess.

On the day of the wedding, we had a stellium of planets in Aries, including planet of love, Venus, planet of royalty, the Sun and planet of  beliefs, cultural traditions and the lawJupiter. This powerful jolt of fresh fiery energy appeared to act like a shot of new life into the arm of  The Firm, as it is known – a very Saturnine  description!


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