Astrological Review of January 2011

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: Systems failure?

During early January, we began a new six month cycle, care of a solar eclipse in Capricorn. As the sign that rules public office, large corporations, rules and the establishment, within weeks, we began to see signs of dramatic proposals for shake-ups to institutions such as the NHS, as well as discussions concerning the possible breaking up of the major UK banks in order to separate retail banking from the speculative investment arm of many of these conglomerates. Six months on from the Cardinal Event and the eclipses experienced in June 2010, the first half of 2011 is likely to be a time when the many draconian austerity measures talked about last year, will now have to be implemented. This is likely to hurt as everyone begins to feel the pinch of Saturnian thrift and a contraction in government spending, as well as a reduction in jobs and salary increases.

Pluto in Capricorn: Do the right thing or else

Last month, we also saw the conviction and imprisonment of David Chaytor – the first MP to fall foul of the expenses scandal. This could be seen as a mark of Pluto’s retributory presence in duty-oriented Capricorn, as well as its close proximity to the lunar nodes during the January 4 eclipse. Pluto’s message to those in positions of responsibility and public office is clear: dubious actions and irregular activity will not be tolerated or remain hidden for very long, and no one, no matter how important, will be exempt from punishment.

Jupiter-Uranus conjunction: Standing up for our beliefs

On the same day as the solar eclipse, a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces also took place. Representing the need for healing and the need to stand up for one’s ideological and humanitarian beliefs against the tyranny and corruption of the establishment, I think this configuration played a large part in the release of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, during December, when both Jupiter and Uranus were very much in orbit of each other. A tireless campaigner for truth and a proponent of more transparency between large political organisations and the voting public, he epitomises the maverick mature of this combination of planets, including the use of technology (ruled by Uranus).

It also came as no surprise to me that during China’s recent state visit to the US in January, President Obama admitted publicly that he had been tough with President Hu in condemning China’s poor human rights record, despite the fact that America is very much indebted to China economically. Here we can see the revolutionary power of Uranus overturning the potentially staid and conservative power of Saturn, especially where this energy has become stuck or stagnant, leading to outdated, inflexible modes of operating, as well as corruption and an inability to respond to criticism.

Jupiter T-square in Aries: More popular uprisings

The recent popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt could equally be seen as expressions of this impulse. Here, it is interesting to note that around the time of the riots in Egypt, Jupiter, having ingressed into fiesty and war-like Aries, formed the focal point of a T-square with the lunar nodes. Some astrologers interpret these to be associated with group or mass consciousness. If this is true, then it would seem as though all matters related to Capricorn and Cancer (the signs in which the nodes currently fall) including tyrannical regimes, the generation gap (youth vs. old age) , matriarchal vs. patriarchal modes and values, are in for some upheaval.


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