2017 Mundane Astrology Forecast


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2016 was, in many ways, an annus horribilis for many of us. Brexit, the US elections – these shock events had the signature of Uranus all over them

In many ways, then, you could say that 2016 was an extension of the shocking and radical energy epitomised by the planet Uranus which has, since the cardinal event of 2010, been working with transformative and cathartic Pluto to completely revolutionise society, institutions and our relationship with power. One BBC reporter called it the Year of Anger – an apt description of a year marked by an escalation in civil unrest, terrorist attacks, wars and elections won by protest voting.

Although it seemed more singularly shocking than previous years, if we look back, you will probably notice that there have been hints of a build-up to this aggressive, volatile energy over the previous five to seven years:

  • The Euro crisis, beginning post-global recession in 2010, leading to the Greek Debt Crisis – and may spread to Italy in the near future (Pluto)
  • The Arab Spring, which began towards the end of 2010 and ultimately led to the outbreak of the Syrian civil war and the migration crisis (Uranus & Pluto)
  • The phone hacking scandal (July 2011), which lifted the lid on corruption within a number of UK institutions, including the London Metropolitan Police force (Pluto)
  • The flashmobs, violence and looting that marked the London youth riots of August 2011 (Uranus)
  • The many terror attacks that have been committed in the West, including the Boston Marathon bombing (spring 2013), the Paris attacks of Nov 2013 and Jan 2015 (Pluto)
  • The FIFA corruption conspiracy (2015) which saw Sebb Blatter booted form office and a number of FBI investigations which led to criminal charges of fraud, corruption, racketeering and money laundering (Pluto)
  • The child abuse scandals that began with the Jimmy Saville investigation and have now spread to English football (Pluto)
  • Increasing number of cyber-attacks and data leaks, both for criminal and political gain – and public interest – reasons eg. Russia’s involvement in the alleged hack of the Democratic Party and release of Hillary Clinton’s emails during the US Presidential race, the Edward Snowdon leaks of US classified information, and of course, the advent of groups like Wikileaks and Anonymous (Uranus and Pluto).

On the political front, the shock election results of May 2015 and a subtle shift in influence and support within British politics displayed key hallmarks of Pluto and Uranus. For one thing, the Sun-Pluto square just before the May 2015 UK general elections led to the end of politicians Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband’s political careers (incidentally, both Sun Capricorns= Pluto), while Uranus, in the form of angry young voters, led to the virtual destruction of one political party (the Lib Dems –who were punished for their U-turn on university tuition fees) and an election outcome which defied opinion polls.

However, in 2016, we saw an escalation of activity – from sudden and unexpected events such as Brexit, to the downright shocking murder of MP Jo Cox by a Neo-Nazi, the Nice attacks, and in November, the unsettling outcome of the US presidential election, with its ugly campaign slurs and hints of foreign state interference, all of which served to throw many of us completely off-balance. It also forced the political elite to reassess their positions or indeed, hand over the reigns of power to someone else altogether. Just look at what happened to David Cameron post-Brexit – and, of course, the Democratic National Party after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 elections to Donald Trump – the epitome of a Uranian maverick. In each of these events, the signature of Pluto and Uranus was writ large. Uranus had its signature all over the ‘protest vote’ that turned the possibility of Brexit from a distant hope to a realised dream for rabble-rousing Arians like Nigel Farage. Pluto, on the other hand, continued to polarise voters into ever more extreme ideological positions – something that I think we will continue to see played out in the upcoming German and French elections as the far right once again gains popularity and the possibility of extreme nationalism and fascism once again rears its ugly head.

So, what’s going on? And will things get worse in 2017? Let’s examine some upcoming predictions from others about 2017, and look at the key planetary contacts and movements of 2017 to find out more…

2017 – The Year of Ascension?

Lightworkers and those who are spiritually inclined are talking a lot about the earth shifting frequencies right now – an event which some saw as having its genesis in the Cosmic Convergence of 1989, culminating in the winter solstice alignments of Dec 2012. Many foresee that current events are leading humanity to what has been described as a ‘consciousness upgrade’ – part of a spiritual awakening and transformation process that people like Steve Nobel describe as ‘not easy but necessary’[i] to the survival of our planet and of humanity itself.

The signs that we have reached a critical mass, not just in terms of the natural environment, but also in terms of where we are as a species, seem to be everywhere. Wars, social upheaval, political power shifts and mass migration are completely changing our most fundamental life structures – a process begun back in 2006 when Pluto entered Capricorn. Now, in 2017, this process will reach a new peak as more and more people begin to wake up to what is being described as the earth’s ‘ascension’ to the fifth dimension or 5D for short.

The Fifth Dimensional network explains:

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.[ii]

If you’re at all sceptical about this, do two things:

  1. Firstly, read the work of Henry Corbin in which he outlines the spiritual basis of Platonic cosmology and angeology – the basis of most systems of western magic and esoteric systems and practices – describing each planet, including the earth, as being ruled by an angel or tutelary spirit.
  2. Secondly, if you insist on some kind of physical proof, then try making sense of the strange images that have emerged of an unexplained influx of energy across the earth’s surface, concentrated around the equator but completely encircling the globe, picked up on a routine microwave weather scan on 18 December:

The energy spans the planet on both (all) sides over several hours’ time. This wave of energy started to form on 12/18 at about 15:00 UTC, and is currently ongoing.

A check of the X-ray flux monitors from GOES shows low activity, minor solar winds, no major solar storms, Total Electron Content in the ionosphere shows “minimal”…. thus the source / cause of this event is still “unknown”.

If this “event” really occurred (if it’s “real”) then we’re looking at a huge amount of energy impacting the planet causing a planet wide microwave return going off the scales.[iii]

So what could this energy be? Those in the spiritual community may have an explanation: Wave X…

According to author and Conscious Media founder, Steve Nobel:

We are in a period of energetic upheaval. Some people call this Wave X but really this is just the beginning of a series of powerful waves. Many of our old systems and ways of doing things are being challenged. Our old 3D Matrix is wobbling badly. New energies and frequencies are impacting the planet. This can be a time of confusion, chaos, rapid change and transition.

So what exactly is Wave X?

According to Dr Kathi Forti, the ‘Sun is connected to our evolutionary awakening’ and in September 2015, ‘a powerful wave of gamma light coming from the Galactic Core’ known as ‘Wave X’ began to impact our planet. She explains that this ‘happens every 3,600 years, and is being called “The Event Horizon.” It is the next step in the evolutionary cycle of man.’[iv] She adds:

As reported by Time Magazine, scientists know about this event, but are questioning what these mysterious intergalactic bursts are or, more importantly, what they will bring. Change, for sure. It is no coincidence that in the last 18 months worldwide earthquakes have suddenly quadrupled as this energy is beginning to be felt more and more on the planet. The earth is doing strange things. People of all countries and even the media have reported eerie sounding, and rather loud, groaning sounds coming from the earth.[v]

Not only does this energy have the ability to change us structurally, both in terms of our DNA and at a cellular level, but, like the Moon, it may cause behavioural changes as we struggle to get used to it, which may explain the spikes in unrest and chaos we are currently seeing:

…this faster electromagnetic energy can cause some people to feel like they are going mad (it opens enhanced mind/thought patterns). Call it energy weirdness. It’s no coincidence that violence rates [have] suddenly surged[vi]

It is interesting that September 2015 is signalled out as a spike point – it was just before the eclipse on 13 September 2015 that we really began to see chaos on the stock markets, care of China’s ‘Black Monday’. And, as I have written in my Astro-Insights blog, the stockmarkets are a good mirror of collective consciousness/herd behaviour, especially the so-called ‘fear index’. However, in this case, experts say we have nothing to fear.

This new energy is nothing to fear. We want this WAVE X energy. It serves to cleanse and help raise the consciousness of humanity….Everywhere in our world we are now seeing the awakening of humanity speed up. We are seeing massive rallies against corruption and rallies for peace spread. We are seeing tyranny, cover-ups and false flags exposed. And more importantly, we are seeing movements converging that offer solutions to these issues the world faces. People’s inner worlds of heart and mind are breaking free and we are seeing this have direct and positive impacts in our outer world.[vii]

2017 Astrological Trends

So what is likely to happen next in this story? Enter Saturn in Sagittarius.

Shortly after the winter solstice in Dec 2016, marked by the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn (the point when the external Sun traditionally reaches its point of lowest declination), the world experienced a spectacular configuration of planets, perfecting on Christmas Day, which included a Saturn-Uranus trine, a Venus-Jupiter trine and a Venus-Uranus sextile. Note the Uranian signature again here…Unlike the Uranus-Pluto squares that have characterised the tumult of recent years, this energy is both positive and stable. Firstly, Venus serves to balance the anger and hatred of Mars, which has been influencing Uranus (Uranus is in Aries) by adding a measure of love, beauty and relatedness into the mix. Then, we have the hand of steady Saturn calming and stabilising volatile Uranus through the harmonious trine aspect. Saturn is currently in expansive, optimistic and spiritual Sagittarius, a placement that is doing much to offset its usually phlegmatic and sometimes depressing energy, especially when in earth or water signs (think back to Saturn’s stay in Scorpio and how full-on that was.)

The combination of Saturn-Uranus through a trine aspect together suggest a slower, more controlled release of Uranian energy = read as a much more structured change/reform and a far more accessible and digestible experience of ‘upgrading’ and energy assimilation to the previous years. This is system change from WITHIN the system, which become self-regulating, more predictable and less chaotic.

This Saturn-Uranus trine will repeat itself on 19 May 2017, providing us all with a second opportunity to harness the process of ascension and ‘ride the wave’ of transformative energy currently entering our planet’s biosphere.

However, there will also be periods of adjustment – Spring 2017  looks pretty volatile as many of the planets take turns to make difficult or challenging aspects to Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. But over in August and December 2017, things begin to flow a lot better.

Periods to note include:

  • 12-18 Mar – Mercury and the Sun square Saturn around the Full Moon (PR problems, negative self-expression, misunderstandings etc)
  • 7, 21 Apr – Venus squares Saturn twice in one month (relationships)
  • 9-14 Apr – Sun squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus (personal goals, leadership roles)
  • 24-28 Apr – Mercury trines Saturn and conjuncts Uranus(thought processes & communications of all kinds)
  • 13, 21 Aug – Sun trines Saturn and then Uranus
  • 27 Aug – Jupiter sextiles Saturn
  • 20 Dec – Venus again trines Uranus in a repeat of Christmas Day 2016 – a date worth bookmarking in your calendar as it is the day before the 2017 winter solstice AND the ingress of Saturn into Capricorn.
  • Saturn will also be retrograde (and therefore have a weaker influence on Uranus) between April the 5th and August the 26th – something to take note of. But it also sends Saturn back towards Uranus for that second May trine, thereby giving those of us not fully ‘upgraded’ to realign our energy systems and make some necessary adjustments.

In astrological terms, then, the year is likely to be one of fluctuations between positive periods of change and ‘upgrading’. Followed by periods of upheaval and adjustment as we make the tweaks necessary to stabilise ourselves and get used to the new paradigms and ways of being that characterise living in five, rather than the old three, dimensions of reality.

When in doubt, or during periods of extreme stress, I recommend listening to the podcasts and doing some of the meditations provided on the Conscious Media Soundcloud Channel – they have certainly offered me solace and comfort during these turbulent times – and seeking out healers and astrologers who can pinpoint exactly where you are in terms of your soul development and help you make transitions during difficult periods.

Happy New Year!


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